Cosmic Passions: 18 An Idea

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: Roots of this story were inspired by one of my vivid dreams. Enjoy!

Cosmic Passions: 18 An Idea

Synopsis: Everything starts with an idea, while Jack was about to learn what that meant for him.

The crystalline sky had its usual green tint over this desert world. The geology turned out to be insanely erratic, so it proved difficult to explore our usual erotic desires. Instead of our usual experiments in pleasure in the local form, we found ourselves running to wherever the desert wasn’t sinking. In a finally quiet moment, I turned to look at my lover …

I suddenly found myself lying comfortably in my bed five minutes before my alarm as usual. I lay back thinking about the dream I just had. Though it was obviously only a fragment of the whole, it was the most vivid dream I ever remembered having. The feeling of extreme arousal from the dream was so intense that I jerked off in my usual morning shower ten minutes later! Of what I was jerking off to, I had no clue.

The session in the shower only proved partially successful, however. Indeed, it only made me think clearly, while I continued to be horny. Being so horny before even arriving at my office would prove to be problematic. Julie my “side-boss,” as I liked to call her, was incredibly attractive. I called her that because she was really more my superior than actual boss. While she originally died her hair blonde, she more recently washed it out to reveal her sleek super dark brown hair, which I liked far better. Her body was also wonderful: dark green eyes, creamy skin, slim, long legs, and only slightly shorter than my average hight. And yes, I did ask her out once, but she didn’t believe in workplace relationships.

I went to the floor’s kitchenette for a cup of cheap coffee, which I usually avoided. Almost serendipitously, there was Julie, alone, pouring herself some coffee. It was more inconvenient, though, because of how horny I was. Her form fitting black pants and blouse made her look so damn good.

“Hey, Jack,” she said nicely.

“Uh, hi, Julie. Anything left in that pot?” I asked barely hiding my arousal (physical and mental).

She glanced down at my crotch, perhaps noticing the crease that may have been forming. “Humph, nothing good!”

“I usually avoid the crap Bob puts out, myself,” I said trying to keep everything from turning into a sexual harassment suit. Boring Bob was our less than influential Chief Operating Officer.

“Me, too,” she sighed. “Don’t drink coffee much either, but needed a boost today.” She handed the half full coffee pot to me.

When I grabbed the handle of the pot, my fingers innocently brushed against hers. At the same time, I less than innocently thought about her “loving” to give me blow jobs and “loving” my cum. I quickly shook the interesting idea, and poured the cup …

The day went more slowly than usual in my large, bland cubical, in spite of the caffeine. I inputted the data, made the TPS report, made the copies. Boring as all hell, but I was moving up the ladder fast, and was assistant managing my division, albeit without a secretary or office. The slowness of the day, coupled with overt ambition, made me forget about my brief encounter with Julie, while the arousal was all but quashed.

Right before I left for the day, Boring Bob was knocking at my cubicle entrance. “Jack, what’s happening? I was just on my way out, and thought I should mention that Lou Richardson will be leaving us.” Lou was the manager of the division that did practically the same project as mine.

“Oh, sorry to hear that,” I said with false regret. Lou never got along with anyone but the CEO.

“Yeah, he claimed he just got tired of the ‘climate’ here or something. Got a job on the other side of the country!”

“So, what will be happening with his division, Bob?” I asked with genuine curiosity.

“Nothing’s been decided yet. He’ll still be here for another two weeks or so. But, I’ll keep you informed, Jack,” he smiled knowingly, and left.

“That’s one way to get a promotion!” I mumbled to myself.


The rest of the week went as usual, if albeit a bit more boring than usual. However, that was until Friday. Julie caught me before I walked out into the parking lot. She had a look in her eyes that I never saw before, while she kept looking down at my crotch.

“Hey, Jack. What are you doin’ tonight?” she asked with a deep, airy tone.

“Nothing spectacular. You had something in mind?” I was confused. I never saw her so forward before, or at least like this.

“Yeah, I do, Jack.” She was definitely staring at my crotch now, of which a crease was becoming noticeable.

“You wanna come back to my place … Maybe, that restaurant up the street?” I was testing that waters, I guess, to see where this may lead. This was a woman who refused workplace relationships, but no longer seemed to care.

“Your place,” she said slowly, deeply.

She normally took the bus home, so we took my car. While I drove back to my small house, Julie was constantly staring at my tented crotch.

“What’s gotten into you?” I asked breathlessly

She breathed heavily, while drooling. “I don’t know. All I wanna do is suck your cock and drink your cum!”

Enough blood drained from my head in that moment that I almost swerved off the road! I regained just enough composure to keep driving home, in spite of her hand squeezing my crotch. “Lets save it until we get to my house!” I pleaded breathlessly. No matter how much I wanted her to suck me off, I really wasn’t into car sex. Call me crazy!

