Cosmic Passions: 13 Sexuality 201

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Cosmic Passions: 13 Sexuality 201

Synopsis: Dr. Laura Lione was highly recommended to fill the spot of Associate Professor of Anthropology. She would soon prove to be very popular amongst both the faculty and her students.

Sexuality 201 was the newest course at Lawrence Craft University in coastal Maine. Being a Liberal Arts institution, there was a central curriculum. Their current set up required students to take one to three courses from each major. The current academic semester saw Sexuality 201 as a popular anthropology course for that and likely other reasons.

The newest professor at the college, Dr. Laura Lione, set up this popular course as a stipulation of her contract. Ironically, the majority of the students, who signed up for her course, had no idea what she looked like. She was quite attractive at forty: dark, smooth skin, c-cup breasts, light blue eyes, brown hair, five feet and six inches tall. In spite of looking more or less her age, she had a kind of ageless look to her beauty. It sufficed to say that most of her male students had instant crushes on her, while her female students adored her. Well, everyone developed a crush on her, which is probably why no one dropped the course! She had a kind of unexplainable magnetism.

Her sexuality course had almost weekly “Late Night Sessions,” which typically involved the students of that course watching a pornographic video to critique in a short essay. About two months in, the course had yet another session, but Dr. Lione promised that one to be different. All twenty of her students were to still do the standard critique of course.

She was running a bit late for the session, and the students were murmuring.

“So what do yah think she’s gonna have us watch this time, Sandy?” Jack asked the woman sitting next to him. The two were casual friends, and sat in the front as usual. This was the only course where he sat in front.

“I dunno. It’s probably just another porno!” Sandy took the course more out of curiosity than a requirement. She was never all that shy, but she knew that her friend and many others took the course from all the promised pornography.

“She did say it was gonna be different this time, Sandy,” he said, unconsciously raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t know, Jack, its probably some obscure European BDSM thing!”

“I got the impression that it wouldn’t be another porno, though.”

“What, you think she’s hired some stripper or prostitute?”

“Now that’s an idea! Maybe Laura will even join in!”

“I’m sure that’s been your jerk off fantasy since we started this class, Jack!”

He paused for effect, and stated flirtatiously, “…Or, something like that.” In truth, he had multiple fantasies with Lione, and that was merely one. His flirtatious tone was out of the ordinary for him. He was normally very held back, and was a rare student, who didn’t take the course for all the porn. Indeed, he was an anthropology major. But, taking the course affected him in ways he never expected.

Dr. Lione then walked into the classroom. There was a subtle yet distinct difference about her, which some did seem not notice at first. She was wearing a long green trench coat, which went down to her knees (her legs were bare below), and flip-flops, exposing her nice yet somewhat bony, veiny, curvy feet. They never saw her wear a trench coat before let alone flip flips to any class, and unlike prior Late Nights, or really any normal class, she apparently brought nothing with her. On top of it all, she was wearing a very nice yet light perfume of an unclear type. She sat on the desk in the front, and crossed her legs, dangling a flip-flop.

“Good, I’m glad you all could make it to this mandatory session!” she said somewhat lightly. Her humor rarely escaped people, but it was rather dry. “I’m sure you’re very excited for the surprise I have for you this evening. To get right to it, I’m going to masturbate. And no, I won’t be lecturing the specifics of how it all works; that’s for the regular class! I’m really going to masturbate in front of all of you on this desk, naked, until I cum.” She looked around amused at everyone’s faces. They all looked shocked and fascinated at the same time. “Well, you all know I’m not one to waste time!”

She then let her flip-flops fall to the floor, and began to unbutton her coat. In a single graceful motion, she let the coat fall, blanketing the desk on which she sat. She was totally naked now save for a small sparkling anklet on her right ankle. Her well kept, naked body, though showing some physical signs of age, was as good or better than they all imagined.

She licked her right hand fingers, and began to slowly, willfully rub her shaved snatch in circular motions. Her other hand squeezed her breasts, while the associated elbow supported her. “OOOH yeah … sooo … ah’yeah … errrr ….” she cooed.

Everyone’s jaw was dropped from the erotic sight, while totally mesmerized. Both man and woman were equally as aroused, and made no effort to hide it. Even if there were some conscious thoughts left in them, when she dropped her coat, they no longer existed now. The only thing that mattered was watching the wonderfully smelling woman before them pleasure herself.

