Beyond the Madness of Passions: Succubus Hunter

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This anthology is a direct sequel to Cosmic Passions. These stories will take and expand upon that established mythology, which spanned a multiverse. The biggest difference here, however, is that every story will be primarily set in the same universe … And thus, a new beginning arose!


Beyond the Madness of Passions: Succubus Hunter


Lana Richards was the least likeliest to be a private investigator in the eyes of her “colleagues.” Thirty years old, black hair, dark eyes, five feet and four inches in hight, sun kissed skin, and physically fit. She had a lot to prove in the eyes of her sexist male colleagues, who saw her more as model or at best assistant, in spite of the fact that she had a bachelors in history and masters criminal psychology. She always successfully saw her cases through, and though it did take a few years, her male colleagues learned to respect and admire her.

She only had two more clients to deal with this day, and one was already across her desk. “That’s some impressive work, Lana!” exclaimed Detective Smitt of the local Brenton Police of Rhode Island. He was thumbing through the case file. Lana often consulted with the police.

“Thanks! I was just as surprised as you to find out it was the CEO’s special assistant all along. But, she was sloppy. She simply stole too much money, and then pinned it on her boss!” Lana was genuinely pleased with herself and her coworkers.

They both stood up and cordially shook hands across the desk. The detective stated, “Since your statement’s in this, you can consider your check already in the mail!”


“Now, I still haven’t gotten you that drink,” he requested yet again.

Lana did like the wizened old detective, but she just did not want a relationship then. “We’ll just keep that raincheck available as always, John.”

He left looking subtly disappointed.

Lana hit the intercom, “Is Roberta Smith here, Bob?”

“Yes, Laura,” the voice sounded. Being new, it was not surprising he made the common mistake of calling her “Laura” sometimes.

“Send her in.”

A middle aged, yet still attractive blond walked into the room. They shook hands, “Hello, Ms Smith. Please sit. What can I help you with?”

“Well, it’s my younger brother Rick,” she forced out. “He’s missing.”

“Did you call the police?”

“Um, well, it’s not that he’s missing, per se.”


“He went up to this town called Brookbridge in New Hampshire. He’s a photographer, and he was doing a series on old stone bridges in New England. For reasons none of us understand, he decided to live up there. Sent for all his things; sold his house by proxy. That was a year ago, and he never contacted us after. We called the Brookbridge police, and through them he said he was fine.”

“Hmm, I’m not sure what I can do for you. It’s not illegal to change your surroundings, and not call your mother enough.”

She was becoming teary eyed. “I know… I just have a terrible feeling about it. Could you at least look into it. We just need to understand what happened…”

Lana sighed. At least once a year she received a case like this. The last “missing” person simply fell in love. The difference there was that he was only gone for a month. Her actions did restart communications, though. “OK, Ms Smith. I’m sure he just found a girl or something, but I’ll find out the truth for you.”

Roberta Smith thanked her profusely, and set up the contract with the secretary. Though she normally worked with her associates on most cases, Lana quickly decided to take care of this case on her own, especially after seeing that Brookbridge was a small town with a small old college. Sure, it was the middle of nowhere, but she grew up in Middle-of-Nowhere, New Hampshire. She found herself looking forward to that cool fall air …




It was a pleasant drive into New Hampshire. Brenton was such an urban environment, and seeing more trees than people was more than welcoming. One problem with looking for a small rural town was how difficult it can be to find, in spite of the fewer roads. Her GPS luckily had the little known town of Brookbridge, if only because of the old college there.

It was late, when she arrived in Brookbridge, so she decided to check into the nearest lodging: Greater Brook Inn. Lana rang the bell at reception.

A seemingly frail old lady walked out of the office. “Yes?”

“Ah, hi, I’d like a room.”

The old lady was very unwelcoming in the way she looked Lana over. “And, how long will you be staying, Miss?”

“Richards.” Lana often would give a fake name, but seeing that she had no way to invoke cash right then, she needed to charge her way. She was sure she wasn’t chasing some psychopath, anyway. “Only a couple of nights, I think. Doing a road trip. Used to live in the area, and thought I’d get back to my roots,” she said with a friendly smile.

