Beyond the Madness of Passions: Curiosity

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Beyond the Madness of Passions: Curiosity


“So did you declare your major yet, Cindy?” my brunette roommate asked casually.

“Yup, Trina!” I answered happily, casually moving my blonde bangs from my face.

“What was it again? Chemistry?”

“Biochemistry,” I corrected. “Did you?”

“Uh, not yet, but I’m leaning toward marketing or theater arts,” she answered indecisively.

We were about halfway through our first semester at Brenham College of New Hampshire in Brookbridge, and there was a big push by our imposed, temporary advisors to choose a major sooner than later. It tended to make or break students far more than the transition into university life at this college. Regardless, we were handling the transition and that push better than some, while at least I knew exactly what I wanted to do from a young age.

I was the latest in a long line of Witch Potion Masters, who worshiped the Great Gray L’sothot. There was no absolute rule to wield Cosmic Energies in the same way as my parents (a Witch is a Witch), but us Witches do tend to have a traditional streak. Or maybe, I was just happy I was not from a bloodline of Sibling Lovers, which would have pushed me to make the love of my life into my brother to continue a growing legacy of remarkable power! I never really wanted such power, though, and most Sibling Lover Bloodlines worshiped the Great Gray Binder of Witchcraft Zalatoth of Manipulation.

“You really do like playing with those chemicals don’t you, Cindy?” she asked, breaking my chain of thought.

I smiled back at my strikingly beautiful roommate, and answered, “Yeah, well, my parents did a good job making me interested in their work, like I’ve told you, Trina.” That was an understatement. By all accounts, I was actually better than my parents at Potion Making, which made them very proud. The reason I was going through higher education, or any Human education, was the same as any Witch: to better blend in amongst Humans, as recommended by the Great Gods of Witchcraft.

We talked casually for a while. It was a quiet weekend on campus. There was talk of some “Game” somewhere off campus, but no one seemed to know when or where it was happening. Still, I really liked talking with Trina. She was smart (if she felt like it), super model sexy, and very friendly. My only problem was that I am an Erotic Witch at a college with an average sex quotient, not counting a professor that just happened to be a Succubus. Us Witches don’t exactly live on sex like a Succubus, but our genderless libido is generally much higher than the average Human.

I looked Trina over, while she failed to notice the lustful nature of my stare, like always. I wanted her so damn bad, and saw no problem with making some minor adjustments to make that happen. Like I always said, it’s more fun being a Gray Witch! We’ll screw around for our own amusement, but no one really gets hurt.




“Dr. Felicia Alden!” I stated in the central courtyard. It was a colder day (snow was expected later), so we were the only ones in that spot at that moment.

A shockingly beautiful redhead in a thick green trench coat turned around. She carried a leather bag in one arm, while she looked more subtly annoyed than surprised. Still, there was a definite glow of joy from something else entirely, which overrode any annoyance. “Oh, I didn’t know there was a young Witch on campus.” Her voice carried very subtle British tones, which made her that much more alluring.

“Yes, Succubus … I wanna see the Book,” I said directly, while blatantly looking her over lustfully. I already knew that the main reason why she was there was the Liber Lubidinum (our “Book of Passions”). In spite of the Book’s presence, ironically, Brenham was not a popular school for Witches, and I was the only one, currently. It’s seemingly nil affect on the campus’ sexual activity was also quite ironic. However, the Book was mostly just used by the local Witches, who usually avoided the college.

She sighed, while obviously sensing thoughts I didn’t bother to hide, and stated, “Are you sure you really want to chemically mess with her head like how you’re thinking, Cindy. You barely know her. You could unlock the reborn soul of Jack the Ripper.”

Succubi often feed on those needing very little convincing, while they were careful to not spend a night with an utter nut job. An already willing, stable subject often led to a more quality feed for them. Plus, sex wasn’t always the main thing on their minds, like how dinner wasn’t always the only thing on Human minds. That was why she did have genuine concern about what I wanted to do to Trina. I really was going to chemically mess with Trina’s head.

Sensing that I was going to see this through with or without her easy access, she again sighed, and looked at her watch. “Let’s get this over with.”


I soon found myself taking the proper notes from the Book for a very potent concoction. Felicia patiently leaned on the wall next to me, not bothering to hide how hungry the Book was making her. Her arms and legs were crossed. In a way, the book made me sexually hungry, too. However, this copy didn’t seem to like me as much as the one held by my parents’ Coven.