Dr. Lione then rewetted her middle and ring fingers, and began to forcibly stimulate her g-spot. “OOOOHUM … YES … Oh, fuck yeah!” she cooed, while sweat began to make her body glisten, and drool began to escape her mouth …

Professor Robert Bellison, Head of Department of Social Sciences and the current Special Advisor to the university’s Provost, was working late again. He was a well known workaholic, and was always on the verge of a divorce, which will never happen. He left his office on the offices side of the old building to finally head home, when he heard some suggestive noises from the academic side of the building, and something sweet smelling. Curious about the smell and noises, he brushed his bald head. He was fully aware of Dr. Lione’s special sessions, and was the one who scheduled them. Instead of just heading home as usual, he felt compelled to check in with Dr. Lione and her students.

While walking down the half lit corridors toward the in use room, he couldn’t shake the feeling that the sounds weren’t quite as he expected. Sure, it had all the audible characteristics of their usual pornographic videos, but it was different somehow. The closer he came, the more he realized that the sound was too good to be coming from one of the cheap TV’s of the older building. Rationally, he was sure that they were using some new external speakers, which were probably attached to a laptop.

When he peaked through the crack of the ajar door, he saw the most unexpected sight! Never before had he seen or heard of a professor, albeit one as attractive as Dr. Lione, masturbate in front her students naked. Instead of being appalled or even alarmed as he should have, he quickly found himself as mindlessly enthralled with the near orgasmic, sweet smelling woman as much as the students.

“OH, Oh yeah … Tastes so DAMN good! YES, YES, AHHHHHOHHHHHH!” Dr. Lione screamed in orgasm. At the same time, something remarkable began to happen to her physically. Many visible signs of age began to fade: slight sagging of the breasts, wrinkles on the face, boniness of the hands and feet. By the time her powerful orgasm ceased, she was as drop dead sexy, and as tight as any thirty year old. At the same time, it was as if the air was sucked out of the room, while everyone stopped breathing for a few moments.

Dr. Laura Lione sat up looking totally satisfied. She turned her head to her boss and colleague at the now wide open door. “Robert … I’m so glad you decided to join us …”

Dr. Bellison and Laura’s Sexuality 201 students were not the same after that. For lack of better words, they were total zealots toward Laura. It stemmed from how it felt as if that night was the best sexual experience of their lives. It didn’t necessarily affect their work, but everything they said or did somehow led back to Laura. Indeed, they were all now daily masturbators, if they weren’t all already, and thought about Laura while they did it (man and woman). The increased sexuality actually proved to be beneficial to Dr. Bellison’s relationship with his wife. All their lives were inexplicably improved.

Laura herself didn’t seem to have significant trouble shrugging off her now more youthful appearance. She always dressed in a more or less conservative way, which usually left a lot to the imagination, anyway. Most just assumed she used a new skin cream, while she would only say that it was “her secret.” She was now also wearing the green trench coat consistently, which her students knew was probably a tease.

A few days later, a few of the more conservative and less liked professors worked to stir up controversy toward Laura. They claimed that the showing of pornographic videos to students were inappropriate in the higher leaning setting. This controversy was quickly turned upside down, when the Spacial Advisor to the Provost requested to the Provost that he investigate the accusing professors themselves. It turned out that these professors graded their students based on favoritism and their politics, which was a common rumor. That apparent revelation broke down the manufactured controversy, and led to the suspension (pending further review) of the accusing professors …

Almost immediately after everything settled, Laura set up another Late Night session. She promised that there would be a similar show for everyone, while the session should still be “unique.”

Unlike that last session, Laura was early, and watched everyone file in, while sitting on the front desk. She was happily finishing up a sandwich. Her subtle perfume sweetened the air. She again only wore the green trench coat and flip flops. This time, however, her subtly swinging legs were set very wide.

Dr. Bellison then walked into the room. He was the last to arrive. Laura greeted him, “Glad you could make it, Robert!”

“Um, yeah, not gonna miss any of these now!” he smiled excitedly.

“All right!” Laura sounded. She let her flip-flops drop, and unbuttoned her coat, while letting it fall around her. She was gloriously naked now, save for her sexy anklet. “Now that everyone’s here, I think we should get started… There’s a reason why I’ve been discussing fetishes in our regular class. Now, I want all of you in turn to state what your fetish is, or the part of the body you’re the most sexually attracted to. We’ll start at the back. Don’t be shy!”

