Cosmic Passions: 14 Latexification

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This was one of the last stories to be integrated into Cosmic Passions. It was originally meant to be the first of its own trilogy outside of Passions, but that never panned out. As to this story’s theme, I find that latex and BDSM go hand in hand way to often, and I just don’t like the latter. Like all my stories this is more sexual enhancement than BDSM or sexual enslavement. Of all the fetishistic stories I’ve done, this is actually my first truly latex MC story. Enjoy!

Cosmic Passions: 14 Latexification

Synopsis: Jennifer found that moving can be difficult, but sometimes new neighbors are very friendly.

I always found moving an awkward thing to do. I hate to generalize, but moving to a strange place always seems to equal meeting strange people. It all goes back to me moving that one time, when I was in high school, and I never could adapt. Going to college was a welcoming change. Perhaps some called it a “move,” but I called it a “rebirth.” While I quickly lost contact with my friends from my high school years, I made lifelong friends in college, which was bolstered by my love-hate relationship with online social media. After I graduated, I married my college love Karl, but that ultimately ended in divorce. We stayed friends, and still have casual sex (our relationship was always more lust than love).

Well, afterward, I moved to where work was in the city. My accounting degree was not initially flexing quite as well as I hoped, but I recently launched the site, which is what turned everything around for me. I was pleased that my web design minor paid off! That’s what helped me move from the city to the strange suburbs with strange people. Luckily, my former roommate, Jackie, lived on the same street, but we rarely saw each other due to her work schedule. She actually moved in a mouth prior to me, and suggested to look at the small house I moved to.

The most bizarre part is how I’m finding myself in the role of “peeping tom”! I’m not normally a voyeur, but what I saw through those windows across the lawn was completely insane. My neighbor (I didn’t know her name yet) was doing some work in the kitchen. She was a very attractive brown haired woman, who had healthily tanned skin. She was wearing black latex boots, skirt, and gloves, which went almost completely up her arms. At the same time, she wore a green latex corset. The latex was so skintight that “second skin” wasn’t the right description. Her firm breasts were hanging out for all to see, along with her vagina.

She moved to the living room, and sat on her couch. Then, she began to finger her wet pussy, while squeezing her plump breast. Occasionally, she would liberally moisten her latex covered hands. Her actions were so simple, yet so elegantly applied. I breathed heavily at the sight that should have repulsed me. Eventually, she exploded in a powerful orgasm, which she somehow prolonged for several minutes. I felt a rush myself, but couldn’t admit to it!


That night the images of my orgasmic neighbor filled my dreams. I found myself joining her after she came. We were both totally encased with black latex. The rubbery taste of our bodies enhanced my pleasure beyond anything I ever knew. The sex we had was a blur of sexual ecstasy. And, that was all that was important. We both knew that others were watching us with joy. That joy reflected back onto us in the form of a somehow greater bliss …


The next day I found myself trying desperately to forget about my neighbor’s fling with herself and the dream that followed. By the time lunch came and went, I had almost succeeded. The aberrant thoughts were still in the back of my mind, though …

I was out watering the plants, when I saw my latex loving neighbor walking over to me from her property. She was, at least outwardly, wearing normal clothing: striped pink and red blouse, pink skirt, sandals. My heart raced.

“Hi, I’m Sally Corothers! Don’t think we had a chance to meet yet,” she stated cordially. “Would you like to come inside to have a drink, and get to know each other?” She pointed back to her house with her thumb.

“OK,” I muttered. She friendlily grabbed my hand.

Her house was much bigger and brighter than mine, but had the same bland, modernist architecture. She sat me on her infamous couch, and walked into her kitchen. A few minutes later, she walked back into the room with two tall glasses of iced tea. We chatted cordially, while we drank. Well, she did most of the talking.

It turned out that she was a biochemist for the skin care company BeautySkin, inc., and was currently on her vacation. She was also president of the neighborhood Women’s Club, and invited me to join. I said that I may stop by if my schedule allows. We chatted for what must have been an hour! When I left, I was glad that she was much less of a “strange” person to me, not counting the latex thing.


