Cosmic Passions: 16 The Passion Out of Space

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Cosmic Passions: 16 The Passion Out of Space

Synopsis: An alien race sends two of their kind to study Humans.

Part I

Life Lovers Zia and Sen were preparing for the main part of their mission. They worked to study sexual practices of other life forms. Earth was their project from the start, and the day the Greater Association finally allowed them to begin their studies was a glorious day.

After many, many centuries (their time), a government change, and a few reforms, records of the original studies were lost. Present studies indicated that “Humans” are a bigender race unlike theirs, and come in great variety in terms of personality. To more easily interact with the Humans, the plan was to transform into their “females” (the closest to their singe gender).

They already spent many months gathering information from a distance. Now, they were about to commence direct contact. For several weeks, they floated in tubes of transformative juices, which worked to temporarily alter their DNA to be Human. Unaltered DNA was placed in a hidden, suspended state in their bodies. The liquids eventually drained from their tubes, and the doors slid open. After seeing the beautiful Earth through the window before them with new eyes, they walked out, and examined their wet, naked Human bodies.

Zia was a slim, fit blonde with blue eyes and flawlessly light skin. Sen was slim with jet black hair, dark skin, and dark green eyes.

“I’m gonna get used to this fast, Sen!”

They smashed themselves together, using every inch of their new bodies to reintroduce themselves. It didn’t take long for their hands to reach their soaked snatches. “I’m gonna get used to this fast, too!” Zia screamed in ecstasy.

After reveling in their new, temporary forms, they scoped out a strong location to establish their base of operations on Earth. They needed to leave orbit soon, because Human technology was already sophisticated enough to detect long term jamming. They chose a decidedly average suburban town in what the Humans currently called New Hampshire, USA. Real Estate records indicated a large house up for sale comfortably nestled in the woods. They would have preferred to “purchase” the house by proxy, but they feared that would set off some alarm bell.

The two aliens in Human form soon found themselves in the office of real estate agent Reginald Barker. They new their attire was slightly off, but it couldn’t be helped. Both wore form fitting, silken dresses, which showed perhaps more than usual cleavage. Zia wore blue, while Sen wore red. The dresses were made from a poorly replicated silk, which sparkled more than shimmered.

“So you want the asking price of five-hundred-thousand dollars?” the real estate agent asked curiously, failing to hide his attraction.

“Yes, it is what they are asking for,” Zia replied. They would later learn the concept of “negotiation,” and how the house was intentionally overpriced.

“Oh, well, I see no problem there!” He smiled largely. “Now, we have some options to close this deal. The most common option, and the one I suggest, is to pay only a part of the price now as a kind of down payment. Then we will set up a mortgage contact …”

“Mortgage?” Sen asked.

“Yes … Um, mortgage,” he looked at them confused. “… I forgot you two said you recently immigrated from Canada. I guess you two are first time buyers, too! Different countries different laws … Well, we have the house looked over by our preferred bank, and they’ll essentially give you a loan with an amount based on the value of the property.”

Zia and Sen glanced at each other understanding and thinking the same thing. They were amazed that Humans had no problem with putting up what was essentially their life as collateral just to borrow money. Zia then said, “We’d prefer to bypass the mortgage if that were possible. We can afford the asking price.”

The agent was taken aback. It was very rare for buyers to not set up a mortgage. However, there was a little known company policy, which ensured greater commission if the buyer paid for the property completely up front. “Well then! I don’t get to meet such big spenders so often!” He opened up the folder on his desk. “I apologize for not asking this before, but are you two legally married?”

They may not have studied up on mortgages, but they had studied the legal and cultural aspects of marriage, especially since they would be living together. Sen finally said, “Yes, we decided that would be easiest, since we share everything anyway. We were married in this state on the day we were granted citizenship.” There was some truth to what she said, in that, the day they hacked government computers to make them citizens, was the same day they hacked the same computers to give them marriage licensees.

“Well, that’s just fine,” he said. He was obviously one of the many men who liked the concept of lesbian couples. “I have the contract for joint ownership here. Much less paperwork without the mortgage! I’ll also have to ask you for the check to be made out to Huffington Real Estate.”

