Cosmic Passions: 20 Bacchic Passions

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This is a remake of my first storyline The Pleasure Chronicles found on the Archive. Enjoy!

Cosmic Passions: 20 Bacchic Passions

Synopsis: The Cosmic Entity of wine, fertility, and wild sexual behavior grows bored, and choses a new path.

Part I

I never understood why even my most devoted followers of antiquity thought of me as male. Even my Human given names (Bacchus, Baccheios, Dionysos, etc), with some of which inspired by my true name, all suggest masculinity. Though, how can a “God” hold a normal gender in the eyes of Humans? Of course, I was neither truly a God nor a Human!

Despite my power being assured thanks to pleasure being a part of the Human experience, I found myself growing bored. I had been feeding off of Human pleasure for thousands of years, and have experienced seemingly every orgasmic nuance. What I had decided to do was expressly forbidden for the lesser beings of my race, and that is why I had never done it. There would be no turning back once I started. Regardless of the consequences, it shall be the crowning jewel in my studies of Humanity …

I soon found a college party in a secluded cabin in he deep woods. It was the kind of party that normally annoyed me. All beautifully capable of enacting the most extreme of sexual desires, but they always held themselves back.

I walked into the cabin naked, while I had them all hallucinate me wearing what they found the most attractive on a woman. It mostly came to me wearing a tight T-shirt, short shorts, and flip-flops. Some of the sexier variations included stockings (even with the flip flops), and a tight, short red dress.

Searching for the right person to enact my plan, I quickly became the life of the party. My very presence permanently freed most of them from inhibitions. There was already an erotic game of truth or dare in the main room. It always fascinated me how women cared very little about gender when aroused beyond their wildest dreams, while men generally never budged. Well, pleasure was pleasure!

While sensually making out with an attractive blonde, my eye caught a sexy redhead on the couch. She was definitely as aroused as the rest, but was separate from the others. I left the blonde with another woman, who I knew also wanted to explore her unearthed desires, and walked over to the redhead with two glasses of red wine in hand.

“What’s your name,” I said softly amongst the growing coos. I handed her a glass.

She shyly took the glass, and answered, “Oh, umm, Diana … Yours?”

‘Diana,’ I thought. ‘Excellent.’ I took a sip of wine. “You know my name. You all know my name … Did you know that wine is my favorite drink?”

Diana looked at me confused, and took a small sip.

“You’re very held back. I can tell.”

She cautiously nodded. “What’s happening?”

I smiled seductively. “Do you want to let go? I can see in your eyes that you do.”

“Please!” she said desperately.

I finished both glasses of wine, and led Diana to a free bedroom. The sounds and scents of pleasure permeated the cabin. The two of us were the only ones left who had thoughts beyond pleasure, perhaps with some irony.

I closed the door behind me, and we sat on the bed. “Your mind is filled with more passion than anyone here. It even rivals my own. That is why you’ve held yourself back your whole life. However, you desperately want to be set free.”

“Yes,” she said with a deep sigh.

“Look deep into my dark eyes, Diana.”

She did so. Her blue eyes were like rare jewels, which symbolically represented her passionate soul.

I reached deep into her mind, and forcibly ripped away every last barrier she created over the years. The more barriers I ripped away, the more passion I felt from her. Eventually, I realized that her passions were impossibly beyond my own. I chose better than I thought possible!

When I pulled out of her mind, she was no longer the same person. The look in her eyes was full of total passion. She was now as she was always meant to be.

Suddenly, she lunged at me, and we passionately made out. Her clothes fell away like they were as fake as my own. We celebrated our bodies from head to toe. Eventually, Diana concentrated only on our feet. There was to be nothing secret about her anymore! Orgasm after endless orgasm passed through our quivering bodies.

We fucked for hours, days, years; there was no way to tell. Eventually, we fucked every last ounce of strength out of ourselves. The taste of feet was a seemingly permanent resident in our mouths. We deeply starred into each other’s eyes, while we held each other. I latched myself onto her soul, and melted it, Fused it into mine. The merging of such passions automatically made us transcend our physical forms. Nothing mattered anymore save for the pleasure …

Part II

“So why did you choose this cabin, Jennifer?” The brown haired Jackie asked as she drove.

“I dunno. Seemed like a good idea at the time, Jackie,” The raven haired woman answered lightly.

“Maybe it was that rumor about that crazy party last year!” the blonde Mya stated.