Most men answered with the common ass, stomach, and breasts, while women were mostly toward distinct musculature or the non physical features of personality. One of the few that deviated from the norm was her student Jack. He liked feet, and it was the first time he admitted it to anyone.

“OK!” Laura sounded. “The reason why I wanted to bring all that out to the open was to uncover those outside the norm. In this room, Jack, for example, perhaps deviates the most from the Western norms, with his sexual attraction to feet. There’s is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I KNOW he also looks at the more ‘common’ parts of the female form.” She lifted up her smooth, curvy feet, and continued, “Now Jack, you find my size nine feet sexy, correct?”

He nodded, mesmerized by that which he desired.

“Of course you do. Why don’t you pull up your desk, so I could place my feet on it?”

Without hesitation, he quickly walked his desk up to the large one where Laura sat.

She sensually placed her sexy feet onto the desk before him, and stated, “Now, don’t be shy, Jack. Show the class the natural inclinations of a foot fetishist.”

He nodded in utter joy. Ever since the last Late Night, this was his fantasy, albeit without anyone watching. He was many things, but he wasn’t an exhibitionist. Only really caring about the remarkable woman before him, he took Laura’s right foot in both hands, and began to rub it tenderly from fleshy heel to long rounded toes, turning it into putty in his hands.

Laura licked her lips, and slowly blinked at the same time. “Humph … To a foot fetishist, a foot massage is so much MORE than a mere massage … OOOOOOH … I can feeeeel his love of feet flow into me, and it tastes sooooo damn GOOD!”

Everyone was totally mesmerized, while Laura arched her back and squeezed her tits.

“… I will now masturbate until I cum, as he worships my feet ….humph … Pay close attention …” she breathed. She licked her fingers, and began to passionately finger her wet pussy. Jack then began to slobber all over her toes. Blobs of drool traveled down her subtly wrinkled arches. “OHHH yeah … OHHH fuhuck …” she cooed. Jack was soon shoving as much of Laura’s silken foot in his mouth as possible (almost to her ankle!). “OOOHHHH YEAH, I’M GONNA FUCKIN’ SQUIRT ALL OVER YAH!” she cooed.

Laura then screamed in a massive orgasm. At the same time, Jack felt something strange, though his mind was too far gone to process it. It was as if a massive wave of Sexual Energy was flowing into him, mixing with his, and flowing out into Laura. The feeling he received from it was better than sex, or even the last Late Night. When the Energy flowed out of him, he felt Laura’s feminine juices spew onto him. He slowly removed the perfect foot from his drooling mouth, and looked up to a smiling Laura. He never felt closer to anyone in his life …

It didn’t take long for Jack to realize that he was developing strong feelings for Laura. To his great joy, she was most accommodating. She soon hired him to be her Teacher’s Assistant (TA), and spent every possible moment with her. It was not that he wanted to have sex with her (he would’ve loved too, regardless); it was that he just could not stand not being with her. It was unclear if any of the other faculty even noticed or had an opinion of their obvious closeness. But then again, Laura has such a positive affect on everyone now.

It turned out that being Laura’s TA had the added perk of being an active participant in Laura’s Late Nights, which were now every weeknight. Simply put, he had sex with her nearly every day. The goal, Laura stated, was to show various forms of sexual pleasure live, including forms involving Laura’s feet. Indeed, much of their sessions involved feet in some way, and Laura admitted to truly enjoying the attention to her feet. He soon became all but addicted to the rush of Energy he always felt whenever she orgasmed. Though tiring for him, the two grew closer every time they had sex, and after a month of consistent Late Nights, Laura was Jack’s life.

There was one week, however, which proved to have a slight change of pace. Laura was running late for the first time since she first gave her own show. Jack was told by Laura that they would meet at the school, and that she had something special planned.

Eventually, the sweet smelling Laura in her usual coat walked in with a stunning blonde in tow. She had feet at about seven or eight in size, was about five feet and six inches tall, had flawless lightly tanned skin, long legs, firm body, tattooed ankle, brown eyes. She wore a tight T-shirt, short shorts, flip flops, and a leather jacket. Every student in the room, including Jack, knew that this woman was not just some random woman nabbed from the street, from remembering the earlier sessions. This was an actual pornstar!

