Cosmic Passions: 12 Viral

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Cosmic Passions: 12 Viral

Synopsis: Viral — Relating to or caused by a virus; the rapid spread of a product, service or video.

I was driving home from work one day, when I heard a report on my car radio about viral videos. Most examples sounded pretty ridiculous and probably fake: a “perfect” clip of a UFO, a kid failing to jump his bike from roof to roof, etc. I was never much of an “internet surfer,” but I was far from disconnected. There was my favorite online news blog and my emails, and that was about the bare minimum these days. I was never one to watch mindless videos. I was smarter than that!


I was scanning through my endless emails, when I came across an unfiltered piece of spam. Well, I didn’t realize it was spam just then. It said it was from “Jack” from work. Since I had a coworker with that name, I automatically clicked the link (the only thing in the email), thinking that it was related to the recent robbery in our office building.

My browser came up, and loaded something that put me into shock! It was a naked blonde having her sole and toes massaged by a vibrator. She moaned loudly from the attention. A part of me found it repulsive, being a straight woman without a foot fetish, but I just kept watching! She wasn’t even touching herself, and was in a near orgasmic state. After nearly ten minutes, the woman came from simply the vibrator rubbing her feet. The woman starred straight at the camera, straight at me, and the clip faded to black.

I quickly closed my browser, and erased the email. I tried to forget about the clip, but I couldn’t. It was as if it had burned itself into my mind. My dreams that night were simply of me watching the clip over and over. It wasn’t that I felt pleasure from it. It was more like it was the only thing on my mind.

A name or a word echoed while I awoke: Ulia’athos. Waking up brought with it a powerful urge to watch that clip again, but I resisted. I was so confused. Why would I even think about watching that again? Even at work, I could feel the clip’s pull. It was so distracting that I got very little done that day. More than once, someone walked into my cubicle just to find me “spacing out.”

When I got home, I checked my emails as usual, while telling myself that I would not watch that video again. ‘I erased the email, but I forgot to erase the browser history,’ was what the voice in the back of my mind kept saying.

I opened up my browser to a true surprise. The link to the porno clip was in my favorites toolbar! Loosing control over myself, I clicked on it.

The video came up again. I felt little or nor repulsion, while I watched the blonde woman absorb the attention to her feet. The more I watched, the more I liked it. The more I liked it, the more aroused I became. And the more aroused I became, the less I could think.

Suddenly, I stripped naked, revealing my sleek, twenty-eight year old body. I rubbed and fingered my moist snatch wildly, while I watched the near orgasmic woman. There was nothing else in the world. “Fuck, oh, YEAH!” I cooed in orgasm with the sexy woman on the clip.

The blonde woman again starred right at me with her horny look, which likely mirrored my own. To my surprise, it didn’t fade to black then. The woman pointed her sexy, left foot at me. It moved closer and closer to the screen. Suddenly, it impossibly penetrated the screen into the real world, becoming life size. I opened my mouth wide to accept the sexy foot. The delicious foot easily slid into my mouth, while I felt up and down the soft calf with both hands. I briefly glanced over to see my reflection in the widow. Maybe it was completely in my mind, but I saw myself consuming the foot in the window’s reflection! The woman thrust her foot in and out of my mouth, while we both moaned and cooed. The woman suddenly screamed in orgasm, while her foot’s flavor subtly changed. It became sharp like static. A sharp pain then flashed into my head, and I passed out…


I woke up the next day in my bed. My still turned on laptop was laying next to me instead of on my desk. I brought it out of its sleep mode to see the browser still active, but on its home page. I wanted to see the video again, but resisting, I closed the lid.

It was then that I realized how different I felt, and it wasn’t just the urge to watch that video. The difference was hard to explain fully, because I felt normal at the same time.

“Damn!” I exclaimed looking at my clock. It was nine in the morning: long past when I was expected for work. Impulsively, I picked up my phone on the end table to call in sick. It was Friday, and I saw nothing wrong with a three day weekend.

I had breakfast, and a vary long session of yoga. Perhaps it was the longer than usual session, but I found myself doing moves more advanced than I ever did before. Even more strangely, I did it naked. The urge to do so was uncontrollable, and ever so satisfying when I did so.

Afterwards, I violently masturbated in the shower. My thoughts were only of the video. There was no control. After a while, I sat in the tub worshiping my smooth feet with my hands and mouth. It was better than any sex I ever had. It was … “OHHHHH … ULIA …. ATHOS!!”

I felt so good, while I sat in front of my vanity mirror bushing my curly brown hair, naked. The more I brushed, the more I realized how much I didn’t like my hair color. “Blonde,” I said to myself. “I’d look so good as a blonde … My skin, my blue eyes. It’ll all look amazing.”