“You mean that one that supposedly turned into a massive orgy, while one of the women there ran off or something?” Jackie asked. There were even other parts of the rumor, including how they all became pornstars.

“Yeah that’s the one,” Mya replied.

“You two don’t believe a word of that, do you?” Jennifer laughed.

Jackie shrugged.

“Hey, I heard from Bobby that his friend was invited to that party, and that most of them were from his college … Umm … Brenham College,” Mya said.

“Oh, then it must be true!” Jackie cooed.

They all laughed.

They were more than pleased with the cabin when they arrived. It was far nicer than the brochure from Robertson’s Vacation suggested. It was larger than they were assuming, and tastefully furnished. There were two floors: The first had a kitchen, dining room, living room with a fireplace, etc; the second held the bedrooms. There was also a well looked after pool, with an attached hot tub. Jennifer switched on the hot tub to see if it worked, and they all decided to go for a dip in it.

They quickly claimed their bedrooms, and refitted their sexy bodies with tight bikinis. When the others scurried down, Jennifer grabbed some of the wine. They were college party girls after all!

Glasses of wine in hand, they lay back, and enjoyed the bubbles.

“Hey, are you sure we don’t wanna find any cute guys to bring over?” Mya asked.

“This trip’s just for us girls, remember?” Jackie said matter-of-factly.

“You two know what I wanna do right now?” Jennifer asked playfully.

“What, Jen?” Jackie responded.

Jennifer put on a smile, which was a cross between seductive and playful. “Truth or Dare, ladies!”

“Without any guys?” Jackie asked subtly nervous.

“What, you scared of a little fun, Jackie? Just gulp down some more wine.” Mya looked over to Jennifer, and matched her playful smile. She was always the competitive one. “Lets do this, Jen!”

“Why don’t you go first, Mya,” Jennifer requested.

“Ok, umm, Jennifer! Truth or Dare?”

She smiled seductively, “Dare!”

“Wow, OK!” She thought for a second, and then knew what to dare her to do. “Get one of the bottles of whisky, fill all the shot glasses we brought, and drink up!”

With a smile, Jennifer hopped out, slipped on her flip flops, and went inside. Not long after, she returned with a large brown bag.

“You better have everything in there, Jenny!” Mya said.

Jennifer simply smiled. Placing the bag down, she slipped out of her flip flops, and fell back into the bubbly water. She then removed the contents of the bag: whisky, three shot glasses. She opened the bottle and poured, and then chugged each in rapid succession. They all knew she was a bit of a lightweight, and were not surprised about how sloshed she looked right after. “WOOOO! … Jackie! Err, Truth or Dare?”

Jackie looked uncomfortable. “Truth.”

“Umm … When did you loose your virginity?”

Now, Jackie looked real uncomfortable. She never talked much about sex. Plus, she was still a virgin at 22. “Well … Truth … I didn’t, Jen. I’m a virgin.”

The other two looked surprised, while Jennifer suddenly thought of the strap-on she randomly brought with her. She didn’t know why she brought it, and only just then realized that she wasn’t sure when she bought it, while she could not even remember anything about it until after they arrived at the cabin. The confusion quickly came and went.

“Well, I’m glad it’s out there now. Guess you two aren’t! … Whatever. Mya, Truth or Dare?”


“OK, hmm,” the idea suddenly came to her, “take six shots of whisky.”

“That’s not inventive,” Mya said glancing at Jennifer. She then poured, chugged, and then poured and chugged again. She seemed to hold her liquor well. “Jennifer, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare! What else?”

“OK,” Mya decided to take things to the next step, of course, “make out with Jackie, and give her neck a good hickey!”

Jackie was shocked, while Jennifer motioned over. She quickly decided to go with it. This was just for fun, anyway. She took a large swig of her wine, before Jennifer’s soft, full lips collided with hers. The smooching was really strange at first. She had done so with guys, but never with women. To her shock, she started to like it!

Jennifer was surprised that she liked kissing another women, herself, but she attributed it to the alcohol. She was more than pleased when Jackie started to kiss her back, and was downright turned on when their tongues swirled in each other’s mouths.

Mya couldn’t believe how much her two friends seemed to be enjoying each other. She was even more shocked by how warm her crotch was becoming. Uncontrollably, she started to touch herself.

The two women weren’t sure how long they had been kissing. No matter how much Jennifer loved it, she knew she had to complete the Dare. She then broke off the wet, passionate kiss, and smooched her way down her friends pretty cheek and neck. She sucked and nibbled like a Vampire, leaving a very distinct mark.

