Cosmic Passions: 9 Blue

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Cosmic Passions: 9 Blue

Synopsis: A woman wakes up with blue fingernails, but that was only the beginning.

“Blue…” my voice echoed, when I woke up from my already forgotten dream. Another word was there, too: “Florathiosis.” I felt very strange. At first I thought I was just coming down with a cold, but that wasn’t it. It was as if I didn’t feel quite like myself. I then saw something, which made my heart jump! My fucking nails were blue! Upon closer inspection, I could tell that it wasn’t polish. It was obvious that their normal pink tint was now a blue tint. Impulsively, I tossed my blanket off of me. My toenails were the same!

I quickly sat up, and grabbed the phone. Something was obviously wrong with me. Before I punched 911 for help, I realized how much I liked my nails now. In that realization, I felt less strange. I still didn’t felt quite right, but I wasn’t as bothered. Impossibly, I shrugged off the worry of the feeling and of the nails.

I walked out into the kitchen to see my roommate Laura eating her breakfast.

“You’re up early Jessica,” she said with subtle surprise.

The clock on the wall said seven-thirty. “Didn’t realize how early it was!”

“Got work?”

“Nah, not until later.” I was an assistant bank manager, which I likened to a part time job with greats benefits

“Hey, love the nails!” she observed.

In that moment I realized I had no idea how to explain them! “Thanks … Got ‘em done last night.”


Everything seemed more or less “normal” for the next couple of days. Then I woke up with that strange feeling again. Or perhaps, it never left, and just became stronger. I hopped out of bed, and stared at my naked body in my tall mirror. My jaw dropped. My body hair was clearly gone, making my skin infinitely smoother. My skin now had distinct lighter stripes, which had a subtle blue hint. My blue eyes also had a deeper, more striking tint. Don’t ask me why, but I found it all so sexy!

While the strange feeling drifted into normality, I slipped on my flip flops and robe, both of which seemed oddly small. I soon had my breakfast. Laura was asleep on the couch with a book on her chest (we were on summer break from graduate school). The more I looked at her, the more I truly saw how attractive she was. She was a tall, slim blonde, with a healthy body. She taught yoga and pilates. I wanted to fuck her. There was no doubting that.

She woke up with me undressing her with my eyes. “What’s that amazing smell, Jessica?” she asked breathlessly.

I instinctually sat next to her, and said, “I think that’s me.”

She uncontrollably buried her face into my skin to get as much of the scent as she could. “Hmph … ohhh . What do you call it?”

I somehow knew the answer instantly: pheromones. Yes, that’s what they were. Her mind was clearly corrupted by my scent. It was only by instinct, and I didn’t really want to corrupt her mind. Still, my instincts were in control. “Fuck me,” I suddenly said.

Without a word, she licked and sucked every part of my body she could. I gave her more territory by removing my robe and flip flops. I was surprised when she parked her sapphic attentions at my feet. However, I had the feeling that my pheromones were the strongest there. I rubbed my quivering snatch passionately, while she worshiped my feet. My orgasm was long and glorious.

My epic orgasm brought with it some clarity. My pheromones could control the minds of all those around me. I could make people think anything! I was also taller than I was. I was always a few inches shorter than Laura, but my hight almost matched hers now. Those pheromones could easily mask my physical changes. I knew that I should have been concerned about what was happening to me. I strangely was not, however, and embraced them. I even knew that I was going to love the reason for all the changes, while I wasn’t ready to know it yet.

Looking at the poor, mindless woman slobbering my feet, I decided to give her mind back, or at least much of it. Having her as a mindless sex slave seemed silly, and I was never one to be lazy! I reordered her mind. We were lovers now. Her memory now stated that she revealed her bisexuality and love for me after I had my breakfast this morning. Well, after she complimented my mind altering scent! At the same time, I made her love my changes as much as I have. Her mind was already too forgone to make her handle my scent in any real way, so I simply toned my emissions down.

That moment was a major tipping point for my physical changes. Every time I looked into the mirror, I saw someone I didn’t quite recognize. I grew taller at an increasing rate. My nose flattened. My skin shifted to a distinct, deep blue tone, with lighter stripes. My breasts grew to almost double of what they were. My hair shifted to a jet back. Internally, my vagina no longer connected to my uterus, while my throat developed a third passageway that replaced that connection.