Sen signed the contract as “Sandra Richards-Parker,” while Zia signed as “Zoe Richards-Parker.” Sen wrote the check after.

“We also have wonderful insurance deals for your new home, if you two are interested,” the agent offered.

They assumed insurance would just be another inconvenience like a mortgage, so they claimed that they would look into that on their own. The agent always received kickback for pushing such insurance on his clients if they bought any of it, but the enhanced commission he was about to receive would more than make up for that lost bonus. The deal was soon complete, and they all shook hands.

Part II

It was fairly easy to mesh with Earth’s society, albeit awkward. They never experienced a bigender race before, and though they were temporarily a part of it, they wanted very little to do with the gender other than their own. They decided early on that they would experiment with sex at first between themselves, with the aid of the internet and videos.

“Oh YEAH … err ah…” the woman on the TV cooed. Zia and Sen mimicked the woman’s actions, and adapted them. They rubbed each other’s crotches, while passionately making out. It wasn’t that experiencing Human pleasure was better, it was that it was new and different.

They eventually stopped watching the TV, and began tumble on the carpeted floor in each others arms. They forcibly ground their pussies on any part of their bodies they could. They moaned and cooed wildly, feeling every party of their body from head to toes. Soon, they screamed in orgasm in a mass of sapphic passion.

“We should start trying this with others,” Sen requested breathlessly.

“I suppose you’re right, Sen,” she breathed heavily. “Where should we start?”

“Any social gathering place, I think … A bar, or maybe even a hardware store.”

“Good … I will observe and report first. I’ll make sure they have no diseases to pass on, or some crazed serial killer from out of town!”

They went to the bar known as “O’Brian’s Pub and Grill.” In spite of it’s foreign sounding name, it was a very generic American bar with an attached restaurant. Zia super charged a touch screen cellphone with enhanced hardware and software. The rebuilt phone would provide fast biological and background checks. It amused them both how that style of phone was supposed of have an “app” for everything, and how that alone made their cover much easier.

To Zia’s surprise, Sen nabbed BOTH a woman and a man. The couple (Jack and Liza) decided that, instead of buying each other expensive gifts for their anniversary, they would each enact their fantasies, which made their anniversary last two days. What made it really work is how it kept them just that much more honest with each other. The scanner showed that they were just a marred, middle class couple with regular jobs.

“So you’re just gonna … watch?” the gruff Jack asked in amazement.

Zia nodded with a smile.

“Pay no attention to him!” the slim brunette Liza stated, playfully jabbing Jack’s forearm. “He SAID he just wanted a threesome. If your just gonna watch, Zoe, that’s fine. Just don’t give ‘em any more ideas!” Liza wasn’t bisexual, but she could never say no to something fun.

Not too long after, they found themselves back at Zia and Sen’s house. Sen was all over them both, while they all made their way to the main bedroom. Zia sat on the chair, and carefully observed. There was also a special camera hidden in the room, which recorded everything from different angles to brain activity. That data was to be sent with the weekly written report to be transmitted to the Greater Association.

Zia was simply caught off guard by how ravenous Sen was with them. She had no idea where it all came from. The other two simply could not keep up! Zia was more than aroused by the sight, but her scientific curiosity helped her to maintain composure.

In her impulsive lust, Sen initiated positions Humans may not have named yet. Zia simply couldn’t believe her eyes, when Sen sucked Jack’s cock and scissored Liza. They moaned and cooed madly. In the crescendo, Sen lay on her back with Jack cock deep inside her pussy and Liza’s crotch straddled over her mouth. They all soon screamed in glorious orgasm…

“Where did all that come from, Sen?” Zia asked the next morning. Jack and Liza stumbled out the door a few minutes prior.

“I dunno. Just came naturally, I guess. Are you concerned?”

“No, I don’t think so. Maybe Humans naturally come up with these things. Their imagination does rival our own,” Zia stated ponderously.

