Cosmic Passions: 21 In the Madness of Passions

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: Inspiration for this story comes from various areas. Certain plot elements are inspired by the film In The Mouth of Madness. Of course, that film and all of Cosmic Passions are heavily inspired by HP Lovecraft. And thus, the end came to pass …

Cosmic Passions: 21 In the Madness of Passions

Synopsis: An editor set out to find a reclusive and popular author.

“A good author affects the world” is what I always said. When I met Giana Gershwin, I knew I found a great author. I had been an editor long enough to see greatness. She was incredibly versatile, and did a variety of genres. Her most vivid was erotica, going by the pen name Pura Laetita. Per her contract, she had only one editor: myself. I was even the one she requested. She claimed that she did some research on editors ahead of time. Plus, we were fast friends.

After a few years, she dropped all genres save for “Weird Erotica,” as she called it. There was no explanation given, but her work in the genre all but made it mainstream! She treated the genre differently from her other works, actually. Though all standalone works, they were all set in the same universe or sometimes Multiverse.

Recently, she had become reclusive, or at least, more so. Yes, she had consistent contact via phone and email with me and the publishers from her home in Randolph, NH, but no one would see her. If she weren’t talking with us, she might as well have dropped off the face of the Earth.

Her publishers and I were very much concerned by her present behavior. Yes, it was partly motivated by the fact that she was a major source of revenue for the publishing company, but at least I had some genuine concern. It was ultimately decided that I see her in person to find out if anything was wrong. I suggested they send a private investigator instead, but they wanted to keep the possible issue under tight wraps. I always had a strong positive relationship with her, anyway.


It was already proving to be a long, tiring drive form Providence, RI. I expected it, but my work as an editor rarely required me to go on long road trips. Not to mention that fact that I never drove to Randolph before. It was made longer from highways in Northern Massachusetts being closed for reasons that were unclear.

I was only about twenty minutes from Randolph, when my energy levels hit a brick wall. Being in the middle of nowhere, with no signs and few lights, I just pulled over. I just didn’t want to literally hit a brick wall! I lay down in the back seat, and passed out …


I suddenly awoke to a light tapping sound on my window. Sitting up, a police officer slowly came into focus. “Are you all right ma’am?” the officer asked. There was a look of legitimate concern on his face.

I casually walked out onto the street, and stretched. The morning sun was bright on my bleary eyes. “OOOH! … I’m fine officer. Just had to get off the road last night before I passed out! Didn’t think I’d sleep the whole night, though.” I then noticed the police car on the other side of a large, old painted sign stating: “Welcome to Randolph NH / A Peaceable Community / Pop 587.”

“I’m glad to hear that ma’am!” he said with a welcoming smile. “More people should follow that policy. It’s actually State Law to not be sleep deprived while driving. Not that we can really enforce that!” he laughed.

“Believe it or not, I was actually heading to Randolph. I had no idea I was so close!” I stated mesmerized.

“Well, sounds like the old bulbs probably finally burned out on that sign! I’ll make a note of it, when I’m back at the station. Would you like me to direct you to the local Inn, Ma’am? I can give you the address if you’ve got a GPS.”

“Yes, I’d love that! I do have a GPS,” I stated with a pleasant smile.

He gave me the Inn’s address, and drove back into the town soon after. The police car disappeared down the road long before I started my car. Five minuets later, I was in the heart of the quiet town, parking at Randolph Inn. Inside, I met a pleasant yet distant old woman behind the desk.

“I’d like a room, please,” I requested.

She less than stealthily looked me over. “And, how long will you be staying, miss?”

“I’m not sure exactly. I’m hear to meet up with a friend of mine. Her name’s Giana Gershwin. She’s a writer.”

The old woman then put on a look of confusion with other hard to decipher elements. Then, her distant pleasantness suddenly returned. “Humph, never heard of her. Well, if she’s some big shot writer, she may not come to town much, or at least, not here!” She smiled, and stated, “I’ll set you up for room five. Very spacious. You city folk never get enough of that!”

The old woman was definitely not all there. I had an uncle who acted like that sometimes, while he was likely to get far worse in the future. She took my credit card, and checked me in on her decade old computer. I soon found myself in the room looking at the town map the old woman gave me with the old fashioned room key.

I knew Giana’s address in the town, and it was walking distance from the Inn like almost everything else. It proved to be a pleasant walk. It was a warm, early fall day, and the leaves were just starting to change. Rhode Island has nice aesthetics, but nothing quite like that.

Giana’s house was rather large, and had a rustic, cabin-like appearance, which fit very well with the old New England scenery. My knocking was in vain; no one answered. I was about to call her, but my cellphone had no signal. I shook my head, and decided to ask around town about Giana.