“Roots?” she asked with subtle disdain. “… Cabin five is free. It’s private, and I’m sure it’ll help you get back to your … roots … It’s seventy a night. I’ll need your credit card to set you up.”

‘So much for hospitality!’ Lana thought. She finished checking in, and soon went to the rather bland two room (bed and bath) cabin. She soon found herself fast asleep in the bed …

The next morning, she did her usual jog, shower, and breakfast (in the inn’s small restaurant) before beginning with the investigation. She started with casual inquiries at the local bar, but it led to nothing. The locals were just as unwelcoming as the innkeeper. She was an outsider, in spite how she spoke the local dialect.

What bothered her the most was how no one even seemed to have heard of Rick Smith. Of course, someone must have, because of the message his family received. She came very close to talking to the police, but decided to wait until she had more information.

She later went to the college. Though they were far more welcoming, none of the students there knew who she was talking about. I met up with Lana right before she left, noticing her causally questioning everyone.

“Nice car you’ve got there,” I complimented innocently. “Red convertibles always looked fun to me.”

She turned around surprised, not noticing my approach. “Oh, thanks … Just here to see the sights. I’m Lana.”

We shook hands. “I’m Felicia. I teach here at the college, but I’m really more of a researcher. I like old myths, and their bases in fact.” Lana was definitely caught off guard, unsurprisingly. Even if my work clothes were rather conservative for the time, most professors aren’t incredibly attractive redheads! “I noticed you were talking to a lot of people about something. And, since you were a new face and all.”

She presented a picture to me, and said, “Oh, yeah, a friend of mine is supposed to be living in this town. We hadn’t talked in a while. His name is Rick Smith. Ever hear of him?” She tried to put on a strong, innocent poker face, but I always could see through such things.

I smiled disarmingly, and held the picture. “Humph, not sure. If he does live around here, he doesn’t get out much, let alone come here … Look, I can tell you’re not really here to just see the sights, Lana. The locals don’t really like outsiders, and that’s why the students rarely go into town. If you need any help trying to get through to the local idiots, just talk to me. I’ve lived here long enough for them not to hate me. Here’s my card, you can call me whenever, Lana …”




Lana was sitting at the desk in her cabin looking at aerial photos of the town on her laptop that afternoon. The study was going nowhere, not because there was nothing to see, but because she couldn’t get her mind off of me. There was something about me that stirred her up on the inside. She just couldn’t figure out why.

Suddenly, Lana heard a nock at the door. She opened it to a man in a half decent suit without a tie. “Lana Richards?”


“I’m Deputy Sheriff Gregg Holiston. I was wondering if I could have a word with you.” He flashed his badge.

“Sure, come in. What’s this all about?” They sat on the mini couch in front of the bed.

“A new face in this town always sets off alarm bells. I don’t usually care. I’m an outsider, myself. Transferred here a few months ago. Had to get out of the city … I only came here because of who you were asking about. I’m the one who sent Rick’s message to his family. Rick is here, or was.”

“But, where is he?” she asked amazed.

“You’re a private investigator aren’t you? You don’t look it, but who else would be looking for Rick if you’re not family? … To answer your question: I’m not sure. I did see him on that one day we made contact. Without any apparent laws broken, I have no authority to go looking for him. But, the whole issue bothers me. This whole town is just strange. It’s like they all hold a dark secret, and they feel I’m not ready for it.”

Lana sat back and sighed. “I was hired to find him, and that’s what I’m gonna do.” Her mind went back to me. “Have you heard of a Felicia that teaches at the college?”

He briefly went wide eyed. “Yeah,” he breathed. “… Dr. Felicia Alden. If you haven’t met her in person, you will soon. She’s very forward. It amazes me that all the locals don’t seem to mind her!”

“She wants to help in anyway she can, but there’s something about her …” she trailed off.

“Yeah … she has that affect on people,” he said assuming Lana felt the same kind of attraction most felt toward me, sexual or not. “… I’m sure she can be a reliable source of information … I was, ah, planning to head to the bar to unwind. I came here off duty. Would ya like to join me?”

