Cosmic Passions: 19 Tin Can

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Cosmic Passions: 19 Tin Can

Synopsis: The Chief Medical Officer of a deep sea research station desperately tries to uncover the truth behind a mind altering virus.





“Come on, Doc, FUCK ME! You know you want touch true sapphic desire!” Dr. Leena Jacobs cooed at me, even though she was supposed to be heavily sedated. The attractive Hong Kong native had been in isolation for a week now, while I, the Chief Medical Officer, had been working to understand her apparent sex madness. She almost fucked Bob Jackson into a coma before they isolated her. Bob Jackson was the second in command of the Alexandria Deep Sea Research Station – C (Alexandria DSR-C or “Tin Can”). No one else seemed to be affected, luckily. Even Bob didn’t seem changed, though he admitted that it was the best sex her ever had.

I was not sure when this all started. However, a meteor with reportedly unusual attributes was found and brought to Leena’s lab not long before she changed. It was theorized by several that the reason the communication system was down was a direct result of Leena’s illness, which was also after the rock was brought to her lab. It is true that several components were missing, but after some investigation, no direct evidence was found to link Leena to the incident. It was comforting that a team will be sent by the Company to investigate the loss of communications in a week if we don’t fix our radio beforehand.

Still, I had made progress on my front. Leena appears to be infected by an unknown virus. It primarily affects the mind, while having no uncovered negative physical affects other than increased adrenaline. The virus doesn’t appear to be airborne (everyone was tested), while there are large concentrations of it in her various bodily fluids. Bob not being infected was baffling, but he was being checked periodically.

“Anything new, Doctor?”

I turned quickly to see Laura Flex, ore expert. “Oh, Laura, you startled me!”

“Sorry, Doc.”

“It’s all right. Haven’t found too much more since you checked in earlier.”

“You sure it’s not contagious?”

“If Bob’s not infected …”

Laura looked through the large window at the passionately masturbating Leena. Laura smirked, “You know, you’re both attractive, young women. Maybe you should give her a go.”

I looked over to Laura surprised at her aberrant comment. Laura quietly left the room. A few minutes later, I decided to do the same. It was about time for dinner in the mess hall, anyway.

On my way, I heard loud noises in one of the crew quarters. It was Roberta Smith’s room. She was one of the interns studying deep sea microbes, and their affect on the local minerals. The door was left ajar, and I pushed the door open slightly more. Ron Stokes, one of the stations electrical engineers, was on his knees in front of a standing Roberta. They were both completely naked, while Ron Stokes almost seemed mindless. Roberta was wildly fingering herself, until she squirt and screamed in orgasm. Ron hungrily drank as much as he could. Roberta then looked over to me.

“Hey!” Roberta said lightly, breathlessly. “Whatever happened to privacy?”

“Oh, sorry! I heard noises …” I was embarrassed.

“Close the door, doc. Unless you wanna … examine us,” she said seductively …

I soon found myself eating a half decent sandwich alone in the commonly empty mess hall (the crew were usually a solitary bunch). The normal yet unnerving creaking of the station quietly bellowed down the corridors. I hated this place. I consistently asked myself why I was there whenever I was alone, while partly knowing the answer to that.

I was a brilliant medical scientist, while not necessarily the luckiest. While working independently, I moved to Human trials of a new hair rejuvenation drug. An error in the drug’s processing led to horrific results, including the near death of several of the subjects. It was later found to be the fault of a lab technician, who lied about his credentials. I still blamed myself for not performing a fuller background check. My career was ruined after that, even though I was cleared of any wrongdoing. For five years, I barely even found work as a lab assistant. Then, Martel Research decided to give me a chance by dropping me into the ocean …


“Chief Medical Officers Log,” I typed on my computer. “I have made a terrifying discovery after a second look at Laura Flex’s blood work. She is indeed infected. Though, it is affecting her at a much slower rate than it did Dr. Jacobs. Upon second examination of the sample, Bob Jackson’s blood work now also shows signs of the virus, but he exhibits no clear symptoms. Testing my blood work as well, I’ve found that the virus in not within me. Though, it is possible that I am infected, anyway, due to the virus not appearing in early tests of other subjects. Laura Flex indeed did not initially show signs of the virus as well.”

