Monthly Gold Star of October

**Roaming Canvas  (mc fd ma ft ex ds rb) (1 new chapter) by   Mr. Scade**
–3.5/5 (good, not quite earth shattering)–

I must admit that it was between this and the newly followed Nine to Hive. What made this become the first to receive yet another GOLD STAR was how chapters were consistently 3 to 3.5 over October. Though there has yet to be any serious heat, which I find ironic given where this is published, the story continues to be excellent.

Original review of recent chap:

I must admit this reminded me of a storyline in Dark Shadows where the portrait of the Witch Angelique finds its way into the Collins’ living room, easily bewitching the lovable douche patriarch. Anyway, the writing is still quite good overall. Maybe a bit heavy on the exposition, though, while no serious heat. Not always into bimbo transformations, but I more than enjoyed how it was done here. Plus, this chap’s narrative was excellent.

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