Cosmic Passons: 17 Witchcraft

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s note: This story is a homage to the parody Erotic Witch Project, and by extension, the Blair Witch Project. Enjoy!

Cosmic Passions: 17 Witchcraft

Synopsis: Three women go on a hike much more life changing than anticipated.

“In 1851, a witch learned how to follow all four Great Gods of Witchcraft without going insane. Her mastery of such powers made her unable hide her true nature within the village, which was only settled a year before by prospectors and their wives. Many tried to resist her power, but all soon fell under her spell. The whole town came together in a massive orgy, and disappeared.”

“And, that’s the legend of the Randolphville Witch, Jessica?” the slim blonde Sally asked her raven haired friend Jennifer. The three women were doing their final preparations before venturing into the woods before them.

“Plenty of lost towns with silly legends, especially in Middle-of-Nowhere, New Hampshire!” Sally’s brown haired sister Sarah laughed.

“Actually, I don’t think we’ll even come close to finding that village. I don’t think it existed. Seriously, Jen, we’re not even out to find that place. Why do you even bring it up?” Sally asked.

Jennifer smiled. “It came with the map!”

The all laughed. The three college students wanted to do something they never did before, and a summer hiking trip fit the bill. There were no other plans …

They lost their map after only a half an hour into their hike, and decided to head back to the car. Unfortunately, they started late, and it was growing dark. So, they altered the plan to set up camp, and head back to the car the next morning. There was no real concern, because the trail was clearly marked.

They set up camp at dusk. Sarah was out gathering some wood for a fire.

“So, I keep forgetting to ask you, Jen … How did you find this place?” Sally asked.

“You know, kinda by accident! You remember, we’ve been wanting to do this college roommate thing for a while. Last month I went to the Town Hall in Cambridge, and grabbed a few state hiking maps. I plopped them all on my kitchen table, and Randolph Woods in Gregg New Hampshire was right on top.”

“You’re never that simple!”

“I know. Crazy, right?”

They continued to make small talk, even after Sarah returned. When they went to sleep that night, they somehow shared the same dream. It was a dream of the past …

Jennifer and Sarah watched as if that was their only purpose in life. Sally found herself reading a book in the forest, but she was not Sally. She was Mary. The woman there now was a natural blond. She was so horny, but resisted out of decency. Unfortunately, her horniness grew out of her control, and she gave into the uncontrollable passions.

She touched herself sensually, while she removed her white dress and undergarments. She never did anything like this before, yet it all felt so good and natural. She moaned and cooed, while she squeezed her tits, and buried her hand into her moist snatch. Her erotic motions were not just for the sake of pleasure, but also for the celebration of the female form. She was beautiful, she always knew that, but for the first time in her life, she understood that. Her beauty was all that was needed. She soon learned that her silken feet were what she loved the most, while her firm legs were a close second. She eventually found herself in a state of perpetual orgasm, and enhanced the mind numbing pleasure by continuing to grope her glorious body.

Jennifer soon found herself walking over to the orgasmic woman. Yet she was no longer Jennifer. Her name was Elizabeth. She was infinitely horny, yet she had total control over such things. Indeed, she was remaking the blonde before her through such control.

There was no end in sight for Mary’s screams of passion, but she no longer cared about anything but the pleasure. Suddenly, Elizabeth lightly touched her shoulder. Mary’s orgasm instantly ceased. Elizabeth’s hand was gloved in a substance she never saw or felt before. Strangely, a new word came to her mind: latex.

Out of breath, and still horny, the woman resembling Sally turned around. The beautiful raven haired woman, which she knew from the village, was wearing what most would call truly indecent. She wore a purple velvet robe. Underneath, she wore only a black bra, panties, leggings, and elbow length gloves, while all those undergarments were made of the same strange material.

“Fuck me, PLEASE!” Mary begged, using a vulgar word otherwise foreign to her.

The raven haired woman tossed off her robe, and sat next to her. “As the first Priestess of the Four Great Gods of Witchcraft, I shall!”

They then passionately made out, while forcibly exploring their bodies with their curious hands. The Great Erotic Witch removed her strange bra and panties, and lay the quivering woman down. Mary moaned and cooed at the Great Witch’s perfect touch. The feel of her “latex” gloves was perfect on her skin. The Great Witch kissed and groped her way down, pleasuring every inch equally. She nearly orgasmed, when the Great Witch’s lips kissed her pussy. The Great Witch continued passionately down her legs, and eventually worshiped her feet. She came loudly, echoing across the forest, but the Great Witch had far more in store.

The Great Witch then passionately made out with her pussy. Mary’s endless orgasms merged into one. All that was left of Mary’s old self slowly melted away in the ecstasy. Her memories stayed sharp, while they would serve her well in her new purpose. She was now a devoted disciple of the Great Witch …

The three woman woke up the next morning incredibly horny, but gained composure quickly. They all remembered the erotic dream vividly, but chose not to discuss it. Maybe out of distraction because of the dream, or because they simply lost the map, they realized how lost they were. They were totally baffled, because they knew they did not hike more than a mile into the woods yesterday. Plus, the clearly marked trail was simply gone! Tensions grew quickly, while they roamed around the forest. Sure, they had a compass; though, it was quickly apparent that they weren’t using it right. They periodically checked their cell phones, but they continually had no service.