Sen sipped her coffee, subtly reveling in it more than usual. “That would explain last night!

The two continued with their sexual experiments, picking up primarily women at various locations. They were careful not to pick people from the same location more than a few times, so they would not easily draw attention to themselves. Plus, they only worked the experiment once a week. Of course, not every prospect found themselves in Sen’s bed. Most Humans didn’t want sex all the time! Though, there were most certainly repeat customers.

Zia really enjoyed herself quite a bit, which made her into a consistent masturbator after the fact. She consistently wrote in her reports about voyeurism, and how common it was as a sexual fetish. However, she really could not wait to switch roles with Sen, or even join her in the sexual escapades. Physical contact can be very important to Humans.

Despite how much Sen was enjoying her watching, there was something bothering her about Zia. There was something just too ravenous about her, especially in her obsession with neck hickeys. She always said how it just came naturally to her. But if it came so naturally, why was Zia so surprised by Sen?

After coming back with some groceries one evening, Zia quickly realized that Sen was not home. After seeing a large amount of blood on their bed, she quickly went to the basement, where they hid their ship in a “spatially compressed state.” The moment she entered the central operations room, she saw that the communications panel was smashed, and after a quick systems check, the whole communications system was shown to be beyond repair.

She then accessed the ship’s sensor array, which functioned as something synonymous to security cameras. It was also connected with the special camera in the bedroom. The whole system was shut down, but still operable. Audio and video were all that was available, though. Not long after Zia left to do errands, Sen left and brought back two women to the house. There was a hungry look in her eye, which was way beyond anything Sen already witnessed.

Both women were wildly eating out Sen’s wet pussy in the bedroom, when something almost indescribable began to happen. Sen closed her eyes and tightly clenched her fists. She grew deathly pale. Suddenly, her eyes and mouth sprung open. Her eyes were like two onyx stones. A moment later, she screamed in orgasm. At the same time, two long, bright white fangs jutted downward. Like a wild animal, she lunged at the unsuspecting women, and messily drank the blood from each in turn. Color quickly returned to her blood soaked skin. She lay for a few moments, reveling in what she had just done. Bloodied, she suddenly hissed, “I have a message for you, Zia.” Her eyes slowly regained their white surrounding, while her once green eyes stayed a pitch black. The video then went blank.

Zia was in shock. What she whitened most definitely happened, but she couldn’t understand how or why. Zia dragged herself to the console, which held their personal logs, assuming that was were Sen recorded her message. The most recent file listed had Zia’s name, but it was recorded by Sen. She opened it.

Sen’s face appeared on the screen. Her eyes were still their Human green color. “You were right all along, Zia. Something was not quite right about my sexual actions. I secretly checked myself in the ships medical bay, and discovered … My DNA was becoming corrupted, and the likeliest cause was the all the sex. Whether it be all the adrenaline, the endorphins, the little known Life Energies, or a mix of everything, the Human DNA was somehow mixing with our own. The corruption is causing very specific things to happen. I seem to sense it. My mind, my soul is beginning to access things I never thought possible.

“You know the myths on our world about powerful Cosmic Gods of Passion? It turns out that they are no myth, and that these Cosmic Gods affect the Humans as well.” She sighed almost joyfully. “Because of the corruption, I am becoming something rather special. It is something that Earth has seen only once before, while similar beings already existed. I am becoming a Vampire. Not a Vampire of the Great Luthuria of Pleasure, Domorios of Consumption, or even Phil’iantathis of Power, but a Vampire of all three indivisible! And, you know what, Sen? The first Trifold Vampire was originally one of us! Perhaps that is why all the records of the first expedition are missing. We may never know … You can join me, Zia. The process does not take long, and I will be completing that process very soon.” Her smile was of seduction and hunger, before the video ceased …

Zia sat for a while, starring at the blank screen. Her mind went blank with shock. What could she possibly do? It may take months for her people to send a rescue vessel, while the mission was most certainly over. Zia’s well ordered mind slowly started to settle. One very important detail in Sen’s message became prevalent: Other Vampires existed, and that there were at least three types. They may know what to do, provided they are not as crazed as Sen. But, the next question was how to find them.