Perhaps I wasn’t much of a detective, but no one I came across even heard of Giana. Many just gave me now unexpectedly familiar confused looks. There were some that were even annoyed by my presence! It was frustrating. All the while, a strange feeling was nagging at me in the back of my mind. Something just wasn’t right about this town, yet it was something I could only see with my mind’s eye. I was beside myself …


That evening I made my way to the local bar. It was a crowd scene, and no one seemed to care about my presence. I walked to the bartender an ordered a Scotch.

“Hey, has a Giana Gershwin ever come by here?” I asked the bartender, while flashing her picture.

There was that odd confused look on his face. He answered, “No.” He walked away to attend to the other customers. There was something so two dimensional about him …

I took a good swig, before a striking brunette sat next to me. She had a full, healthy body with sun kissed skin and hypnotically beautiful, dark eyes. She wore a form fitting, short red dress, which showed one-hundred percent cleavage.

“Hello there,” she greeted seductively. “I’m Jessica. I like to see new faces in town.” She looked over to the bartender, and raised two fingers. He walked over with two more glasses of Scotch. She looked around, and said, “Bunch of neuters here. They might as well be pages in a book!” She picked up her glass, and took a slow, savoring swig of all that was in it. Her only reaction was a sultry smile.

Her sweet smell, her seductive nature, and impossibly strong animal magnetism reminded me of something I knew all too well. Though it should have been impossible, I knew what she was! “My God, you’re a Succubus aren’t you?”

“An Avatar Succubus,” she clarified with a proud smile.

“… No other Succubus has more insatiable hungers …”

She licked her lips, and kissed me deeply, while taking a large swig of my Sexual Energy. “UMMH, was that good for you?” she asked hungrily.

“Oh, wow …” I breathed. It was as if an orgasm flew through my mouth, while my pussy twitched.

She chuckled playfully. “You perhaps know as much as me, but don’t want to believe it. You’ve read all the erotic ‘stories.’ And, do you want to know why they are all so vivid? It is because they all happened either in our universe or another.”

I somehow knew the truth in the Succubus’ words, but forced myself to stay skeptical almost out of habit. Yet, her mere presence broke that down. “There’s, there’s something that always confused me about your breed.”

“And, what is that?” she smirked, probably already knowing what confused me.

“You’re a Succubus that can directly communicate with the Cosmic Gods, Entities, yet you still don’t really give a damn about them like the rest of the Succubi.”

She smiled sexily. “A guy randomly comes up to you on the street, and asks where the nearest ATM is. You guide him to it. Do you then bow down to Mr. ATM?”

She was partly toying with me for her own amusement. Succubi are known to enjoy a good tease, especially with those they like. Or at least, that was my interpretation of what I read.

“You want me to tease you more? I know your future. I’m not even supposed to tell you anything!”

“You know what’s in store for me?”

“For a price. You said it yourself: My hunger is insatiable!”

She was right. That was what I was feeling. I truly had no idea what was happening, and felt lost. “Tell me. I have to know what’s happening!”

The Succubus smiled toothily, and hopped on my lap, facing me. She lightly put her arms around me, and whispered in my ear, “The Gateway and the Gatekeeper.”

She then grabbed my head, and kissed me deeply. While a mind numbing orgasm flowed through my mouth, she plowed her hand down my pants. Her touch was almost as orgasmic as her kiss!

‘We are two of the only three real beings left in this town!’ her voice echoed in my head.

Her fingers were so perfect, so knowledgable that I knew I would not last much longer. My mind was growing ever more numb. All I cared about was the rising orgasmic bliss. Then, a great orgasmic then rush flew out of me …

I screamed in orgasm, before I realized I was no longer in that bar. I was in my hotel room bed. It was now morning. ‘There are only three real people left in this town, including us…’ the Succubus’ voice echoed in my head. I shook my head, trying to shake off what I thought were remnants of a dream. I tried to remember how I came back, or if there was anything real about last night. I felt like I had a hangover, so at least some parts of last night were real.

Turning my head to the clock radio, I saw that it was past eleven-thirty. I popped a couple of aspirins, and set out to see if Giana was finally home. Her house was just about the only evidence of her existence in Randolph!

I soon found myself at Giana’s door. When I knocked on the door, it opened like it wasn’t even latched. I walked in. Suddenly, a wave of ecstasy flew through me. I screamed in orgasm, and blacked out …

The next thing I knew, I was standing in a dark room with no windows. Nothing else was in the room but me. Behind me I heard someone mercilessly typing away on some plastic keyboard. I turned around, and saw the voluptuous brunette Giana Gershwin typing on her laptop naked with one hand and masturbating with the other. She then screamed and squirt in orgasm, while feeling down her full body with her typing hand.

“I’m finally done,” she said quietly, before turning around.

“Gi … Giana?” I barely said. I felt very aroused.