The day passed quickly. More quickly in fact than seemed normal. They talked very little, after the three of them had a heated argument about their situation. It actually wasn’t that dire yet, because they had supplies for several days. What was really happening was that they were experiencing intense sexual frustration. They had no idea why, while they weren’t sure how to deal with it, other than yelling at each other. They fell asleep quickly in their tent not long after dark …

In the continued dream, the Great Witch’s influence spread like wildfire. Mary was her most loyal disciple through it all. Though unexpected, the Sexual Energy that was being created in the village caused men to fade from their reality, because it turned out that only women were capable of handling such powerfully growing Energy. Soon, all the women of the village were transformed into devoted disciples of the Great Witch.

In the forest, they all fell into an orgy that warped time itself. The Great Witch, with her latex stockings and gloves, was at the center of it all. From their soft hair to their silken toes, nothing was off limits. The more they kissed and groped every inch of each other, what little was left of their old selves quickly melted away. They became beings of pleasure and passion alone. Even the Great Witch felt her already passion filled soul begin to melt into the passionate Energy.

In her last moments of individuality, the Great Witch screamed, “Great Gods of Witchcraft here me,” the Great Witch’s voice echoed. “Great Zalatoth of Manipulation, Master of Witchcraft, hear me. Great Simelinis of Love, here me. Great Shurath’cas of Domination, hear me. Great L’sothot of Potions, hear me. Baccheiaos of Wild Sexual Ecstasy, I beseech thee to supplement the power of the Greater Gods of Witchcraft by giving me the power of Fusion …Great Zalatoth, make our soul the want of all Humans. Great L’sothot, make our soul infectious like disease. Great Simelinis, make those infected by our soul eternal lovers. Great Shurath’cas, make the spread of our soul overpowering!”

This was all planned by the Great Witch from the start: Soul Fusion on a mass scale. Through her mastery of Witchcraft, she implanted a part of her soul into her latex clothing, while being in perfect contact with it. Normally, the soul would automatically reintegrate itself upon such contact, but she was able keep that piece of herself dormant. This essentially enabled her to be more “complete” and clear headed, while she implemented her plan.

The piece of her soul within the latex was now reawakened from the building passions, and the passion filled women, including the Great Witch, could not help but forcibly grope it. The more they groped, the more the latex stuck to their soft skin; the more the latex stuck to their soft skin, the more their skin transformed into latex. Soon, their skin was truly latex.

Reality began to blur, and the latex smothered women melted into each other. Without any second thoughts, they accepted each other’s souls, for that was what the Great Witch was preparing them for all along. As a single, beautiful, feminine entity, a massive orgasm grew within her, and her orgasm shook the feeble world around them!

Amongst the great passion, the feminine entity ascended into the forest surrounding her, and melted into its Life Force. While time straightened itself, time was all that was left. There was no way to know how long it would take for the Great Gods of Witchcraft to make the Fused Soul into the incurable disease of passion …

The three hikers woke up the next morning felling different. They could not fully describe how they felt, and like before, they refused to talk about their dream. At the same time, they were infinitely distracted by how different they felt. That distraction ate away at their frustration of being lost. Indeed, they barely paid attention to where they were going, while not even fully aware of that fact.

With the sisters walking hip to hip ahead of her laughing about something, somehow Jennifer began to understand how she felt. The strangeness was turning into arousal, or maybe that’s what it was all along. She slowly began to realize that something was inside her, but had no idea what that meant. Her arousal, she came to realize, was intricately connected with whatever was inside. It was changing her. That should have been terrifying, but her arousal had overwhelmed such negative emotions.

“Lets set up camp here for a while,” Jennifer suddenly said on impulse.

The sisters agreed, and thought it was good time for lunch, anyway. They quickly laid out their blankets, before they started to munch on the dried fruits.

“OH GHA…” Jennifer suddenly cooed, with one hand on her breast and the other on her burning pussy.

“Are you OK, Jen?” Sally asked breathlessly.

“I feel … OH … I feel ALIVE!” Jennifer cooed.

Sarah suddenly observed in shock, “My God! Your eyes are changing, Jennifer!”

Jennifer’s eyes were slowly changing from an emerald green to a dark brown. “OHHH YEAH … FFFFFUCK!” she screamed in ecstasy. She ripped off her clothes, and lustfully groped every inch of her body.

The sisters soon realized that they could not keep their hands off of each other. At first they tried to resist, but their powerful arousal broke down all bearers. Their sisterly love turned into sisterly lust, while they tore the clothes from their sweaty bodies. The fact that their slim bodies were so similar enhanced the erotic joy of their forcible touch.

While the sisters became lost in their new lust for each other, Jennifer’s body continued to pleasurably transform. She slowly grew several inches in height, while her somewhat circular facial structure became more ovular and elfin. Her skin became subtly lighter, while all physical flaws and body hair faded into nothingness. Her overall firm body became fuller and incredibly voluptuous. Her C-cup breasts alone inflated to a DD. She could not help but grope them joyously, while they grew.

Jennifer lay back breathless, while her new body settled into its new form. The orgasmic screams and slurps of the lustful sisters were distant. She slowly came to realize that she was no longer Jennifer. Yes, Jennifer was still within her, but she was far to integrated with the person she became to be distinguishable. She was the powerful Great Witch Elizabeth reborn!

The sisters suddenly came in a powerful orgasm, which echoed across the forest. Elizabeth crawled on top of the lustful sisters. “Nothing ever quite leads to what you’d expect,” Elizabeth essentially stated to herself airily. “All I really wanted was infinite pleasure after I mastered the Four Great Powers. That is what led to my idea. The virus I created ultimately needed a carrier, and long before she even subconsciously knew it, the Great Gods of Witchcraft chose Jennifer, who happily still resides within me. Those Great Gods made my soul and consciousness the guiding force of the virus I created. Who better to spread a virus than the one who created it?”

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