Jennifer pulled herself away out of breath, and hornier than she ever was in her life. “Truth or Dare, Mya?” she asked deeply.

“Dare,” she requested breathlessly.

Jennifer then propped herself on the ledge, and to her friends’ surprise, she removed her top and bottom. “Lick my fucking pussy,” she stated breathlessly. “Eat me out, Mya!”

Mya shook her head with a smile, took a swig of wine, and swam over to her impossibly horny friend. While she stared at the woman’s moist, shaven pussy, she felt herself grow hornier than she ever felt in her life. She licked her lips, and threw herself into the crotch. The smell, feel, and especially taste was better than anything she ever knew. Nothing else mattered, but the pussy she now made love to.

Jennifer lovingly cooed, while her friend hungrily ate her out. Mya’s soft lips and tongue impossibly knew just what to do. Mya’s hands suddenly began to grope down her leg. The closer to her delicious elevens she got, the closer to orgasm she came. When Mya finally groped her cooing friend’s feet, she came harder and longer than she did in her life.

Mya breathlessly watched her satisfied friend slide back into the water. They starred at each other briefly, before Jennifer passionately made out with her. “That wasn’t part of the Dare, Jen,” Mya stated breathlessly. Jennifer replied, “I know … You deserved it!”

Mya wanted Jennifer to return the favor, so she dared her to do so. This time, however, Mya wanted her to make her cum with those amazing elevens! She wasn’t sure why she wanted it done that way, but was too horny to care. Under the water, Mya stripped her swimwear away, while Jennifer automatically started in with her foot.

Instantly, Mya found herself in a perpetual state of orgasm. All she could do was scream and moan. And the more she screamed and moaned, the closer she came to something more powerful than she ever dreamed. Her ultimate orgasm soon proved too much for her, and she briefly blacked out.

Amazed, and pleased with herself, Jennifer looked over to Jackie, who was apparently masturbating the whole time. She was only now cumming. They lay back, desperately trying to catch their breaths …

A couple of hours later, they were eating some dinner. On the surface, everything seemed to return to normal. Though, none of them were ashamed by what had happened. They even talked about how fun it all was. Of the three of them, only Jennifer’s newfound sapphic desires were still there, and she secretly wanted to explore them further.

That night, Jennifer found herself starring at the mysterious strap-on. She wanted so desperately to use it to take away Jackie’s virginity. It was her hands that grasped it really, and she merely obliged, while it was her feet that brought her to Jackie’s room. It was as if her body wasn’t hers anymore.

When she quietly closed Jackie’s door, she realized that she only wore flip flops and the strap-on. All she wanted to do was fuck Jackie. She was totally committed.

She sat next to Jackie, and slowly bent down for a loving kiss. Jackie instantly woke up, but to her surprise, she kissed her back. Jackie then lightly pushed Jennifer away, and removed her blanket, revealing her healthy, naked body. Jackie opened her legs wide, and taking it as an invitation, Jennifer slowly inserted the dildo. Jackie let out an audibly grunt, while her hymen was destroyed. The grunt made Jennifer hump her wildly until Jackie came.

It was in that moment Jennifer realized something strange. It felt as if something was slowly Fusing with her. She then slowly came to understand that it was what Diana and I became. We, well, I found her to be the most receptive of what I can give. She was simply the most lustful of the three.

Jennifer, while I began to Fuse myself with her soul, shoved her large feet into Jackie’s mouth and tight snatch. The more she pumped, the more she felt the warmth and sensitivity of her pussy transfer to her feet. Combined, they would be more sensitive than any pussy. Thus, was Diana’s and later our fantasy, which was to go farther than we dreamed.

Prematurely, Jackie came, and Jennifer automatically jerked off her now super sensitive feet. She screamed in a massive orgasm, while thick juices spewed from every pore of her feet. Laying back, she let the strange liquid slide up her legs, torso, chest, and finally her head. The strap-on dissolved completely. While the juices flowed from her feet, they flowed into every hole of her body. Soon, she was totally smothered in the thick liquid inside and out.

Jennifer slowly transformed within the shell, while the amazed Jackie watched. Within the shell, her pitch black hair gained natural red highlights, all her body hair withered away, her dark eyes turned into a jewel-like blue, her very scent became corrupting, and her feet would now permanently be her center of pleasure. The shell melted away, and we were now one …

I sat up with new eyes, and looked at Jackie, who was now mindlessly pleasuring herself with her foot. I stated with authority, “I am Pleasure!”