“Sure,” she smiled pleasantly.




At the bar, everyone kept their distance, while most pretended they weren’t even there. Only the bartender talked to them, and that was only to take their orders.

“I used to live around here, and we never acted like that!” Lana observed.

“Old town, old secrets,” he said almost sarcastically, taking a sip of whisky.

“I only want to uncover one,” she said stubbornly, while nursing her red wine.

“I’ve been here long enough to understand that it all comes down to one secret; whatever that is. What’s strange is they seem to be warming to me. The last time I was here, the patrons didn’t pretend I didn’t exist, and I made small talk with the bartender. It’s almost as if …”

“Hello, detectives!” I suddenly said, standing behind them. It always amused me how easily I could sneak up on people. Then, there was always the shock of my radiant beauty, while tonight amplified by my shiny red blouse and tight black skirt!

Lana looked at me annoyed that I may have blown her cover as a tourist.

“Don’t worry, they don’t give a damn about either of you right now!” I observed. I teasingly leaned in close, and offered quietly, “Do you wanna know a secret?”

Lana nodded cautiously. “What secret is that?”

“They keep it back at the college. A secret that is no secret,” I said quietly. “I think it’ll help you two out a lot. Come on!”

I paid for their drinks, and drove the eager couple up to the college. I explained to them on the way that the college archives was perhaps the best funded department, while that was never something discussed openly. My position at the college gave me unlimited access to those archives, and that was one of the main reasons why I worked there. Of course, it didn’t take me long to find out that all public information relating to the archives was heavily filtered by the administration. The head of the archives department does nothing he isn’t told.

We soon made our way down to the archives department in the basement of the library. There were many secrets down there, but only one had any real importance. I led them into one of keypad locked rooms, and soon opened up the cabinet containing an ancient leather bound book, which looked brand new at the same time. I carefully placed it on the desk in the back of the room.

“This, my friends, is the Liber Lubidinum,” I said deeply, stealthily licking my lips. My unblinking eyes never left the Book, while I explained, “It is the Book of Passions written by the Mad Minoan Itra Eleutherios. Myth states that he was driven mad by sex and passion, and wrote this book.” The Book has a profound affect on everyone, while it always made me so very hungry. “It details the … myths of the Cosmic Gods of Passion, and their affect on Humanity across the Multiverse.” I breathed deeply, working to keep control over myself, and leaned on the desk. My accent subtly was changing back to its natural form. “The great crush of time has made elements of it out of date … but it’s still so very important…”

“Are you OK, Felicia?” Gregg asked concerned.

“Oh, better than you know, detective,” I said deeply. “… Look through it, Lana. You won’t be able to read it, but it still holds so many answers.”

Lana wasn’t sure of what to make of it all, but it was a chance to lead her to Rick. She placed her hand on the edge of the closed book to open it. Suddenly, she felt a great rush of Sexual Energy fly through her, and passed out …

Dreams of memories of ages past were revealed. Over five-hundred years ago, her ancestor Alphea was born with the soul of a Succubus Hunter in what is today England. Many centuries prior, several warrior women set out to destroy all Succubi with the power of the Great Zalatoth of Manipulation, Binder of Witchcraft, but many died in their quest. Whether it was destiny or coincidence, Alphea found an “evil” Succubus by the name of Felicia. They fought, but Felicia came out as the victor, having drained all the Sexual Energy out of her. But, the Hunter Bloodline is difficult to sever, for she already had a daughter. Three-hundred years later, her descendent Bianca became the next Succubus Hunter of that line to fight Felicia in what is today Italy. However, Felicia was too crafty for her, and she fell prey to the same fate as her ancestor. But, Bianca, too, already had a daughter, and the Bloodline eventually led to the next Hunter: Lana…




Lana slowly came to consciousness with Gregg’s hand tenderly on her shoulder. She was lying in what looked like a hospital bed, but she wore no special gown. “Where, where am I?” she slowly asked.

“You’re in the college clinic,” Gregg quickly answered. “You fainted back at the archives, and Felicia and me brought you here.”

“Felicia? … Where is she?” There was a look of intense determination in her eyes.