For the rest of the day I felt strange. I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. All I knew was that I couldn’t stop thinking about my neighbor fucking herself in latex. I tried to get my mind off of all the weirdness by watering the plants (yes, again), which seemed to work for a while.

Suddenly, I noticed something strange in my other neighbor’s window. I quietly walked over. Inside, I saw a tight blonde woman (Suzie, I believe her name was) in an all black latex outfit: short dress, stockings, elbow high gloves. Another blonde walked in wearing a pink latex corset, and black latex stockings. I don’t believe I ever saw the slim woman before. The third woman caught me totally off guard! It was Jackie, and she was wearing a blue latex corset, and black latex gloves and stockings. Jackie had dark brown hair, light skin, and a full body. All three had their breasts and pussies hanging out for all to see. The two woman touched themselves like animals in heat, while all three stared at each other hungrily. What struck me most was that their latex was just as impossibly skintight as Sally’s was earlier.

Jackie and “Pink,” as I called her in my head, soon converged on the just as horny Suzie. They each made out in turn, while desperately groping their latex smothered bodies. The more I watched, the more fascinated I became. There were times where I could have sworn that their tight embraces briefly caused them to melt into each other, but that must have been an optical illusion from their similar textured, shiny attire. I was so damned turned on, but refused to admit that then.

They then retreated to the couch. Pink was lustfully playing with Suzie’s breasts, while Jackie was making out with Suzie’s pussy. Suzie’s moans of passion were clearly audible through the window. Eventually, both Pink and Jackie made out with Suzie’s very wet pussy, while occasionally wrestling their tongues in playful competition. The attention on the woman’s pussy evolved to both fingering and liking, and grew more and more energetic. Soon, Suzie was in a state of perpetual orgasm, causing her to visibly squirt.

After the orgasm ceased, Pink mounted her pussy over Suzie’s mouth, which Suzie lustfully consumed, while Jackie was shoving a rubber dildo up Suzie’s pussy (I’m not sure where the dildo came from). The grunts and moans from Suzie and Pink might as well have been rattling the windows. Soon, both Suzie and Pink were in an intense state of orgasm, with Jackie inhaling the cum.

They then repositioned, with Jackie on the couch, and Suzie making out with and fingering her pussy. Pink kissed and groped both of them, while ultimately settling on fingering Suzie’s pussy. When Jackie finally came, Pink had already been fingering Jackie’s pussy with Suzie. What this orgasm lacked in length, it made up for with verbal intensity.

Pink then positioned herself on the couch, while Jackie brought up a massive rubber dildo, seemingly from nowhere. Suzie lubed both the dildo and Pink’s pussy with her spit. Pink deeply shoved the dildo in and out, while Jackie aided with her latex hands and spit. Pink cooed loudly in what must have been a continuous orgasm, which ended in a massive fountain.

After, Jackie and pink sat next to each other on the couch. Suzie grabbed two further rubber dildos to shove in her partners’ (seriously, I could never tell where they were all coming from!). She shoved the didos forcibly in and out. Jackie and Pink held their latex legs and feet high and wide, while they groped their legs and feet without abandon. Their screams of intense, wet passion lasted for so long.

“Hey!” a familiar voice stated behind me.

I quickly turned around to a smiling Sally. My heart raced more than it already was.

“I was gonna again formally invite you to the Women’s Club meeting tomorrow night, since I forgot to mention day and time earlier … But, if you’re busy …” There was something more than suggestive about her tone. Her blouse was unbuttoned just far enough to reveal her more than skintight, black latex bra. The sight actually excited me.

“I … I never do this…” I was embarrassed. Yet, what struck me more than my voyeurism or even arousal was how much of a whirlwind those sights were. My mind simply could not process the events in a cohesive manner.

“Don’t worry about it! Come on. Let’s talk about the Club.”