Mya suddenly walked into the room in total disbelief. The commotion woke her up not long before, and she assumed something was wrong. The moment she picked up my scent, all her cares, worries, and inhibitions melted away. All she could think about was the pleasure that I could give. Jaw dropped, she walked onto the bed, while letting her clothes slide off her firm body.

The two women soon found themselves passionately worshiping my bare legs and feet. The more they worshiped, the more lost their minds became. Soon, pleasure was all that they knew.

I moaned and cooed loudly as I came closer to my wet orgasm. My feet were already growing moist. I then had Mya lay back, and pleasure herself with her own feet. Jackie then shoved my feet deep into her mouth and pussy. In and out my feet forcibly went. The precum quickly transformed her holes to fully accommodate my feet. Soon, my footcum spewed into her quivering body, transforming it as it went. When it filled her, the cum began to leak from every orifice. The liquid quickly converged. Soon, she was smothered within a shell of footcum. I removed my feet from her mouth and pussy, and let her complete her transformation.

My sight then turned to the mindlessly passionate Mya. I quickly shoved my now always willing feet into the hapless woman’s mouth and pussy. My feet soon came, and smothered her with footcum inside and out.

I lay back to watch the cum covered women, while they slowly emerged from their cocoons. They became almost, but not quite, like me. Though, I was truly amazed to see that Mya was now a natural blonde!

In true reverence of our new selves, we passionately rubbed our legs and feet all over each other.

Part III

I quickly learned about my new self, if only out of necessity. Though most of me was still what most Humans called Bacchus or Baccheiaos, I was an amalgam of three once separate beings. Our, well, my life now was completely different. I now could control the minds of others around me through the very scent of my feet. And, my feet became my pleasure center, while the thick juices they excreted transformed others into something like me. The problem was that my very scent easily corrupted the minds of others. After some experimentation, I found that nylon did the best at masking the scent, albeit not one hundred percent, and the blacker the better. My favorites were a pair of pitch black nylon stockings with a floral pattern running up the sides.

I was a bit unhappy about what happened with my first two Disciples Mya and Jackie, though. From my lack of control back at the cabin, they became complete nymphomaniacs, with only me having any influence over them. They fucked each other every chance they had, while they constantly fucked and converted others. I continually told them to at least wear nylon stockings, but they didn’t care. The original albeit loose plan hoped for at least some subtlety!

Within only a month, thanks to my first two Disciples, every woman at our college was converted. Seeing all those women parading around in their black nylons did make me care less about subtly. It was in perhaps that moment where I realized the beings I were faded away. I was simply Pleasure now.

At the start of summer break, my Disciples and I spread out into the world. The more women I fucked and converted, the more I became like Mya and Jackie. The pleasure I gave onto others and myself was utterly addicting.

I eventually came across Daniele, and wanted to try something a little different. She was an attractive brunette in her mid twenties, and just out of college. I was her friend the moment I stoked her leg with my stockinged foot.

We sat on her couch in her apartment, and sipped some wine.

“So, I’ve been wondering, what gave you the idea for stockings and flip slops?”

I answered, “Well, nylons are in! Haven’t you noticed? And, I just love flip flops; so revealing!”

“I guess you’re right. They are very … attractive …”

There it was! My scent may be partly masked, but it changes people eventually. The way she was looking at my legs and feet were proof enough. “You can touch them. I don’t mind.”

Gingerly, she brushed her fingertips down my legs. She put on an aroused smile, and began to grope my stockinged legs with both hands.

I suddenly adjusted myself so that my legs were draped over Daniele’s lap. The more she groped my legs, the lower she concentrated. Eventually, she only groped my feet. I moaned and cooed as she passionately massaged them. If only she knew that she might as well have been rubbing a pussy!

Then I willed her to lay back. She did so. I jerked off my right foot until it came. The juices seeped through like the nylon like wasn’t even there. I then brought my cum covered hand to her face to have her lick it clean. She consumed my cum with such intense want! “So … GOOD!” she cooed. “MORE!” I answered, “Soon.”

I repositioned myself, removed my nylons, and began to jerk off her right foot with my feet. I moaned and grunted as I went. I came loudly and wetly. While my cum smothered her foot, it became like mine. I did the same to her left.

“More, PLEASE, more!” she begged. I always enjoyed the need to be fully converted after a single taste of footcum.