“She … said she was going back to lock everything up at the library…” The unexpected look in her eyes through him off.

Lana tried to sit up, but was held back by Gregg.

“The doctor said you should take things easy until morning. He and Felicia think you fainted because of possible mold in the archives. There’s a lot of old documents in there with stubborn mold, apparently, and it’s not the first time someone had a bad reaction.”

“Felicia isn’t who you think she is, Gregg,” she said shaking her head.

“What are you talking about?” he asked confused.

“When I touched the Book, it showed me who my ancestors were, and who I am… She’s a Succubus, Gregg, and it’s my turn to try to stop her.”

“But, that’s crazy, Lana! She’s incredibly smart and attractive, yes, but no one ever really goes missing here or washes up at the banks of the Great Cantook Brook! It’s a quiet town,” he pleaded. No matter how strange the town was to him, he wanted it to become his home.

“Except for Rick.”

Gregg went slightly pale, and looked out the window passed the college campus …




The next day, Lana’s sense of determination overwhelmed her. She knew what she had to do, but she needed Gregg’s help. She barged into the Sheriff’s office asking for him. They talked in the lobby.

“You have to understand, Lana,” he said quietly. “I’ll help you in any way I can, but there isn’t even a record of Rick’s disappearance. The Sheriff already told me to let the matter go long before you got here. Everything I do for you must be unofficial.”

“I need to see that Book again, Gregg.”

He sighed, looking around to see if anyone was possibly listening. “Meet me at the college after ten. That’s after the library closes. I can’t guarantee our mutual friend won’t be there. She has all the keys. But, it’s the best time.”

Lana smiled sexily and left.




At five after ten, Lana found herself standing at the half lit steps of the old library. It was a cold fall night. Her breath flowed out of her like smoke. Suddenly, she heard footsteps. Her heart raced wildly until Gregg stepped into the yellow half light.

He put his hand on her shoulder, “You sure about this?”

“More than you know, Gregg.”

He sighed, and shook his head. “Here’s Felicia’s address. I knew you’d be asking for it sooner or later.” He fished out a note from his inner pocket with the address, and handed it over. He then fished out a small fabric case from his outer pocket. Inside held a variety of lock picking instruments. “The last time I did this, I was trying to catch a serial killer,” he mumbled, while kneeling before the locked door. With an audible click, the door suddenly swung open. He stood up, and motioned for Lana to go ahead of him.

After one more successful lock pick, they eventually found their way to the correct room within the archives. A moment of panic hit Lana, when she realized that she didn’t know the right key-code to open the archive door. “Do you remember what Felicia typed?”

He answered quietly, “I was New York City Detective; I remember everything …” He then typed the proper code, and opened the door.

Lana quickly removed the Book from its case, and placed it onto the desk. She was glad the Book didn’t cause her to pass out this time. She sat down, and flipped through the book, intuitively feeling for the right page.

“What language is that?” Gregg asked.

“I think it’s Ancient Minoan … I can read it …” She would be amazed at her newfound ability if she didn’t feel so determined. She soon found the page she was intuitively was looking for, and removed the ring she wore on her right index finger. Ring held high, she chanted, “Great Zalatoth of Masterful Manipulation, grant me the power to infuse this ring with a part of my soul, so that I may use it to protect myself in the destined battle!”

A flash of Cosmic Energy blasted through Lana, forcing Gregg to the ground. After an indeterminate time, their minds settled. Lana held the ring tightly in her hand, and slowly opened her fist to look at the enchanted ring. It glowed ever so subtly in the dim light. She placed it back onto her finger. Very weak, she tumbled onto the floor.

Gregg, still in shock from what he just witnessed, helped Lana to her feet, and walked her out. He drove her back to the cottage at the Inn, and lay the beautiful woman on the bed.

He sat at the edge, and finally asked, “What did you do to yourself?”

She slowly sat up, and placed her hand on his. “A part of my soul is now within my ring. It will make it more difficult for Felicia to suck the life out of me, if it comes to that.”

Gregg shook his head. “If this is what your ancestors did, something tells me it didn’t help them enough.” His eyes became glassy. “I … I don’t want to loose you, Lana.”