She grabbed my hand, and led me back to her house. A part of me expected to talk about other things, but it really was just about her Club. Embarrassingly, I was totally distracted by her latex covered breasts, and wondered what other tight latex she may have hidden underneath …


My ex came by that night for some fun. We fucked, but for the longest time, I just couldn’t get into it. He was having fun, sure, but I just wasn’t. It was almost as if I lost my attraction to him. Suddenly, my mind shifted to the latex filled, sapphic sights I had been seeing. Those thoughts excited me so much that I came three times before my amazed Karl! What the fuck was that?

“Woah, baby!” he said laying next to me with a big smile. “What got into you?”

“I dunno. Once I got into it, I just … yeah!” I could not deny how horny I still was, or how it was thoughts of those latex smothered women that were exciting me so …


The next day I found myself again spying on my sapphic latex neighbors. I simply loved it, and I could no longer deny that. At lunch, I went to see if Jackie was home, and she was. I almost couldn’t recognize her in her shiny black latex outfit. She was totally covered from head to toe in latex. The strangest thing about it was that I could see not seams, along with how her hair seemingly grew through the latex. What truly shocked me, as it should have earlier, was how she was supposed to be allergic to that stuff.

“So how long have you been into … this latex thing?” I asked barely hiding how aroused I was.

“Not long after I moved in. The neighbors love it. Well, the women love it; the men seem to just drool.”

“Do any of the men wear latex around here?”

“Nah. That’s our domain!” She lightly brushed my hand.

The feel of her latex encased hand made me breath excitedly. With it so close, I could see the more than skintight nature of it. I could see her bones and veins subtly protruding as if the latex was her skin. I was even sure that I saw her blackened nails above and growing through the apparent rubber.

“I can tell you love it, too. I’m sure Sally will fully indoctrinate you before the Women’s Club meeting tonight.”

We continued to chat, while she refused to reveal anymore about the latex. All the while, I wanted to fuck her, to feel her latex on my skin again. Sadly, we didn’t, but I had the feeling that option would present itself soon enough …


I walked home to find Sally waiting for me at my front door. She was holding a very discrete, large brown bag. Her clothes were conspicuously normal, but I had a feeling that there was plenty of latex underneath. Indeed, she subtly smelled like rubber. I invited her inside without a second thought. The intoxicating smell of the rubber within the bag excited me.

We sat next to each other on my couch. “What’s in the bag?” I asked breathlessly, already knowing the answer.

“Soon,” she answered. “As I’m sure a part of you already knows, there’s no turning back. You see, five years ago I came up with a radical idea for an anti-aging project I just started. My husband and I were painting our living room with a latex based paint. He accidentally knocked over the paint bucket, and I was totally covered in the blue stuff. Then it hit me: What if I could make Human skin more like latex? Crazy right?” she asked with a big smile and raised eyebrows.

I nodded mystified.

“After a year, I had a breakthrough. I was so confident in my work that I secretly had myself as the first test subject by infecting myself with the retrovirus. What happened to me was totally unexpected. Instead of transforming my skin into latex or something close, my soul became latex. I became sexually attracted to latex, and anything within it. I quickly found myself in some fetish shop buying natural latex stockings, gloves, and the rest. When I put it all on, something remarkable happened. My skin fused with it. And, I came to understand things that only fusing with the latex can reveal. I called the process ‘Latexification.’ Not long after, I taught myself how to fuse and unfuse at will, while my skin now requires at least brief instances of fusion …” She sexily licked her full lips, and continued, “With my intimate knowledge of latex, I created Latexica, which is the basis for the popular ‘Shimmering Skin’ line. It of course doesn’t truly transform anyone, it being so watered down. It isn’t even a pure enough latex to fuse with!”

“But … how do I and everyone else fit into all this?” I barely asked.

“Curiosity, Jennifer. ‘Curiosity’ is what makes for the correct brain chemistry for the conversion to work … You’re not a stealthy voyeur … You see, I’m still a scientist, and the experiment continues. Just before we properly met, I fused my hand with a square cutting of latex, and cut extraneous parts off. It wasn’t unlike cutting our nails. I ground it up, and put it in your drink. I’m surprised you didn’t even notice an odd aftertaste!”