I then placed my rather moist feet on her face, and gave her mind and body the proper instructions …

Daniele woke up the next morning with no memory of me. Though, she had the feeling like she just had a very erotic dream, which already faded. While the morning progressed, she found herself giving more and more attention to her feet. This caused her to give herself a pedicure with her deep blue nail polish.

The pedicure simply made her think of her feet even more. ‘What the hell’s the matter with me,’ she kept thinking to herself. ‘God! My feet!’ Eventually, she decided to figure this out directly. She sat on her couch, bared her feet, and examined them.

“They are nice,” she mumbled to herself. “That blue makes them so fucking hot! … They smell so good … So soft …” She realized she was touching herself, and didn’t want to stop. Her hand plowed into her pants, while she watched herself rub her feet together. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. She was masturbating to herself, her feet! Somehow, she knew that this was the most erotic moment of her life.

After a while, she realized that she was deriving next to no pleasure from her crotch, and that her feet was now the source of her pleasure. She ceased rubbing her now useless snatch, and grabbed her feet. She rubbed them both at the same time. She moaned, cooed, and grunted loudly. “Humpphh … OHHHH …. YESSSSSS!” She screamed in glorious orgasm.

To her shock, juices spewed forcefully from every pore of her feet. The liquid traveled up her quivering body, transforming her as it went. She purred loudly until the cum poured down her throat. Soon she was smothered in her own footcum inside and out …

She was a new woman thanks to me, and reveled in that fact. Like all my Disciples, she wanted to give the gift of pleasure to other women. Perhaps because of the way I remade her, she wanted it to be experimental and fun. She pulled on the nylon hose I gave her (I left several in her dresser), and drove herself to her spa.

“Daniele … you’re looking … radiant today,” the attractive, auburn haired receptionist stated. She was obviously confused about being attracted to a woman.

“Thank you, Katy. You’re not looking bad yourself.” Daniele then impulsively sat on the desk in front of the confused receptionist.

“What’re you doin’?”

One of Daniele’s flip flops slapped onto the floor. She then brushed her nylon clad foot with naturally blue toenails on the breathless woman’s face. “Come with me. This won’t take long,” she said slyly.

They hurried into a nearby private changing room, and locked the door behind them. Out of her control, Katy slipped out of her clothes. “What’s happening?” she barely asked. “I’ve never been so fucking horny!” She then lay on the padded bench. Daniele sat next to her, and removed her nylons.

Instantly, Katy was rubbing her moist snatch at the sight and smell of the exposed legs and feet. Daniele then shoved her enhanced feet into the woman’s mouth and pussy. Thrust after pleasurable thrust she went until they both screamed in orgasm. Daniele’s foot juices poured into and around the woman without abandon. Soon, she was within the cocoon of footcum.

While Daniele watched the woman transform within the cocoon, she happily licked her feet clean. The shell soon evaporated, and they passionately made out. Daniele then fished out a new pair of nylons out of her pocketbook for the receptionist. After pulling back on her hose, Daniele left the room.

The sound and feel of her flip flops aroused Daniele so much that she almost didn’t notice the two women sitting alone in a private hot tub. She walked into the room, and quietly locked the door behind her.

“Hey! Who are you?” the blonde asked, with a confused look.

“I see you’re into the ‘hose-flip-flops’ fad!” the raven haired woman observed.

“Yes,” Daniele smiled. She then removed all but her nylons in front of the surprised women. “We’re all adults here, right?”

The aroused yet confused women nodded.

The Disciple then walked into the bubbly hot tub. To her surprise, she quickly found that her power over them was negated. She could not will them to do anything. Curious, she removed her nylons under the water, and placed them on the ledge behind her. After a few silly tests (head scratch, random giggle, etc.), she knew what she was to do with them.

“So what’s your names?” Daniele asked.

“I’m Sammie!” the blonde stated almost automatically.

“I’m Meghan!” the brunette stated in similar tones.

“What if I told you, Sammie, that I could make you a real blonde?”

“Impossible!” Sammie replied.

“Dunk your head in the water for a few seconds. Come on! Play along.”

The fake blonde shrugged, and dunked herself.

Daniele quickly jerked off her foot underwater with a confused Meghan witnessing. With the water affecting Daniele’s abilities as a Disciple, she wasn’t sure if the cum’s transformative properties would act as expected. Still, she grunted roughly in orgasm, and happily found herself able to direct the cum at only the “blonde.”