Part III

The passing week proved difficult. Sen was leaving a trail of dead or missing bodies in her wake. Even worse, the found bodies were like lifeless husks. Their eyes were milky, while everything that once flowed within them was gone. The news outlets dubbed her the “Savage Leach” or worse. Sen’s actions forced Zia to lie low, lest any of the murders led back to her. At the same time she extensively researched Vampires. Like all “mythological” creatures there were many overlapping and contradicting legends. What helped her search was Sen’s mention of “Cosmic Gods of Passion,” and the Vampire Gods within that pantheon.

There was an ancient book called the Liber Lubidinum (the Book of Passions) written by the Mad Minoan Itra Eleutherios. Genuine copies of the Book were impossibly rare, and she did not have time to find one. However, there was extensive research on the subject, including the research of Mythographer Zane Mallords. His work was easy to find, and heavily cited amongst mythological studies.

Though the Book itself is in a language that is not yet translated, many legends had direct and indirect connections to it. In the end, though, all Zia’s research on Vampires and the Cosmic Gods seemed to indicate that Vampires will find the ones searching for them …

Zia was siting in an all too familiar private library room, with books sprawled out around her. The sun was almost set. She soon passed out hunched over the table … Zia suddenly woke up with a jolt. She slowly picked herself up to see a dark brooding man in a black leather jacket. His eyes are what caught her attention. His eyes seemed to span all possible colors at once, in an almost hypnotic dance. The dance somehow made it difficult for her to truly ascertain his true appearance.

“It seems you’ve been looked for us, Zia” he said. His voice somehow echoed in her head in a wholly different accent, which resembled Bulgarian. “We have been looking for you.”

She rubbed her bleary eyes. “What? … Who are you?”

“I am Aldrik. I am a Vampire of the Great Phil’iantathis of Power. I am one of the few that is old enough to remember the first Trifold Vampire three-thousand years ago,” he echoed.

The timing Aldrik stated at first didn’t seem right, but then she remembered a quirk of space travel. Those who are traveling from point A to point B experience time differently from those at point A and B, especially when traveling in wormholes or speeds near the Speed of Light. Her race’s recent advances had partially negated that issue, though. She could never fully wrap her head around concepts like that! “What did you do?” she pleaded.

“You must first understand, Zia, that Vampires are the least organized compared to Witches, or even Succubi. It’s a kind of ancient Cold War amongst the three Vampire Races. We never fight each other directly, while we rarely talk directly. That is why Trifolds are insane: They are feuding within themselves. Three-thousand years ago, the most powerful of the three Vampire Races convened, including my Maker, to discuss the threat of the Trifold. We could not agree on a course of action, nor would our Gods via Avatar Succubi. We then pleaded with the Greater Gods of Witchcraft, who refused to comment. We finally pleaded with the Truly Great O’unidiathicosis, who only, unsurprisingly gave us wisdom. The Trifold is a being that cannot be bound by the Gods, and that only the race the Trifold originated has the material power to cease the Trifold’s terror.”

“But, that doesn’t make any sense!” Zia stated frustratedly. “How can any race of beings do what a God can’t?”

“Because the Cosmic Gods are really aliens themselves! Haven’t you figured that out yet?”

“My race is more powerful than them?” Zia asked confused.

“Of course not! But, the power of the Cosmic Gods is not truly of control, but of manipulation. The Great Zalatoth is the ‘Right hand of the Truly Great One’ for a reason. However, a Trifold cannot be manipulated; it can only be controlled. Though, control of it is next to impossible. Only a space faring race like yours can hide a Trifold in a forgotten sector of the universe.” The wizened Vampire deeply sighed. “The world has changed much in three-thousand years, Zia, even though the Gods’ recommendations have not. I CANNOT, however, let the Trifold reap its horrors again. There are more Humans, Witches, Succubi, and Vampires alive now than in all of Earth’s history. Our Trifold will kill so many more than the last before your people finally come! All Humans may learn about us through the Trifold. If they all learn the truth of us and the Cosmic Gods now, it may mean the end of us all.”