A few minutes later, we were sprinting into my cozy house. On my couch, I made out with the drooling woman. Her full lips and moist tongue were what made wet dreams possible. Though, we both knew that wasn’t what she really wanted.

We forcibly helped each other peel our work clothes away. I sat on my soft couch naked, which was something I had never done before. The naked, elfin goddess kneeled before me, and spread my legs. Without hesitation, she slid my solid cock into her humid mouth. She briefly gagged, before hitting her piston-like stride.

While I lay back soaking in the pleasure, I thought about how I never had a blow job before. Yes, I’ve had other women, but the idea never came up. And now, here I was getting one from a woman who I rarely talked to. There was something else, too …

Before I could put more thought into it, the pleasure Julie was giving me became blindingly good. I knew I couldn’t hold out for much longer, while I knew that Julie didn’t want me to. Seconds later, I exploded into her mouth. She worked so hard to milk every last bit of creamy liquid out of me. When I had nothing left to give, she crawled onto the couch, and savored the flavor.

“Wow, Julie, that was somethin’ else! Want me to return the favor?” I asked out of breath.

She looked up at me with a look that can only be described as ferocity. “All I need it your cum!”

With that, she lunged at my still limp cock. It didn’t take long for her to reenergize it with her mouth and hands. While she again bobbed up and down with great vigor, that something else began to come into clarity. It was the memory of me wanting Julie to give me a blow job at the start of the week. I then somehow sensed that Idea within her mind. It had taken over, for lack of a better phrase. It was intricately connected with nearly every part of both her conscious and subconscious mind. I could see the almost literal roots of the Idea in the core of her subconscious. Indeed, I could even see new growth, which was likely due to her enacting the Idea. I couldn’t believe it! How was this possible? Had I unknowingly done this to others?

Before I knew it, the pleasure again became blinding, and I exploded into the wanting woman. She lay back onto my couch to savor her second helping. I didn’t sense the Idea again until she stretched her firm leg out far enough so that her soft sole touched my bare leg. Again, there it was! I dove right back into her mind to further study what should not have been impossible. I wasn’t sure how long I had until Julie was ready for more, but it felt as if time slowed somewhat, while I was in her mind.

After examining the “roots,” I came to the conclusion that it would be too dangerous to remove the Idea, due to my ignorance of the situation. I didn’t really want this woman to just want to eat cum for the rest of her life! So, I quickly decided to plant a new Idea, in the hope of counteracting the matured one: a foot fetish. The new Idea simply bounced off. I then decided to tinker with the Idea itself by placing related “thoughts” at the roots: stroking my cock with her feet, while sucking me off. The Idea absorbed the thought like a sponge.

I pulled out of her mind to see the ultimate reactions. Seconds later, she was stroking my hardening cock with her soft soles. “Ummm, MORE!” she exclaimed, while she bent over to suck me off with her feet still stroking. The mix of her soft soles and humid mouth was simply incredible! I came in half the time.

With her again savoring my cum, I made physical contact, and reentered. I entered more thoughts into the Idea, ultimately reshaping her all but lost mind: penetrating her pussy before cuming in her mouth may make me cum more; wearing things like hose and latex would also arouse me and herself; a third woman may also increase satisfaction. I soon realized that the thoughts became a part of the Idea, and I could therefore implant new thoughts based on the revised Idea. Before moving beyond sex, I added a strong sexual narcism. I then implanted the appropriate thoughts so that in public (ie the office) she would act “normally” around me and others, unless we deem it appropriate to do otherwise. We would be open about out relationship, though. I implanted other thoughts as well, which should ensure that her mind was still fully accessible past the Idea.

I pulled out. Looking at the euphoric Julie, I realized I never felt closer to anyone. The reasons were obvious: I somehow reshaped every thought process! A part of me felt terrible for screwing with her mind so extravagantly, even if it all started almost innocently. Never in my wildest fantasies had I ever really wanted this. Yet, another part of me was invigorated. In the weirdest way, there was little doubt that we would forever be lovers, and I really did feel a deep love for her.

She was passionately reinflating my cock with her silken feet, when I requested, “How ‘bout we sixty-nine?” She quickly responded with a devious smile, “Kinky!” I sat up, and she repositioned herself on the couch. I then walked to the other side, and straddled my crotch over her head, inserting my well used member. She started her expert sucking instantly, while I fell to her tight, well kept snatch. We savored our pre-cum juices with equal ferocity. I came several minutes later, just before her. It was my largest orgasm yet that day, if only because it was her first, while she also came in my mouth.

Still holing in the sixty-nine, I dove back into her mind. I just had to try something else! I wondered if I could expand the Idea into her physical form. I didn’t want to do very much more to her mentally; she was just about perfect for me as she was. The thought I implanted was of her mouth being almost exactly like her pussy. When aroused, her spit would become the same as her pussy juice, while her mouth (lips, tongue, gums, etc.) would be equally as sensitive as her pussy. The sensitivity of her mouth will naturally be dulled for regular eating and speaking. She would be fully aware that this is something completely new, while it fits perfectly well with her love of blow jobs. Her speaking may be a little slurred at first, while she gets used to the changes, but her speech should return to normal quickly.