The two sat next to each other on the large desk, and Laura said, “You may remember this wonderful woman as Sandra Vega. She’s from Hungary. Her real name is Bella Nagy, but she goes by either Saundra or Bella these days.”

Saundra continued in her tasty yet light accent, “I met up with Laura about ten years ago. I just finished my degree in marketing, and I met her at the place I used to bartend.” She looked over to Laura with a horny look, and continued, “You didn’t hear this from me; Laura opened my eyes to sex more than I could have dreamed. FUCK, Laura showed me some great things! It’s all genuine: suckling on my own toes, fucking men and woman. It’s hard to explain how narcissistic and how horny I always am. I really am sexually attracted to myself!”

Saundra then began to passionately rub her tits under her jacket, before sliding it off of herself. She then lustfully licked herself from her forearm to fingers, and sucked each in turn. She said deeply, “I love myself.” Her flip flops slapped onto the floor, while she pealed off her only two other articles of clothes. The look in her eyes, while her tongue slid down her leg and eventually her sole, was one of true passion. She shoved her foot deep into her mouth, while forcibly rubbing her pussy. Her coos were loud and true.

Jack was the first to notice Laura’s heavy breathing, and that she was already naked. The look in Laura’s eyes, while watching her friend, was one of hunger and lust. She lunged at the women, who grasped Laura with her free hand and leg. Like hungry animals, they shared the beautiful foot. Sandra then moved her foot away from their mouths, and clamped the now free leg around Laura with the other. They loudly moaned and cooed, while Laura forcibly ground her pussy onto Saundra’s. The table loudly lurched and creaked.

They ground for several minutes, before Laura unlatched herself. Laura twirled herself around, and pressed her wet pussy into Sandra’s mouth. Laura then leaned downward to her lovers equally soaked pussy, lustily licking all possible lips. They moaned and grunted ever so loudly.

Laura suddenly looked over to me, and growled, “Suck her toes, Jack, she wants it!” At that, he lunged at the pornstar’s feet. Not only did they taste delicious, but also the spit of both women still lingered. Sure, he loved Laura’s feet a whole lot more, but how many times does a regular guy even get close to a pornstar?

Just before it sounded as if they were preparing to cum, Laura sat up, and whispered into the ear of the deeply breathing Saundra. Sweat was beginning to make their bodies shimmer. They repositioned themselves with Laura on the bottom, and Sandra smothering her mouth with her pussy. Laura gave Jack a hungry look, with her legs open wide. He got the idea, and freed his cock to shove it into her moistened pussy. It didn’t take them long for the three of them to cum all at ounce. Jack felt that remarkable rush of Energy, while they did. They had fun with the pornstar for the rest of the week.

The next week, Laura offered Jack an extra credit assignment, to which he agreed before he even heard what it was. Laura was to drive him to her house after the Late Night, were she would then more fully explain everything.

Their Late Night session was especially remarkable. Well, they all were. Laura jerked him off with her feet, which sucking him off with her mouth. She of course swallowed his cum. They even did a standard missionary position, which now rivaled his original inclinations, because of how he was able to kiss her far more. And with her, unlike any with other woman, kissing often felt like there was an orgasm flowing through mouth.

Like usual, Jack couldn’t stop staring at the glorious woman, while she drove them to her house, which unofficially became his place of residence recently. The fact that she was naked under her coat made any control over himself impossible. He just could not keep his hands off of her!

They immediately went to the couch, when they arrived at Laura’s home. Laura dropped what little she wore even before they sat down. She seductively sucked on her fingers before feeling down her body. She paid special attention to her feet, cooing the loudest whenever she rubbed her fingers between her toes. Liona then lay back, and began to slowly, passionately rub her soaked snatch. She rubbed her feet with her free hand, while she pleasured herself.

All Jack could do was watch. That was all he really needed: to be with her. Though it wouldn’t have mattered to Laura right then, he didn’t need to pleasure himself to the glorious sight. He almost came every time she looked at him with her perfect light blue eyes.

Finally, she began to rub his throbbing crotch with her silky foot. She dexterously removed any obstruction to his penis with her feet. Eventually, she concentrated only on his cock. He should have cum the moment her soft sole touched him, but that ability was somehow suppressed to his fortune. She continued to rub his crotch with one foot, while she gave him her other to worship. The feel and taste of her feet in his mouth made the feel of her soft foot on his crotch mind numbing. She then gave him both feet to worship, which he did with a slobbering passion.