“Then, what do you suggest we do, Aldrik?” she pleaded.

A subtle smile appeared on Aldrik’s face. “Only the race that the Trifold originated has the material power to cease the Trifold’s terror,” he reiterated. “The last Trifold did not come with a companion.”

Zia felt the weight of a world not her own fall onto her Human shoulders. Her analytical mind automatically sprung to life. At first she thought that becoming a Trifold herself may stop Sen, before realizing that there would be nothing to control her after. But then, another possibility came to her: “Can you read the Liber Lubidinum, Aldrik?”

He smiled almost deviously. “Better than I did, when I was a Human child.”

Aldrik led Zia to the Gray Witch Ariana, who owed him a favor. She led a Coven of the Great L’sothot of Potions. She stubbornly didn’t want to let them borrow the Book at first, but she relented, when it was agreed that it would not leave her home, let alone her library.

They soon walked into the small yet full library to see the Book sitting casually on the center table. Zia felt invigorated just by looking at, while her pussy twitched distractingly. “How could something look so old and so new at the same time?” Zia asked breathlessly.

Aldrik smiled toothily. “Good! I can tell it likes you. It never affected me so strongly.”

Zia sat before the baffling Book. When she placed her hand on the edge to open it, she felt a rush of Sexual Energy fly through her, and nearly passed out.

“I always love to see how it affects different people,” Aldrik said quietly.

Zia found herself turning through page after page. It was as if she was instinctually feeling her way though the Book. “How many self aware, intelligent beings are there on this world?” Zia asked curiously. Her old assumption that Humans were the only highly intelligent beings on Earth was obviously, utterly wrong.

“That is a hard question to answer, Zia,” he replied slowly. “Four would be the easiest answer. Humans, Vampires, Witches, and Succubi are the most common. But, there are other rarities, whether subject to the Cosmic Gods or not.”

“Tell me about the Succubi, Aldrik,” she requested impulsively.

“Page 324. The Succubi live by consuming the Sexual Energy of other beings. There are multiple types …”

“Tell me about their allegiance to the Cosmic Gods,” she interrupted.

He smirked. “The average Succubus has no real allegiance to any of them.”

Zia found herself on the part of the Book talking about Succubi. “What do you think would happen if I were to become one, with me having DNA that isn’t Human, Aldrik?”

He found himself taken aback by the question. “I’m not sure, Zia … Assuming your true DNA is not properly shielded for such a transformation, the mixed DNA could make such a transformation impossible, or…”

“… Or create a Succubus that this would has never seen?” Zia continued breathlessly.

Aldrik remained quiet for a few moments, before stating, “They say the Truly Great One speaks in riddles and double meanings … While a Trifold feeds off of blood, death, and fear, a Succubus feeds off of passion, pleasure, and joy. It is settled then. You will become a Succubus, and be this world’s Champion against the Trifold Vampire!”

Aldrik knew that summoning a Succubus was next to impossible, and even though he and Ariana personally knew Succubi, the mortal danger of a natural transformation for all involved makes it hard to convince any Succubus to become a Maker. Plus, the natural transformation, which she could enact, may take too long. So, he made a deal with Ariana. She would artificially transform Zia, while Aldrik would now be indebted to her. Witches may not have the extreme longevity of a Vampire, but they always ensure debts are honored.

Ariana never personally created a Succubus before, but she knew the process far better than anyone, who didn’t have the Book. Being a Witch of Potions, she adapted the process accordingly. The Book does suggest to adapt the process to one’s abilities. She created a red protein pill about the size of the average pinky, and infused the power of the Cosmic God, who grants the power to create Artificial Succubi, Plaotathis of Curiosity. While the pill is slowly digested, its focused power will transform Zia. Ariana predicted that the transformation would be faster than average, but she admitted that she was not sure due to the likely inevitable mixing of Zia’s Human and alien DNA.