My eyes uncontrollably traveled back to her large bag. My neighbor smiled, and first pulled out black, thigh high, latex pantyhose. I desperately removed my clothes, yearning to be one with the latex before me. I presented my legs to her, and she easily rolled on the glorious stockings. Such things should have been harder to put on, but my skin seemed to be made for it!

As a sign of the fusion beginning, I could see my “dunk tattoo” of a snakelike dragon on the side of my calf becoming visible though the latex. It was like all the air was being sucked out, while the stockings molded themselves around my legs and feet. It was made truly remarkable with the fact that it was my body inhaling the latex instead of the other way around. She then lifted my arms to pull down the latex “shirt” before pulling on the gloves. It instantly began to mold itself, while melting into the rubber hose. There was a distinct feeling of tightness, but it felt truly amazing! Indeed, it was improving my figure. Finally, she pulled on the hood.

I lay back in utter ecstasy, feeling the latex grow tighter and tighter over my obsolete skin. I could feel it melt through my blond hair, into my eye sockets, into my mouth, and everywhere else to the smallest pore, while it slowly become one with my skin. The pleasure became beyond anything I ever experienced, when it melted into my pussy. I soon came in a blindingly powerful orgasm, with a fountain of my feminine juices.

A shiny blackness surrounded me. It was the very essence of latex. I felt simply amazing being smothered within it. I somehow now knew that the essence was connected with something far greater than myself. It’s erotic power stemmed from the Great L’sothot of Potions, with the aid of Florathiosis of Transformation. Plaotathis of Curiosity played an early hand as well. I could feel that powerful energy of the blackness around me seep into me, and I so wanted it to. The more I let it into my own essence, the more alive it became. Soon, it was fully alive, aware with thoughts I could sense. The more clear those thoughts became, the more my own echoed them. Before I even realized it, I was the latex that which engulfed me …


When I finally awoke, the feeling was indescribable. I was latex. Sure I could remove the exterior shell at will, but that wouldn’t change what I became.

I looked over to my fellow Latexified Woman. Perhaps I didn’t notice it before, or perhaps she “dressed” while I completed my transformation, but she was now totally encased in flesh colored rubber. Breathing deeply, tasting the latex that I was, I began to make out with her. The rubbery taste of her spit was beyond anything, while the very feel of her rubber skin nearly made me cum.

Soon, I could feel my latexified hands and lips melt into hers. The feel of our skins passing through each other was an indescribable bliss. While our bodies melted into one, my mind melted into hers. Her mind was infinitely stronger than mine, and I let it take over. Soon, I was encased by the latex that was Sally.

It was like a constant orgasm being within her. I had some conscious knowledge of what was happening outside, but I didn’t care. I felt to good to care about anything, let alone simple thoughts. Soon, I was vaguely aware of lying on a bed or padded table. The feeling of separation became overwhelming, and I found myself uncontrollably trying to push away. Before I knew it, I was budding off the glorious Sally. It was inconsistent, though. Parts like lips and fingers sometimes stuck longer than other parts.

Budded off and a little jumbled, I looked at the woman I was a part of and still am. Her mind grafted itself onto my own, and the result was a perfect mix of the two, albeit not fully settled. I somehow knew that my mind was copied into hers, but it had little bearing. The mental merging was poorly represented by our rubber exteriors. While her flesh color was ever so subtly darker, mine was now a distinct yellow-grey.

Sally then sat up, and extended her latex hand to me. I grasped it, while she pulled me onto my rubbery feet. Through my still blurred vision, I saw a large gathering of Latexified Women in a large, brightly lit room. Some I knew, and some I didn’t. There were far more than were in the neighborhood. Black was the most popular coloring, but every other color was represented as well. Above all, we were all extensions of Sally.

“Sisters!” Sally exclaimed. “Welcome this new soul into our Coven!”

Looking at all the women, my new mind finally began to settle, and I began to understand even more than before. Sally was always a Witch of Potions, who led the Coven before them (AKA “the Women’s Club”). She integrated herself into society as a biochemist, while always truly working for the Great L’sothot. Her breakthroughs in latex technologies were indeed unexpected, but they now shaped her future. The powerful Sally now calls upon us to latexify the world!

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