A few moments later, Sammie emerged a changed woman, while not yet a Disciple. She was now a true blonde, as proven by her eyebrows. It was even clear that her hair dye was gone. The friends examined the hair in amazement. “This has gotta be an allusion!” Meghan stated in her amazement.

“Sure,” Daniele smirked. As the women were ogling the changed hair, she then jerked off her other foot, and first used the swirling cum from it to make them lesbian lovers, whose thoughts were only of each other.

“I really love your hair, Sammie,” Meghan said deeply.

“I love yours more,” Sammie answered lovingly.

Their lips slowly met, and they passionately began to make out. Their bikinis were soon floating on the foamy water, while Sammie had her legs wrapped abound Meghan. With one hand they rubbed their pussies, and with the other they explored their new desires. After a while, they simply stared into each other’s eyes. Their orgasm was passionate and true.

“I’m in love with you!” they both stated in unison.

Then, Daniele went the next step. She willed the still lingering footcum to make their DNA so close that they were practically sisters. Unexpectedly, their eyes suddenly changed. Sammie’s light blue eyes changed to turquoise, while Meghan’s green did the same. They were still wrapped in each other’s arms and legs like lovers, but they looked at each other differently. They knew that they were sisters now, and that they were deeply in love.

Daniele then had them both submerge themselves. She jerked both feet off at the same time. She came hard and fast. The water around them was soon overwhelmed with the footcum. When Daniele pulled herself out, and shut off the jets, the sisters were in one large, transformative cocoon.

In a seemingly unprecedented sight, the cocoon went up in a large puff of steam, leaving only the water. The Twins of Pleasure slowly emerged from the water like goddesses. They beckoned Daniele back into the hot tub. They worshiped each other’s feet for hours, filling their bellies with each other’s footcum.

Part IV

The conversion of women into Disciples was exponential. Long before we hit critical mass after not much more than a year, the world could sense our coming. The world became distinctly matriarchal, making our destined ascendency easy. Indeed, the vary DNA of the Disciples overwhelmed the old. There was no man or woman who was not addicted to the pleasures of feet and the cum of Disciples. Even the Succubi, Vampires, and Witches were lost in the pleasures. And Jackie, Mya, Daniele, the Twins, and I found ourselves at the center of it all.

We more than relished this transformed world of sexual ecstasy. In our ultimate pleasure, we did not immediately realize how the six of us were drawn to each other. The draw was beyond the addiction to sexual ecstasy. The pleasures that we created were beyond the largest of orgies. Together, we no longer wore the protective nylons. Soon, all we wanted was to fuck each other and eat …

Jackie, Mya, Daniele, and myself finished our dinner after the Twins. We walked in on the Twins passionately making out, while forcibly rubbing their sensitive feet together on the carpeted living room floor. We voyeuristically sat on the floor, and jerked off our feet to the sight.

The Twins moaned loudly, while they fucked. They grew louder and louder until they screamed in glorious orgasm. Their cum mixed together, and began to travel up their quivering bodies. Soon, they were covered in a shell of their own footcum. The milky gray shell squirmed in at first an amorphous shape. Eventually, it morphed into a more feminine form.

The shell finally dissolved, and revealed a single woman. She held physical properties of the two women she once was: Sammie’s tall stature, Meghan’s large breasts and feet. She of course had turquoise eyes, but her hair was the most intriguing. It was jet black, with natural blonde highlights.

The woman, who was once the Twins, looked over to us and stated deeply, “We are one now in body and soul.”

It was obviously possible for the souls of lovers to be Fused, but I never thought it was possible for Fusion to applied in this way!

The truly Fused woman crawled to us seductively, and pushed us onto our backs. In a mass of ecstasy, we kissed and groped each other. Our feet rubbed on one another without abandon. What was left of our minds faded the closer we came to orgasm. When we finally came, pleasure was all that there was. Our footcum mixed together, and traveled up our bodies, making us a true mass of pleasure.

Soon, our bodies melted away within the cocoon. Our very souls became malleable, and began to Fuse. We became one. Our combined Energy forced me to ascend into the cosmos.

Within the great Pantheon of the Cosmic Entities of Passion, I was something new. I became the Truly Great Baccheiaosis of Ultimate Sexual Ecstasy. Even the Truly Great One of Ultimate Pleasure, O’unidiathicosis, whose power was based on wisdom, could not bind me. It was not my ultimate goal to rule my kind. All I wanted was to sooth a growing boredom. I, however, do not regret what I became …

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