Zia sat on the examination table in Ariana’s lab. Potion Masters were often master chemists for obvious reasons. Ariana presented the sterilized tray with the pill in a white paper cup and water in an opaque plastic cup.

“Are you sure about this? I’m not sure what’s going to happen,” the middle aged, yet still attractive Witch stated uneasily. She did look rather cute in her white lab coat.

Zia sighed. “I may be the only one capable of stopping the Trifold — Sen — on this planet. The Book led me to this solution, and I will follow through.”

Ariana uncertainly raised her eyebrows.

Zia tossed the pill in her mouth, and took a large swig of water, before lying down. Ariana brought her a blanket to make her feel more comfortable. Unsurprisingly, nothing happened right away. Felling very warm and comfortable, Zia found herself falling fast asleep …

A darkness shrouded Zia for a long time. It was a comfortable darkness; not unlike the vastness of space. Then she saw something in the distance. She swam toward it. It was a large, red cylindrical object. Before she was even halfway to it, the object faded into nothingness. Replacing it was a flowing stream of bright energy. She sensed that it was her own Life Energy, happily lighting up the darkness. The flow and color then began to change. She could feel and see her Life Energy begin to fuse with her Sexual Energy. The flow and color changed erratically, threatening to break down the dark universe around her. Yet, a part of her wanted her transforming Energy to break through the walls of everything to prove its power. The more erratic her Energy became, the more aroused and hungry she became.

Then in an instant, it was not longer erratic, yet it was still growing ever stronger. Her now Sexual Life Energy glowed brighter and brighter. The light soon surrounded her, and made her explode in a massive orgasm, making her one with her new essence. Large cracks in the fabric of the dark reality began to appear. Wanting to prove her power, she forced herself into yet another devastating orgasm. The dark universe exploded around her in large shards of fabric.

She floated naked in apparent nothingness, reveling in power. Suddenly, she heard a powerful, inhuman voice, whose vibrations constantly brought her to the edge of orgasm. “Zia,” I called.

“I am beyond such a simple name now!” she responded.

What almost appeared to be a face slightly came into view. A dim red outline surrounded my image. What little was visible of my form was of a monstrosity something the size of a sun, with thousands of tentacles stretching out into infinity. Zia felt no fear. “I know,” I echoed. “I am beyond names, too, but there are those who call me O’unidiathicosis, the Truly Great One. You are a rare being to have come so far.”

“I never would have believed that this was in my future!” Zia exclaimed, further reveling in her power.

“You are the only one now that can stop the Trifold,” I sounded. “Through its blood lust, it is already more powerful than the first Trifold. It’s parasitic nature has no boundaries …”

“If it has no boundaries than how can I stop it?” Zia screamed.

“Use my vast power; become more than what you already are!”

“I will not bow down to anyone!” Zia defiantly exclaimed.

“No Succubus has to bow down to anyone … I grant you my power … AS AN EQUAL!” I, the Truly Great O’unidiathicosis, screamed.

A massive wave of blindingly bright Devine Sexual Energy bombarded Zia. She flew back into oblivion, absorbing every drop of my divine power surrounding her. Her orgasmic scream echoed across the Multiverse, briefly filling all subconscious minds with lust and passion. Her back suddenly smashed through the walls of oblivion …

Zia suddenly opened her eyes. She found herself breathing deeply under the blankets of the exam table. She slowly sat up to see both the lab coat wearing Ariana and the brooding Aldrik keeping a distance from her. There was actually fear in their eyes.

Zia tossed the blanket away, and sat at the edge of the bed. “I guess you both felt my birth cry!” She laughed playfully. Looking at the two of them, she found herself fully aware of her vast power. She saw right through Aldrik’s powerful hypnotic field, revealing his generically pale, average Vampire appearance. She could absorb all their knowledge in a single swoop, while twisting their Sexual Energy to her ends. She could make them into puppets by consuming a piece of their Soul Energy, with her holding the strings. She could bombard them both with mind destroying pheromones, while that would be too easy. She could do so much to anyone, while understanding them better than themselves. The world was wrapped around her fingers.