Lana motioned toward him, and they kissed long and deep. They willfully removed their clothes, before again kissing each other. Gregg kissed down her cheek and long neck, while their hands explored their bodies. Lana audibly grunted the moment the moment Gregg penetrated her quivering snatch. They each took turns passionately humping, rolling around the barely large enough bed. When they both came, they looked deep into each other’s eyes …




While Gregg slept, Lana quietly prepared herself for what destiny was rapidly pulling her toward: me. Before leaving, she stole Gregg’s standard police issue, semiautomatic pistol, and placed it in her jacket pocket. She also found his switch blade hiding in his sport jacket, which she carefully wrapped around her ankle under her pants. She lightly kissed him on the cheek, and left to find me …

I left my house door ajar for her. I knew she was riled up enough to bash through anything just to get to me, so I decided to save a few dollars in the weaker economy. The moment she walked inside, I called in my now muddled, true English accent, “Please come upstairs, Lana, we have much to discuss.”

Gun in hand, Lana cautiously walked up the steps. She soon found her way to my bedroom. I stood at the other side of the room naked.

“That smell …” Lana barely stated, almost dropping the gun.

“Only to sooth your nerves, my dear. You Hunters become ever so worked up,” I said calmly.

“Oh, Gods … the pheromones …” Lana was so incredibly aroused by my tight, slim body, due to my scent.

“You should have prepared yourself more before coming to me. But, we both know how impatience runs in your family,” I smiled.

Lana leaned on the dresser next to the door. The latest volume of my diary lay on it, among other things. “I’ve … I’ve come to destroy you once and for all …”

I shook my head and chuckled, before casually siting on my bed. “You don’t live a thousand years, or even half that, without learning some things. I suppose I look pretty good for a one-thousand-fifteen year old!” No one said vanity wasn’t common amongst Succubi!

“I must avenge all those you’ve killed…” She was so dizzy from my barrage.

I shook my head. “You have it all wrong, Hunter Lana. In some ways, I’m not even incognito here. I really am a college professor, while all the Witches here know what I am. The truth is, since before those warrior woman transformed themselves, us Succubi as a race decided that we do not normally need to kill to survive. A dead or missing person is ever so much louder than someone missing a single day of work, especially these days. The Vampires enlightened us to that fact, ironically enough, and we gave it a name: The Symbiotic Philosophy…”

“… But, you killed my ancestors…”

“Yes … They were the only two people I killed across the millennium, and I will carry the pain of their deaths until I grow weary of the this world. They wouldn’t listen to me, as you would not. But, the world does change. So much of the world’s culture now is infused with the understanding of science instead of superstition. That is why you didn’t know what I was, when we first met, or at least, I made a successful gamble. Humans are no longer trained to expect some ‘scary’ monster around every dark corner. But, the irony of that is Succubi, Vampires, and Witches are all as scientifically classifiable as anything in the Multiverse …”

Lana finally dropped the gun onto the soft white carpet, totally mesmerized by my scent and more. “But … what about … Rick?”

“Oh, right, Rick! He was rather forward with me, and, well, we a had a little too much fun. He decided to stay a while, and accidentally discovered the truth of this town. Not counting your cop lover, most of the locals are Witches, and the locals usually keep that secret well. Rick quickly joined the High Cult of the Great Zalatoth, if only out of necessity. I warned them that someone would miss him if they didn’t push him to talk to his family directly, but they didn’t care. Idiots! So, I guess, I must admit to some fault in the appearance of my own Hunter!” I chuckled sarcastically. “Anyway, I was able to shape our destined confrontation on my own terms.”

Lana was red hot with desire, and starting to uncontrollably touch herself. “So fucking horny …”

“And, here’s some more truth, my dear Hunter. I am a Natural Succubus, in that another Succubus naturally transformed me. There is another kind of Succubus: an Artificial Succubus. The Book of Passions details how it is done, and most if not all Succubi know the process. Those who’ve had Hunters on their backs learned how to adapt the process to their ends. It is very difficult to sever the dangerous Hunter Bloodlines. You see, when I shook your hand, I infused your ring with the power of Plaotathis, who grants the power to create Artificial Succubi. When you, like a good Hunter, invoked Zalatoth to put a piece of yourself into that ring, you also unlocked the power I put into it … You, my dear Succubus Hunter, are becoming a SUCCUBUS!” I smiled diabolically, wide eyed, in my glory.