By the end of the week, I looked and felt nothing like what I once was, save, barely, for my dark blue eyes. I even measured myself at seven foot one. I was an Amazon! It was always amusing to make people around me think I was still a tiny, light skinned woman. It was an easier task to make people see a “normal” woman than make them think that my true form was “normal.”

Laura and I were having sex every chance we had now. I was her “Blue Amazon.” My scent must have unintentionally made Laura a nympho! I could not describe myself as a nympho, though. It was more of an urge to mate. Of course, two women were incompatible (though, I wasn’t sure if I was even Human anymore!), but there it was. I loved her deeply.

I came home to find Laura masturbating on the couch naked. She came loudly the moment she saw and smelled me.

“MMMM! Right on time, my Blue Amazon … I’ve been thinking about you,” she said seductively.

“Wanna massage my feet? They hurt real bad from holding up this searing hot body!”

She nodded, while she tried to lick up the drool leaking from her mouth in vain.

I let my clothes fall away, and sat on one end of the couch. I presented my beautifully large feet to my hungry lover. She presented her tiny size sixes to me in kind. Our spit filled worship went on for what felt like an eternity. It turned me on more than anything to see Laura try to shove my massive feet into her mouth. I, of course, could shove both her feet in my large mouth at once!

Eventually we rubbed our lubed feet on our dripping snatches. I always loved to shove her tiny foot up to her ankle! We humped our feet harder and faster as we went. My little lover didn’t have my sexual stamina, so I liked to bolster it with my Scent. When we finally came, our screaming orgasm felt as if it lasted longer than the lead up to it.


Over the next week or two, not much else significantly changed. My body seemed to have ceased transforming. My jet black hair remained, my tits were now a DD, my height was now seven feet and four inches. It all felt good and normal.

Then one morning, something else had finally changed. I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet, but I knew. I opened my eyes to a world that was both knew and old at the same time. I could identify everything around me, including my lover, in ways no Human could. The colors I could now see were beyond Human language.

I quietly slipped out of my bed to see myself in the mirror. I literally was seeing the world with new eyes! With my transformed vision, it was hard to say the color of my eyes, but I was sure they were still their deep blue. I could feel that my transformation was nearly complete. All I needed now was for Laura to make me orgasm.

I woke her up with a massive kiss. Instinctually, my Scent permeated the room. Our minds were pushed aside for the sake of mind altering pleasure. We smoothly went onto our backs, and worshiped our sensitive feet. I then shoved both her tiny, sexy feet into my hungry snatch. In and out, in and out, they went. My G-spot, or whatever it was now, was more than stimulated. The closer to cumming I came, the more powerful my Scent became. There was no control. I could tell that Laura was as close as I was, and she wasn’t even touching herself!

A strange, erotic haze washed over me once we came. We then came harder than we ever had in our lives! Out of that orgasm came amazing clarity. I knew and understood what I had become. And, I knew what I had to do with the now mindless woman before me.

I recovered her mind with the very thing that nearly destroyed it. She was almost too forgone, but life slowly came back into her eyes. There was only one way, however, to truly save her from oblivion. “What’s happening?” she barely asked, while drool dripped down her cheek. I began to braid my long, black hair, and said, “I’m going to make you like me now. The Renjuki are indeed compatible. An alien race with a single gender. Their gene pool has grown old, and all but rendered them unable to reproduce. Unexpectedly, their DNA tends to near overwhelm the Human. My Human side barely even exists anymore. We shall be the first of the reborn Renjuki!”

My braided hair merged into a soft, black tentacle. Laura’s mouth opened wide to accept it. The braid went down to the back of her throat, while individual strands penetrated their way to her spine, brain, and nearly every crevice of her quivery body. The changes were swift, and while she felt every bit of it, there was no real pain. Her blue eyes darkened to a color similar to mine. Her nails then became a familiar blue. Her skin tone shifted to deep blue, with lighter stripes. Her blonde hair became black as pitch. Her breasts grew faster than her body. She squirmed and contorted, while she morphed. When I removed and unfused my hair, she was taller and fuller than myself.

We looked into each other’s eyes. I immediately caught her beautiful Scent, and answered her call in kind. We breathed deep our Scents, while we connected our minds. We no longer needed language. We were something new.

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