“Are you OK, Zia? You, you were in a coma for three days.” Aldrik asked shakily.

‘Perhaps a little hungry from my journey,’ she said in their minds. The ancient Vampire didn’t like the thought of his Sexual Energy being consumed, while the Witch was intrigued. Zia removed her clothes, knowing that they could prove an annoying hinderance to her feeding. She then implanted her will into their minds, and motioned for them to come to her with her hand.

Aldrik uncontrollably leaned in for a long deep kiss. The Succubus then began to lovingly drink his plentiful Sexual Energy, until he fell to the floor in shock and embarrassment, while secretly liking what she just did to him. How could anyone not like the feeling of orgasm in their own mouth? “Don’t worry, Aldrik, I won’t tell your friends that a Succubus fed on you,” she said reveling from the delicious feed. She then looked over to the amazed Ariana, and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. As a reward for how successful her pill was, Zia blew a specialized burst of Devine Sexual Life Energy into her to reverse her age dramatically. Ariana stumbled backwards, moaning and cooing, while her youth returned to her in dramatic form. Every wrinkle, every gray, every sag faded like dust in the wind. She leaned on the counter, reveling in her returned youth and beauty. Her natural golden blond hair flowed gloriously.

“Now,” Zia said with determination, “we find the Trifold!”

Part IV

It did not prove difficult for Zia to locate the Trifold Sen. Zia’s telepathic powers were vast, and given deep meditation, she could sense every being on Earth. However, Sen was still close, or at least, within one-hundred miles. Sen felt Zia’s mind even before they touched, and Sen could not wait to feed on Zia’s blood and Devine Sexual Life Energy.

The two agreed to meet alone halfway. Zia sweetly kissed her Witch and Vampire friends, liberally drinking their Sexual Energy for her upcoming confrontation. They both enjoyed it, whether they admitted to it or not. She promised them both that if she retuned she would give them a night to be remembered till the end of time.

The two powerful beings found each other soon enough. They met in a room at a nearly empty motel naked. The moment Zia saw the hungry, wild eyed Sen, she knew that there was nothing left of what Sen was. Sen was only the Trifold.

“You have changed much, too, my love,” the Trifold hissed, showing her long and proud fangs.

“Yes, but it was only to save or stop you,” Zia stated.

“Save me?” she hissed. “Why would you? After I consume you, I will consume this world, and our former race, who has nothing that can stop me now. And after consuming them, I will seek my predecessor, whose fear still lingered on the ancients I’ve already consumed. Then, we will make our way to the Cosmic Gods themselves, and feed on their ancient Cosmic Blood and Energies.”

They lunged at each other at virtually the same time. Briefly gaining the upper hand, the Trifold plunged her venomous, life sucking fangs into Zia. She was barely able to throw her away. The Trifold genetic template within the venom burned in her veins, while her hand failed to hold in the blood leaking from her violated neck. The pain was blinding.

“You know how to make a Succubus hungry!” Zia exclaimed, before lunging at the Trifold. While she forcibly ground her pussy on the other, Zia willfully inhaled the Trifold’s Sexual Energy. The Energy quickly negated the poisons in her blood, along with healing the deep punctures in her neck.

“OH errr …” the Trifold cooed. “That’s too bad! OHHH yeah… I was looking forward to seeing a Succubus with fangs!”

Zia then locked her lips onto the Trifold to forcibly suck every last bit of Sexual Energy out of her. ‘If you ever find yourself fighting another Succubus,’ Zia said loudly in the Trifold’s mind, ‘you must remember to never be face to face!’

They humped each other wildly, causing a picture to smash onto the floor. The divinely orgasmic nature of the Succubus’ kiss slowly began to overwhelm the Trifold. Zia felt a powerful orgasm forming in her foe, and actively worked to consolidate the building Sexual Energy, which Zia naturally controlled. And then, EXPLOSION! All the remaining Sexual Energy flew out of the Trifold and into Zia, causing Zia to cum at virtually the same time.