I closed the book happily, and looked over to the hungry Succubus. “Done!” I stood up in front of her, and requested, “You wanna satisfy that hunger, Felicia? Never tasted a Succubus before.”

Licking her full lips, she hungrily looked me over, and airily answered, “Maybe next time … You would survive what the Book is influencing us to do, but I just don’t have the time right now …”




Even though I didn’t get to taste Felicia, let alone her pheromones, she gave me a good tease Succubi are known for giving. The arousal I felt from that will make the final potion just that much sweeter.

While Trina was out shopping, I efficiently set everything up in the small dorm room. The door was of course locked, while the shades were pulled. I didn’t bring all my potions and equipment (freshmen dorms are almost never spacious), but I had more than enough to make due. I chuckled thinking that someone might think I set up a kind of meth lab, not only because my set up had nothing to do with illegal methamphetamine, but also because I could create something far better and safer in minutes! Still, no matter how good I was, I had to work fast. I had no idea how long Trina was going to take, but I assumed at least an hour.

The concoction formed smoothly, as if it wanted to form on its own. While the sickly sweet steam rose, I opened my window a crack. Luckily, the steam was virtually dissipated by the time in reached the outside air. The last thing I wanted was to arouse anyone’s suspicions.

The last touch was the invocation of Plaotathis of Curiosity, which should open mental and physical doors in a more controlled fashion. Admittedly, that was a bit of a cheat inspired by Felicia’s concerns. Instead of altering Trina’s mind outright, I decided to make it a slow and steady process, which meant that I could more easily reverse it if I do see the reborn Jack.

I corked the precious liquid in the pocketable bottle, and quickly cleaned up all my materials. All that was left was to have Trina unknowingly ingest my creation …




“How was the shopping, Trina?” I asked.

“Fine. Got some drinks, too, for later. You should’ve come along,” she stated friendlily.

“Yeah, but I really did want to catch up on some reading.” I must admit that I always liked bending the truth. Though such acts were necessary for Witches amongst Humans, my parents always said I enjoyed bending the truth too much …


“Shit, that crappy beer went right through me!” Trina exclaimed. She hopped out to the hall’s bathroom.

We were lightly drinking for a little while now. There were no plans to make ourselves drunk; we just had nothing better to do. Of course, this was my chance to “spike” her half empty beer with my potion. Trina came back moments later, and slowly finished her drink.

“Ya look like the cat that ate the canary, Cindy,” she slurred, using an annoying cliche.

“I’ve been drinking, Trina,” I corrected slyly.

There were no immediate changes to Trina’s behavior that night, while none were expected. I didn’t exactly create an “instant bimbo” potion! Patience was the key with the potion Trina was ingesting …


I suddenly awoke to the sound of moaning next to me. It was not of pain, but of pleasure. In the dim moonlight, I could see Trina writhing, sweating in the midst of a very erotic dream. Her blankets were slowly sliding off of her in her passionate motions.

I repositioned myself to my side, and pushed down my pajamas. My hand stealthily plowed into my warm pussy. It was so fucking hot to pleasure myself to Trina like that. Though I secretly masturbated to her before, I never did it while she was in a wet dream.

Trina moaned loudly, while I forced myself to stay as quiet as possible, so I would not disturb whoever she was loving in her mind. I still breathed wildly, though. It felt so damn good to watch her like that. She soon came to a wonderful, if not subdued, orgasm, while I happily came soon after. I happily licked my juices off my hand.

My smile toward Trina was large. The potion was beginning to make the prescribed alterations. Through her dreams, she shall now find wondrous, uninhibited sexual passion, for her subconscious is slowly being corrupted with such passion. Those new subconscious desires shall slowly bleed into her conscious mind through curiosity, and I shall happily watch it happen …




The next day, Trina was ever so subtly different. It was as if she just had a really good night of sex, which wasn’t far from the truth. We were eating breakfast in the main cafeteria.

“Oh, man, Cindy, I had the craziest dream last nigh!” she exclaimed.

“Really?” I asked with false ignorance.