Soon after the realization, I got dressed, and went to the local spa for a complete makeover. I paid for the signature treatment: manicure, pedicure, wax, tan, and of course hair straightening and coloring. I felt so good by the time I came home that I stripped naked to look at my new self in the tall mirror.

“Wow…” I said breathless, aroused. Looking at my moistening pussy, reality suddenly hit me. “What am I doing?” I asked in shock. I more than resembled the woman in the video, of which I can’t stop thinking about. Something was wrong, horribly wrong, and I knew it had something to do with the video.

I threw on a robe, and woke up my computer. Desperately resisting the video’s pull, while searching the internet for an answer. It did not take me long to find other people, who had seen the video. They, too, were changing, and didn’t know why. Suddenly, the video appeared in an unblocked popup window. Automatically I started to masturbate to the orgasmic woman. My robe melted away as if it was never there. Eventually, the woman extended her leg and foot through the screen for me to enjoy. And, I did so. With a sudden burst of static energy, I orgasmed, and the foot was deep into my mouth. With another burst, the foot disappeared into my mouth. Several gloriously orgasmic bursts later, the woman’s leg was inside me past her calf. My mouth was stretched inhumanly to accommodate it all. I couldn’t fathom where it all was inside me, but couldn’t fathom much of anything at that moment.

My eyes then traveled up to meet the eyes of the now diabolical looking woman. A final, massive burst of energy passed through me, and I passed out …


I woke up an indeterminate time later. I still sat in front of my computer. I felt more different, and yet, more normal than before. There was just enough control left in me to assess the situation, and do further research. I realized quickly that I now had a more intuitive understanding of what was happening, and easily knew what to look for online.

I soon reached an impasse. Many women were changing, many were changing at different rates, and some were even disappearing. A nagging feeling in the back of my head told me that watching the video again would help me to understand. But, was this out of logic, or out of addiction? I had no way to know.

I had to push the debate into the back of my mind for now. Whatever was happening to me, I still had a life, or at least a job. I almost couldn’t believe how the weekend sped by! Indeed, it was then that I realized how loosely I was perceiving time. Unsurprisingly, work was even less productive than before. At the end of the day, my boss stopped by.

“Oh, hey, Laura. I see you changed your hair. I thought I’d stop by to see how you were. You seem to be a bit off lately,” she said kindly.

Her voice slowly echoed in my distracted mind. I turned my head to look at the woman. She was only a couple of years older than myself, and quite an attractive brunette. There was little doubt that I wanted to fuck her brains out and more. I licked my lips and said, “Oh, it’s nothing, Brianna. Just been sleeping funny lately.”

While I reached out to friendlily pat her forearm, a spark arched out from my hand and onto her. I was not sure she noticed the tiny jolt, but I did see the look in her eyes change. It was like seeing confusion, devotion, and lust all at the same time. “Excuse me, Laura,” she said slowly, deeply. “There’s something I need to check on my computer …”

I immediately rushed home after that. I understood less about what, if anything, happened to my boss than that damn video’s affect on me. After much internal debate, I decided call back the video. Like before, I lost all control over myself. Nothing else in the world mattered, while I forcibly felt down my neck and body. When her foot propelled out to me, I lustfully worshiped it.

My eyes eventually caught the woman’s. Her eyes beckoned me to come to her. Lustfully, I worshiped my way up the smooth leg. My heart raced with excitement, while my hand passed through the static laden screen. A great rush of energy plowed through me the moment my head touched the barrier, and everything went dark …


I woke up naked on the carpeted floor in front of my open computer. I did not know how much time had passed. All I knew was that my old self was gone. I stood up, and lusted over myself in the tall mirror. It was all so clear to me now. For all practical purposes, I was now a carbon copy of the women in the video. Though, the video was no longer a video as we knew it. There was a signal, which made its way to Earth many years ago. It was not a signal as Humans know it. When it collided with a satellite, it unintentionally fused itself to the first Human signal to come across it: a brief pornographic video. This alien signal soon lost its original purpose, and made a new one with the help of the Cosmic Entity Ulia’athos of the Digital Domain. I, and other transformed and soon to be transformed women, are the result. I will soon go the step most will not, and will become one with the right hand of Ulia’athos.

I sexily walked to the open computer, which was already playing the very special video. The woman’s leg and foot jutted out to me, which I lovingly worshiped. I then worshiped my way up the perfectly smooth leg, and with a rush of orgasmic energy forced through me, I climbed into the Digital Domain. We soon made out, and passionately groped each other with every inch of our bodies. Suddenly, our lips fused together, while our tongues became a single piece of flesh. Soon, our bodies faded into to each other, turning us into a mass of digitized Sexual Energy …


My feet were playfully being massaged by a small vibrator. It was all that was needed to bring me to glorious orgasm. There was noting better. After I came, I saw a mesmerized, sexy redhead staring back at me …

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