The Idea then began to spread itself into previously untouched areas of her mind, before I pulled out. My partly deflated cock was still in her mouth, and I could feel her mouth changing. Soon, minus the teeth, it felt almost exactly like a pussy. Indeed, it was better, because of the fleshy tongue. I was soon humping her pussy-mouth wildly. I wasn’t sure how long it would take for her mouth to cum, but her joyful moans and coos stated that it would happen soon enough. “Hmphhh … Oh, Gah!” she mumbled with her mouth full. “AHHHHOHHHHH!” Her first mouth orgasm was loud and wet, while the feel of it all made me blow a massive load down her throat.

I turned myself around to lay on top of her, trying to catch my breath. “I have a confession to make, Julie.”

“Wah?” she asked, pussy juice leaking from her mouth.

“I did this all to you, Julie. Your love of blow jobs, my cum, your mouth. It was an accident. I had no idea that I could do this to anyone. I’d feel pretty bad if you didn’t know.”

She seemed confused at first, and almost shocked. I could sense that the matured, configured Idea ensured that she would not hold any ill will toward me. She slowly licked her full, sensitive lips with her even more sensitive tongue, while her feminine juices leaked from her mouth. “I love wah ya dhidh tah me!”

She then began to forcibly make out with me. The way she swirled her tongue everywhere and the way she pressed her lips against mine, I could tell that she wanted me to make her cum through her mouth. I obliged by pressing my lips harder onto hers, and more aggressively swirled my tongue in her mouth. Her mouth tasted exactly like her pussy! She then moaned and cooed loudly in orgasm, while her feminine juices spewed into my mouth …


I had a lot of mixed feelings toward what I did to Julie. Yes, I was utterly invigorated by the power I apparently had, but my original draw to Julie was, well, Julie. However, she was forever changed now, and I found myself capable of living with that. I had the woman of my dreams, who I transformed through a tasty Idea. How could I not live with that? Besides, it wasn’t like she was chained to a dog collar! My manipulation of the Idea ensured that she had a mind of her own, or at least, in most circumstances.

Not too long after, we adjusted our work schedules. My recent promotion made my schedule easier to manipulate. We decided to go on a long vacation together with beach, relaxation, alcohol, and super hot sex. We set up the trip with a travel agent in person. The agency we went to was owned by a company primarily functioning on the internet.

The woman sitting on the other side of the desk was a somewhat older yet still attractive blonde. “So, you are looking into something tropical for a week?” she asked pleasantly.

“Were not too picky, as long as there are no bed bugs!” I half joked.

“Well, a young couple like you may like the sound of Fiji,” she requested pleasantly.

“That sounds great!” Julie agreed happily.

I agreed as well, and we set up the trip. We agreed so quickly, because the reality was that we didn’t care where we went, as long as we were together.

When we all shook hands, Julie suddenly asked, “I’m sorry, but may I use your bathroom?”

“Sure. It’s through the door behind me, and first door on your left.”

Julie quickly left the room.

“So,” the travel agent stated in a distinctly more sultry tone, “how is your little vacation going, my love?”

“What?” I asked confused.

“Oh, I forgot! You let yourself forget, too. After that desert planet, you were so tired of everything. You didn’t even talk to me about it at first!”

“Desert planet…?” I suddenly remembered the strange dream I had a while ago.

“It’s all right, my love. It’ll all slowly come back to you, eventually, fellow O’unidiathicosisian. I sense that you’ve already used your Great Power of the Idea on Julie. Even without your wisdom, you are truly remarkable!” she said with intensity.

“OK, is this some kind of joke you like to play on clients sometimes?” I said, while feeling oddly defensive.

She laughed loudly. “It doesn’t matter, my love! I’ve only come to tell you that I’ve sensed a coming change that will affect us all. I don’t think we’ll know what it is until we’re smothered by it, and I know we cannot stop it … I won’t bother you again until it is necessary.”

Julie walked back into the room a few moments later. “Ready to go, Jack?”

“Yeah…” I answered ponderously.

“What’s wrong, Jack?” she asked concerned.

“Oh, it’s nothing!” I looked over to the strange travel agent, and asked, “Everything will be mailed to us, when it’s all set, right?”

The agent smiled innocently, and pleasantly corrected, “Emailed. You’ll be able to pick up the plane tickets at the airport.”

“Right,” I said to her, before turning to Julie. “Wanna get some lunch, baby?”

Julie nodded, and we left.

I really didn’t know what to make of what just happened. All I knew was that there was no way she could have known about what I did to Julie. And then, there was that damn dream of that unstable desert planet. My sexual stamina was always just that much more, too … Whatever the truth was, or whatever was to come, I just wanted to get away with Julie …

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