“Yeah! Well, it started with Brad from that mandatory bio class coming on to me. It doesn’t make much sense to me know, but he somehow convinced me into a threesome with his blonde girlfriend Angie. We’ve both seen her. Anyway, we all fucked each other silly!”


“You have no idea, Cindy! It was the most intense and vivid dream I ever had. I gotta admit I’m curious about how good something like that would be in real life …”


I slowly realized how flirtations Trina was becoming, while it sometimes seemed more like a joke. She was especially flirtatious to Brad and Angie for reasons more or less clear to me. The three of them were becoming good friends at the same time, while I was becoming just as friendly to Brad and Andie, if only by proximity.

She was also having nightly wet dreams since the first. I happily found myself masturbating every night to it as well. I must admit, though, in spite of her blatant, flirtatious behavior, I wasn’t sure how much she actually wanted sex. It was almost as if she was teasing me …




Two weeks after I “drugged” her (one month before the end of the semester), I walked in on Trina watching lesbian porn on her laptop. Her foot was draped over her knee, while she was lightly stroking her soft sole under her blue flip flop.

She casually turned her head to me with a smile, and offered, “Pull up a chair, Cindy! This is great shit.” The clip on the browser was of a full bodied blonde and brunette, not unlike the two of us, energetically fucking. They were currently in an intense scissor.

I quickly pulled up a chair, and sat. My arousal was epically intense. Was this the moment I’ve been yearning for? “That IS some great shit, Trina!” One of my hands uncontrollably rubbed my moistening snatch under my jeans, while the other casually made its way to Trina’s soaked, shorts covered crotch.

Trina teasingly smiled at me, while I more than friendlily rubbed her pussy through her short shorts. “UMMM,” she cooed. “A couple of weeks ago, I was kinda curious about this online porn thing. This site offered a great introductory deal, so I hopped into it … They do fetish stuff, too. I like how they’re sucking their toes like that,” she said deeply.

“I think I do, too, Trina,” I sultrily stated, while leaning in for a passionate kiss.

“Well, I gotta run, Cindy!” she suddenly exclaimed.

“What?” I asked breathlessly confused.

“Class! We’re supposed to be gettin’ an education here remember?” she said casually, before hopping off her chair. She quickly redressed herself in warmer clothing right in front of me, grabbed a binder and some books, and left.

Her teasing was almost unbearable! I was so fucking horny that I almost finished myself off to the still running video, but that was before I noticed another tab on Trina’s browser. It stated “Application Form.” I curiously clicked it, and my jaw dropped. The form was apparently for becoming one of the porn site’s models. It required at least one video and picture, while the rest of the form was like a standard online job application (name, background, personal statement, etc). After scrolling down, I saw that the page read: “Application sent / Thank you! / You will be contacted if you fill the needs of the posting. / No phone inquiries, please.

Seeing that application, while I only just discovered her watching porn, made me wonder what else I didn’t know. I sat back on the cheap chair, breathless and unsure …




Another week passed. Sure, I was masturbating nightly to Trina’s now very wet dreams (the nights she still spent in the room), but my balls were still quite blue, if I had any. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but every time we came close to even kissing, she would have some random excuse. Trina would not even let me touch her as much as I did when I first caught her watching porn. Her porn watching, by the way, was now daily, and often while I was in the room …

Sitting alone in the room reading for a class, I heard Trina’s cell phone ring. She apparently forgot it once she ran off to a class. The caller ID said it was our friend Angie, so I casually answered it.


“Oh, uhh, is this Cindy?” Angie asked surprised.

“Yeah, she forgot her phone in the room, Angie. What’s up?”

“Um, well, just tell her that last night was fantastic! Just the two of us was magic. Much better without Brad, but don’t tell him I said that! Oh, and tell her I wished her good luck on that phone interview tonight.” She was talking as if I somehow knew all of Trina’s escapades, which I now was sure I didn’t.

“Phone interview?” I was confused.

“Yeah, she applied for some job online, probably for the summer. I keep forgetting to ask her what it is, but we didn’t do much talking last night …”

“I ah, OK, I’ll tell her you called, and everything. See ya.”

“See ya!” We ended the call.

I had a feeling that phone interview had something to do with that porn site, while I was sure Trina and Angie fucked like animals. Why wasn’t Trina telling me anything? Was this all some part of some cosmic tease? Even if it wasn’t, my mind may be turned to mush very soon if Trina and I don’t hump our brains out soon!