“I made you into quite the woman!” she said proudly.

“What?” I asked breathlessly.

“When I started writing erotica, I thought I was making it all up, but someone was always whispering to me. The Truly Great Baccheiaosis ultimately brought me into its bosom. I physically touched Ultimate Sexual Ecstasy, and now no longer have a Human gender. Indeed, I’m not Human anymore in the traditional sense. What you see is what I’ve written everyone to see.”

“But, that doesn’t make any sense. There can’t be any Cosmic Gods. It’s all fiction!” I screamed cynically. At the same time, I thought back to meeting the Succubus in the bar, which I somehow knew happened. I was so confused, while I felt a total lack of control. It was as if I was being propelled down powerful rapids.

“Your heart and soul always knew the truth. Those are things I could never rewrite. Think back — far back. You were once a nameless secretary, lost in a corporate sea. You were blonde then. The Gods called me to transform you, and make you part of their grand design. You will soon be rewritten again, but this time with full knowledge of who you were, are and will be. You will bring my final book onto our world. A book that will herald the opening of the fabric of our reality.”

“I can’t believe it …”

Confusingly, she suddenly stated, “Yes.”

“I didn’t ask you anything …”

“Your subconscious did. And yes, this is a dream. However, life is but a series of images of both dreaming and waking, and thus, reality is but a compendium of both,” she said excitedly.

“I now call upon the Cosmic Gods of Passion to bear witness: Florathiosis if Transformation, Plaotathis of Curiosity, Sotos of Mimicry, Ulia’athos of Technology, Great Vampire Phil’iantathis of Power, Great Vampire Domorious of Consumption, Great Vampire Luthuria of Pleasure, Great Witch L’sothot of Potions, Great Witch Shurath’cas of Domination, Great Witch Simelinis of Love, Great Witch Zalatoth of Manipulation … TRULY GREAT BACCHEIAOSIS, accept this woman into your immense power, your bosom; accept this woman as the GATEWAY and the GATEKEEPER!”

Forcibly, she placed my hand on the suddenly visible manuscript next to her laptop, and quoted from the book now being downloaded into my mind. “It will not be Cosmic Horrors that are meant to consume us; it will be Cosmic Passions. With the Final Book, the walls of our reality shall break down. The Gods will infect us all in the madness of passions. And with the Sexual Energy of our reality absorbed by the Gods, they shall move on to the next. The inhabitants of the next reality shall see it all bleeding into their own stories, even before a special author is chosen!”

During the download, I glimpsed things that were images from the future. Or at least, things that the book predicted. There was a world being consumed by extravagant passions of all sorts. Minds were ripped apart and pulled back together in new forms, while others were merely enhanced in the most erotic of ways. Society broke down, and the world was remade into an orgasmic form. Many of the images more than resembled how other universes once met their erotic apocalypse, but there was far greater intensity. Above it all, the Truly Great Baccheiaosis reigned supreme!

When the download was complete, I felt utterly different. My now crimson hair was a symbol of what I became. All my true memories returned to me, while there was little doubt that my purpose shall be fulfilled. I was now the Avatar of the Truly Great Baccheiaosis of Ultimate Sexual Ecstasy. I was now the one who was to bring the Truly Great God of Ultimate Sexual Ecstasy onto my world. I was now a Human infested with Erotic Cosmic Energy, who shall unlock the gates that I now am to bring forth an end and a beginning!

“My story is over for now,” she said proudly. “Go forth, Bacchic Avatar, and bring my herald of limitless passions onto our world. You know how.”

I nodded. Somehow now naked, I placed one hand on the manuscript, while I wildly rubbed my crotch with the other. I soon hit an orgasmic state, and through my new power, I prolonged it. My powerful screams of ecstasy slowly smashed through the walls of the dreamed reality …


In a massive orgasm, I awoke in the back seat of my car. The morning sun shown brightly through the windows. I felt confused. I never had a dream like that before. Indeed, it was the first dream I remembered since childhood. I walked back to the front seat. I then pulled down the visor to examine my face in the mirror, and perhaps remove some sleep from my eyes. My heart then skipped a beat! My once vibrant brown hair was now a fiery crimson. In that same instant, I realized I was naked, and that there was an oblong package on my lap. I opened it. The cover page stated, “In the Madness of Passions.”

I suddenly began breathing wildly, but not out of shock. The feeling from the end of the dream began to engulf my mind. All my true memories again came into focus. I could feel the Truly Great Baccheiaosis’ fingers plunging deep into my very being. I was its Avatar. I was always its follower, yet I never realized it. Slowly licking my lips, I passionately groped my glorious, naked body. I quickly brought myself to orgasm, and prolonged it indefinitely … Soon, we shall all be followers of the Cosmic Gods of Passion …

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