She eventually removed her foot from his mouth, and again concentrated on his crotch. She used both her hand and feet to stimulate, before simply jerking him off with just her feet. She knew just how to rub him; she was well practiced with him. She slowly the bent over to suck him off at the same time. She hungrily consumed his crotch, while her feet seemed to propel it deeper down her throat. Pulling back, she began to rub his crotch with her left foot and right hand with great intensity.

Laura then began to make out with him, while lightly stroking his crotch. She lay back, and grabbed his head with her soft soles, directing his toward her hungry pussy. He made out with it lustfully, while she lovingly rubbed her feet all over him. He eventually lost control over himself, and resumed slobbering her feet. After briefly enjoying the uncontrolled attention, Laura redirected him back to her pussy with her feet.

Laura screamed in glorious orgasm, and then pushed him back to reposition herself. She presented her front to Jack, which he lovingly kissed upward. They passionately made out, when he reached her mouth. The orgasmic feeling in his mouth was always beyond remarkable! She then lightly pushed him onto his back, and lay on hers. She clamped her soles onto his throbbing crotch. Jack had the feeling that this was it: the release that which he yearned, yet still wanted to have held back. She rubbed up and down with infinitely passionate motions. He soon felt a massive build up, and finally exploded all over her feet and legs.

“So good,” she whispered, before leaning over to lick clean the cum off her feet and hands, and his crotch.

“I love you,” Jack said before he nearly passed out. Something was keeping him conscious.

‘I love you, too, Jack,’ he heard Laura somehow say in his head, with an accent that almost sounded Greek. She normally spoke in a generic North American accent, it was only then that he realized how generic it truly was.

She then began to moan and coo. Her age began to reverse itself again. Every visible sign of age (wrinkles, veins, bones) disappeared. It was so fast that in almost a blink of the eye she looked as if she was now twenty or younger!

‘This is what you truly want,’ she said in his head. ‘You want some young virgin. Well, I can do that for you. Or at least, outwardly young, with a virgin pussy.’ She looked downward to her now very tight looking snatch. ‘The truth is that I am a six-hundred year old Succubus. I was artificially transformed by some lost coven of followers of the Cosmic Gods for reasons I no longer care about. That coven lived on what is today known as Crete. They used the anklet I now forever wear out of vanity to transform me.

‘I’ve learned to sustain myself by syphoning Sexual Energy out of passionate emotions alone, while pure sex is always best. Fetishists can provide the best nourishment from how they are forced to suppress their desires. I can turn male fetishists into a kind of antenna to focus Sexual Energy into me. I would have loved to do the same to Saundra, but her request for me to soon make her into a Succubus more than made up for it … I know full well of the side affects of what I did to you, which you more than sense. The side effects go both ways of course. Our souls have become intertwined; we can never be apart for too long while you live. So I will now live two lives: the eighteen year old daughter of Dr. Laura Lione (Lauren), and the forty year old Dr. Lione… It’s all for you, Jack.’

Jack’s mind was barely processing all the insane data. He had fallen in love with an ancient Succubus through her powers. That Succubus truly loved him back. All he wanted to do was to prove his love to her, to make love to her, to feed her.

‘Yes, FEED me, Jack! Age reversal takes up so much Energy,’ she pleaded in his head.

Only one thing held Jack back. Knowing that her pussy was now virgin, he was worried about hurting her.

‘Don’t worry, Jack, I have perfect control over my personal pain and pleasure. Besides, it is your pleasure that is important to my survival.’

Jack leaned over, and they passionately kissed. His hand slowly slid down her body to her virgin snatch. She cooed, and pressed against it. “Feed me, Jack,” she whispered out loud in the strange accent. He then straddled her crotch, and exploded through her cherry. She audibly grunted. He quickly began to hump the super tight pussy wildly. “Oh, yes, Jack, FEED ME!” she cooed. Laura placed her perfect, ageless feet on his face, which he lovingly slobbered over. Jack then felt Laura within him, focusing all his Sexual Energy she could. He suddenly exploded into her. She visibly glowed lightly with the focused rush of Sexual Energy.

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