I slept a dreamless sleep after passing out studying for a particularly useless course before Trina suddenly woke me up by sitting on the edge of my bed. “Oh, ah, Trina what time is it?” I was as surprised as I was groggy.

“Eleven,” she said casually, but with a hint of arousal. “That interview went great, by the way. They have a satellite office over in Boston, Mass, and I’ll be doing a preliminary erotic shoot for them this weekend. If that sells well online, I should be on my way to becoming a hardcore pornstar!”

“Pornstar?” I asked breathlessly, now fully awake.

“Yeah,” she confirmed happily. “I’ll still get my degree — business, I decided — so it’ll be easier to better my career. I’m gonna minor in theater arts, too.”

“I’m so fucking horny!” I exclaimed impulsively.

“I know,” she said, while teasingly stroking my cheek. “I’m pretty sure you’re the one that opened me in new and wonderful ways. Not sure how you did it, though, but I thank you! I’ve been so held back sexually, and I needed to be freed to explore. After I realized it was you, I wanted to thank you with some hot sex that I KNOW you wanted, but I wanted some lead up. I’d been unconsciously teasing you already, so I decided to make it more conscious and active. Giving you little snippets of my path of sexual discovery instead of you fully knowing was part of it. Did you think I left that browser open or forgot that cellphone by accident?”

Trina then lunged at me, and we went nuts in a frenzied french kiss. She tasted and felt like everything I ever imagined.

In one final, mind numbing tease, she pulled back, and stated, “I need to warn you how epic I am. Fuck, I’m so dirty, I’ve licked my squirt off my own feet!”

With that, we literally tore off our clothes. We excitedly wrestled on the too small bed, while our torn clothes piled on the floor next to us. We then plowed out hands into our twitching crotches, while we humped wildly, pushing our hands deeper into our holes. I then screamed, “Oh, Gods, I’m CUMMING!” There was no need to tell the impassioned Trina, for she timed herself more than well enough to scream in orgasm along with me.

We were even more horny now, so we began to scissor wildly. At the same time, Trina hungrily slobbered all over my feet. I never had anyone worship my feet before, but I fucking loved it. Oh, Gods, I loved it! At that revelation, I thrust my hips even harder into Trina’s. She did the same in kind, and our grinding was more intense than I thought possible. Juices flowed freely from our pussies in our yet more powerful orgasm.

At the same time, we breathlessly leaned in for a long, passionate kiss. The smooth taste of our feet was striking in our flowing spit. Trina then playfully pushed me down to my back, and mounted my mouth with her wet crotch. I automatically began to eat her out. I drank her free flowing juices; she tasted so damn good. I played with my breasts wildly, while she brought herself down to my wet crotch. We soon felt up and down our sweaty legs in our animalistic sixty-nine. Our moans were almost as loud as our recent orgasms.

Trina then began to finger my G-spot widely, while she licked. I knew she was working to make me squirt. I began to finger her even more wildly, wanting her to squirt all over my face, too. It didn’t take long to come close to an even greater orgasmic state. Well, I’d be lying if I said I was keeping track of time! Suddenly, in powerful, guttural screams of passion, we spewed our feminine juices all over ourselves and the bed. Trina squirt at least twice as much as me! We happily swallowed whatever found its way into our hungry mouths.

She unmounted me, and twist herself around to lick the remaining juices off my body. I would have done the same, but our powerful orgasms were actually beginning to put a strain on me, an Erotic Witch!

We soon made out with great passion. Trina pulled back, and offered, “Lets hit the shower!” I nodded in awe of her sexual stamina …

We legitimately washed ourselves: shampoo, body wash, etc. It wasn’t so much a tease as it was blatant eroticism. Then with seemingly no warning, Trina lunged at me, and we began to kiss passionately, while we rubbed and fingered each other’s warm crotches. We moaned and cooed so loudly. It was a miracle that no one caught us in the shower, let alone our room.

“My Gods, I never knew a Human could have so much Sexual Energy!” I cooed impulsively.

Trina smiled deviously at me, and stated, “I had a feeling you weren’t exactly Human, Trina. I mean, you opened me up better than some stage hypnotist. You’re gonna have to tell me all about it!” She kissed down my quivering, wet body, while I found myself in awe of the woman I remade …

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