Lana didn’t want to believe it, but she knew it was truth. Pheromones alone should not be enough to subdue a Hunter. A part of her deep inside could feel her Life Energy now rapidly transforming into the Sexual Life Energy of a Succubus.

Smiling, I sat up, and walked over to the transforming woman. I gave her a long, deep kiss. Lana moaned. “You’re so close, Lana, let me help you along!” I again kissed her deeply, and blew some of my Sexual Life Energy into her. She came so hard! I then effortlessly threw her onto my bed. I pushed her pants and panties down to her calves, and began to grind my hungry crotch on hers. All the while, I was feeding her my Energy at regular intervals, causing her to cum just as regularly.

Lana’s hand then slid down my smooth back, while she clamped a leg behind me. She then quickly grabbed Gregg’s “hidden” knife under her pant leg. I grabbed her hand a moment later. ‘You forget your blood memories. Wizened Succubi can read minds, Lana,’ I said in her head, before speaking out loud, “How admirable. A Hunter till the end!” I took the knife from her hand, and forcibly threw it away.

I then recommenced my grinding and feeding, after tearing off what little she still wore. Her transformation was inevitable the moment she activated her ring. All I was doing was hastening the process, and having a little fun! Plus, I needed to break her down sexually, so she wouldn’t kill me, anyway. Now that her last bit of resistance was gone, she ground along with me, while instinctually trying to suck my Sexual Life Energy out herself. She wanted to transform now, and that ensured her survival. Our mouths were then seemingly glued together open. She was so close now. I could sense her growing new hunger, while her Life Energy was nearly completely sexualized like mine.

I then sensed another presence in my house. It was Gregg here to save Lana. Not that she needed saving! ‘Perfect timing,’ I thought. Remarkably, his secretly broken emotional state tied him to Lana. Back in New York, his wife was killed by a serial killer he was investigating. He found that killer, and killed him in what was officially called “self defense.” That is why he exiled himself to Brookbridge. Now, he fears loosing yet another woman he loves to what he thinks is a murderer.

I then gave Lana a final massive blast of my Sexual Life Energy, causing her to scream wildly in orgasm, and rolled myself off of her. My hunger for Sexual Energy was powerful then, but I had more than enough will to still do what needed to be done.

The Deputy Sheriff walked into my room in shock, while our screams of passion obviously didn’t prepare him. We both lay before him moaning and squirming in our hunger for sex. “Fuck her, detective. Lana needs it now!” I cooed.

My lingering pheromones affecting him, Gregg leaped onto the ravenous Lana. She clamped onto him with her firm legs, and made out with him tightly. She may not have started feeding instantly, but when she did, she drank his Sexual Energy more forcibly than she ever will again in her now very long life. At the same time, he shoved his solid member into her hungry snatch, and they humped each other wildly. They moaned and cooed mindlessly, while my bed shook and creaked. After an enthralling buildup, Lana soon screamed in orgasm, while Gregg exploded into her. She naturally absorbed whatever Sexual Energy he had left, before he collapsed on top of her.

As quickly as I could in my weakened state, I pulled the dead Gregg off of her, and breathed a small amount of my Energy into him. I brought him back, even though he will sleep deeply for a while. I then crawled on top Lana, my thousand year triumph. She looked up at me, while her mind and body were rewiring themselves to her new state of being. “You are at the cusp of a new and beautiful world, Lana!” I said to her lovingly through my hunger and tiredness …

Unlike her predecessors, Lana had no children. Even more importantly, she was no longer a Hunter. But if she died a Hunter without children, her soul would be reborn into another woman centuries from now, and I would have yet another confused woman come after me, while probably with some ray gun! Instead, she will live for thousands of years, and when she finally grows weary of this world, she will die with the soul of a beautiful Succubus.

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