I rubbed my eyes, and continued to type, “My best theory or guess is that the virus initiates a kind a ‘genetic alteration’ in its female victims. Male victims appear to simply carry the virus. That could suggest that this is a kind of retrovirus. I still need blood samples from the whole crew. I also need to uncover the true source of the virus, but I am almost positive that it came from the strange meteor. In such close and often unsterilized quarters, a virus does not need to be airborne.”

“Oh, fuck YEAH, Doc!” Leena suddenly screamed through the isolation room intercom. She was naked on the medical bed, and masturbating wildly, stimulating her G-spot. “Oh, FUCK, Doc! You’ll feel so much better once you taste my cum!” Her motions were wild and erotic. Soon, she orgasmed, while her squirt splattered all over the large window. I quickly left the medical bay before Leena drove me crazy.

I decided to head over to the gym to possibly blow off some steam. When I walked into the locker room, I caught Laura passionately humping one of the male researchers on a bench. He looked totally mindless, while lying there and grunting. His face looked as if it was smothered in a mask of feminine juices. The liquid was so ridiculously thick on his face that it almost resembled a kind of slime.

Neither seemed to know or care about my appearance, jaw dropped. Laura humped him wildly, while gorging herself with the feel of her own body. I was totally mesmerized by the aberrant sight. Though it was somehow made subtle by the man’s cum mask, he came inside Laura very hard. Laura then straddled her apparent lover’s face with her dripping crotch, and fingered herself wildly. After a few moments, she screamed wildly, anomalistically, and spewed yet more thick cum all over the hapless man’s face.

Laura sat next to the mindless man, now breathing erratically. She turned her head toward me, and asked deeply, “Wanna join me, doc?” The lights then strangely flickered, before Laura was lightly touching the man’s cum covered face. The lights flickered a few more times, before going out entirely. Under the dark emergency light, the man was no longer visible, it was just the naked Laura sitting there, beckoning. I slowly backed away on impulse, and rushed out into the well lit corridor.

I eventually walked into Leena’s lab hopping to find that damned cosmic rock, which I was sure was the cause of it all. Not long after I walked in, I found myself dazed and confused. Through my blurred vision, I began to see Leena siting at her exam table. The meteor was before her. The more my vision cleared, the more frozen I was. Soon, I was not much more than a camera peering into the past …

“Mission Geologist’s Research Log,” she exclaimed into the microphone. “Further analysis notwithstanding, the meteorite is primarily made up of iron and nickel. X-Rays indicate what appears to be a hallow center with a very thin shell. A hollow center could suggest this it some form of geode, but obviously not one from earth!” she quietly chuckled. “I will now attempt to open the meteorite.”

She then picked up the rock hammer lying next to the meteor, and after a single strike, a massive amount of semi-clear liquid spewed out into her mouth, face and body. “Umm …” she stammered. “There’s apparently … liquid … hot, sexy liquid … under high pressure … It’s … It’s all over me … Inside me. Changing me … Feels so DAMN good … I’m so hot I’m sweating, now! OH MY FUCKING GOD! … I can’t think … I’OHHHHH!”

Her flats fell to the floor, revealing her sexy feet, while her toes curled. She then ripped open her lab coat and blouse. Buttons went flying. She moaned and grunted in ecstasy, while passionately rubbing her full breasts. Soon her right hand found its way down her pants, while her left concentrated on her aroused tits. Her coos and motions were now beyond ecstasy.

She then stumbled to the flat exam table next to her, forcibly clearing it. Expensive instruments shattered on the floor, before she fell onto the table on her back. She writhed on it in her ecstasy beyond ecstasy. Her clothes slid off leaves in autumn. All she did was happily writhe and moan.

Amongst her deafening coos, an almost indescribable sound was heard. The sound was almost like gel being stretched and squashed. At the same time, her body began to change. A new layer of skin grew to cover her face, and seemingly whole frontside. Her moans of passion became muffled, as she continued to writhe in passion. Her whole frontside then began to bulge upward. Long dark hair quickly began to grow over what was her face. Soon, her frontside contorted and bulged further until it resembled her backside. Half of the head then pulled itself upward, while the head slowly split into two. The lips and tongue separated last, before there were two distinct, identical heads. The sight of another, identical woman pull and peal herself off of her was as grotesque as it was at the same time arousing.