After a few minutes of savoring, Zia slowly brought herself to her feet. The Trifold was perhaps the only being that could survive having all their Sexual Energy sucked out. She lay at Zia’s feet semiconscious. In that moment Zia understood why I, The Truly Great One, made her so much more powerful. The Trifold can still survive, and ultimately continue to feed its exponentially growing blood lust. Now, Zia must use the power that no other Succubus had. My gift, which she just then ascertained.

There was great pain in what Zia had to do. The Sen she knew and loved died the day she became the Trifold, but that did not make it any easier. Doing what must be done, Zia then concentrated all the Devine Sexual Life Energy within her, and blasted it onto the Trifold in a blinding light. Everything in the room burned and charred from the apparent Cosmic Ray. She bombarded the Trifold with the Ultimate Energy until she sensed that the Trifold faded into nothingness. Zia fell to her knees in incredible weakness and sadness …

Part V

Zia stumbled her way back to her Witch and Vampire, thinking of the foresight of her promise. They helped her inside. She could not keep her hands off of them in her great hunger. The three of them ultimately fell to the carpeted floor of the main hall.

The Succubus automatically drank their energy, while they tore their clothes away. She ensured that she would not take too much at any given moment, feeding in intervals. They aggressively kissed and groped all over their adrenaline filled bodies. Though she instinctually knew it all along, Zia now knew that the greatest joy of a Succubus is the sex and the joyous pleasure derived form it.

Zia soon found herself straddling Ariana’s mouth with her dripping pussy, while Aldrik wildly humped Ariana’s pussy. At the same time, Zia and Aldrik passionately made out, sipping at his Energy. ‘You love it, admit it!’ Zia said in Aldrik’s mind. In response, Aldrik grabbed the back of Zia’s head, and kissed her more tightly. Aldrik even considered tasting Zia’s blood, which was also a Vampire taboo, but held back then. When they all screamed in orgasm, Zia joyously absorbed the Energy flowing out of them.

In a sprint, they made their way to Ariana’s more comfortable bed. Sandwiched, Zia soaked up the other passion. At the same time, Aldrik and Ariana sucked Zia’s tits without abandon. They then continued to make their way downward, until they stopped to mercilessly eat out Zia’s pussy. She soon screamed and squirt all over them.

Zia screamed for more, so they continued down her legs, and ultimately worshiped her goddess-like feet. They then repositioned themselves with Aldrik eating Zia’s pussy, Zia eating Ariana’s pussy, and Ariana sucking off Aldrik. They were in a kind of glorious circle of passion. They moaned, they grunted, they cooed. Then in a massive orgasm, causing Zia to slightly glow, they screamed in a fountain of passion …

Sandwiched between the unconscious Aldrik and Ariana, Zia found herself not only totally recovered, but also totally satisfied. Thinking about the first day she and Sen first lay eyes on Earth with Human eyes, she shed a tear …

Part VI Epilogue

It was the Greater Association’s policy to send a rescue vessel, whenever contact was lost for more than one month (their time). The rescue crew ultimately arrived on Earth disguised as Humans.

Zia told the crew the whole story, and the crew commander relayed the information back to their homeworld. Their superiors were overall pleased with Zia’s actions, given the circumstances. Indeed, they were pleased that the threat of the Trifold was more than neutralized, while it was not yet clear how knowledge of the Cosmic Gods would affect them, though. Zia’s request to locate the first Trifold was ultimately denied, if only because all records from that time were truly lost. They admitted, though, that there was evidence that all records pertaining to that creature were intentionally destroyed. Zia forced herself to be happy with the first Trifold being lost forever.

In the end, the only issues for those from the Greater Association were Zia’s “corrupt” DNA, and how she would no longer answer to anyone. Indeed, they were very much aware of her indomitable power. Any deals in the favor of the Greater Association could not truly be made. However, they and Zia agreed that there was no need for disputes. Zia’s deal, which was agreed upon out of necessity, was that she would stay on Earth for as long as it pleased her, while she would pose no threat to her former race. If destiny still had plans for Zia, she would not bow down to it; however, she looked forward to facing it on her own terms.

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