Soon, everything was doubled, while there was no longer any doubt that the passionate motions were working to pull the two bodies apart. In a massive orgasm, the identical bodies were fully separated.

Now, the apparent wet twins lay on top of each other, breathless. Every motion, every kiss, was identical. It was as if they were discovering each other. At the same time, they cooed, “Truly Great O’unidiathicosis …”

Everything then began to blur. My head was swimming in an invisible ocean. When everything slowly came back into focus, the lab was empty. Even the meteor wasn’t there. I suddenly felt a hot breath on the back of my neck. Instead of shock, I was impossibly aroused. “That scent …” I muttered. A naked Leena swung around to face me. I then barely stated, “But, you’re locked up in medical …” Leena corrected strongly, “Yes, one of us is.” She then leaned closer to me, mouth open wide, tongue out ever so slightly, and we soon passionate made out. Her spit was sweetly delicious. Then in a flash, Leena was gone.

I recorded the experience in my log. At first I thought my recent experiences in the gym and geology lab were some hallucinations brought on by stress and cabin fever, but the more I typed, the more it all made sense. What scared me was the possibility that there was somehow more than one of Leena …


Feeling confused and hazy, I stumbled down the corridors aimlessly. I soon heard orgasmic, sapphic screams in one of the rooms ahead of me. The door was left wide open. In the center sat Leena, with almost all the other women in the station pleasuring her. I at first didn’t recognize some of them, before realizing they were all changed into supermodel versions of themselves, physically. Smothering them all, was a thick layer of what appeared to be thick feminine cum.

Impulsively, I walked into the moist room. Several woman at once fingered themselves to the joyous Leena. “OH fuck … ERRR!” Leena cooed. “I’m soooo glad you could JOIN us, doctor!” I found myself somehow naked and on my knees before Leena’s very wet, dripping snatch. My mouth was automatically open wide. Suddenly, the women pulled their fingers out of themselves, and perfect streams of sapphic cum flowed into my mouth. I swallowed all of it.

Feeling very strange and breathless, I lay back onto the floor. All the moaning women, including Leena, squatted around me, and fingered themselves wildly. I could not think. All I wanted was more delicious feminine cum! “Ohh …” I could barely grunt, while the other’s moans and coos increased exponentially. Then at the same time, they again screamed and squirt all over me. I drank whatever fell into my mouth.

Feeling the layer of juices somehow congeal on me, Leena made her way around to my twitching pussy. She squatted down, and began to finger me wildly. No one ever stimulated my G-spot before, and nothing felt better! I soon screamed wildly, feeling a rush of liquid uncontrollably spew out of my crotch.

I lay for a few moments breathlessly mindless. Leena slowly crawled up to my face, and spilled my thick cum from her mouth and into mine. I automatically drank the delicious goo …

The next thing I knew, I was lying fully clothed in an empty room. Though I was dry, the smell of female cum was pungent. While I stumbled back to my lab, I found it difficult to think. Almost haunting echoes of orgasmic sounds permeated the corridors. Walking into my lab, I saw a very pleased looking Leena starring at me naked from behind the glass.

“Chief Medical Officer’s Log,” I typed, “I dare not think about the possibility of being rescued now. No one is immune to that damned virus. I can feel it within me, taking over my mental processes, making everything so clear. I so want to give in, but logically know that I must hold out longer in the hope of finding a cure based on my own slight immunity. Yet, I cannot be sure of anything anymore. It is all so unreal, yet so vivid. All I can hear and feel are the screams of ecstasy of the other improved women. I can’t explain why ‘improved’ is the word that comes to mind, but we (the women) are indeed far more attractive than ever.

“Despite wanting to put all that’s left of the scientist within me toward finding a cure, I find myself overly pessimistic. I can both pity and congratulate the world if my logs are being read now on the surface. Pity in that your life prior will no longer matter; congratulate in that you are about to enter a world of total passion!”

“Alexandria. Alexandria. This is Rescue Vessel One. Do you read me … Alexandria. Alexandria. This is Rescue Vessel One …” SEQUENCE TERMINATED<<

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