Cosmic Passions: 11 Off Road

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Cosmic Passions: 11 Off Road

Synopsis: Three college women decide to spend their summer on an aimless trip on out in the country.

It was my suggestion to my college roommates to go on a road trip for our summer vacation. The idea came out of my New Year’s Resolution to be more spontaneous. Sammy and Jessica almost pulled out last minute, but adjusted their schedules. We had no real aim; we just drove on the back roads, while taking in the sights.

Within the first week after we left our college in Boston, MA, my car decided to break down on some deserted dirt road in rural New Hampshire. Being the dumb blonde Sammy tended to be, she suggested to just pour water into the radiator, but overheating wasn’t the car’s problem. It was likely either the battery or alternator.

There was no cell signal, so we couldn’t call anyone. We walked up a ways to find an old Victorian mansion. It almost came out of nowhere. The cliched brick walls and iron gates of a wealthy American estate just weren’t there, while the tall, aged hedges surrounding averted the eyes. I rang the doorbell next to the large oak doors. A squirrelly looking man in an expensive suit opened the door.

“Yes, how may I help you?” he asked stately.

“Hi, I’m Cassidy, and these are my friends Sammy and Jessica. Our car broke down a couple of miles back. Do you mind if we use your phone?”

The man stared questioningly for a moment, and then answered, “The phone has been down for some time, ma’am. However, the lady of the house has a satellite phone, which she may allow you to use. She will not be back until after dusk.”

“May we stay until then, sir?” I asked, feeling that he was subtly trying to shoo us away.

The man suddenly looked conflicted. He was difficult to read, though. “You may … Please, come inside.” He motioned.

The heavily aged, carved wood in the main hall gave the area a very dark appearance, despite how tasteful it all was. There were old tapestries, and portraits lining both sides. A feeling of lingering grandeur permeated the aged air.

We eventually found ourselves in a well lit sitting room with similar decoration to the main hall. The man motioned for us to sit on the red leather couch.

“Is there anything that you ladies require while you wait?”

“Just some water, please!” Sammy said all perky. Jessica and I shook our heads no.

With a cocked eyebrow, the man nodded, and walked out of the room.

“He’s a quiet one,” Jessica observed.

“Just the butler, clearly. I don’t think he likes guests,” I stated.

We made quiet small talk for the next hour or so, by the time dusk finally came. A stately woman suddenly walked into the room. She was a highly attractive, voluptuous woman with auburn hair. Her dark eyes strikingly contrasted with her very light skin.

“Hello, I’m Bianca Vallimor. I was told your car broke down,” she said disarmingly, but with a distinct air of authority. Her accent was difficult to place, but very formal.

I walked up to shake her hand, which was surprisingly cold. “Yes, I think the battery went on it. Your butler said you had a phone I could use?”

“Yes, I have it right here.” She took the large satellite phone out of her pocket, and handed it to me. “Just look in its phonebook for ‘Jackson’s Auto Repair.’ He knows me, so just mention my name. My … butler will wait for the toe truck. I saw your car on my way back, so he knows where it is.”

“Thank you.”

She welcomed with a pleasantly bright, toothy smile.

I did as she instructed, and everything was set. The man on the other end said that he would call after he looked over the car.

We all had dinner soon after, while Bianca noticeably ate very little. After we finished, we were led to our rooms by the friendly Bianca. She apologized for not being a good hostess, because she had other matters to attend to. The first thing I saw in the room was my luggage. I was surprised at first, but quickly found myself relieved. The butler must have brought it from the car. I completely forgot about it, and was glad that I had the foresight to leave the tag with my name on the handle.

I grabbed a book from the bag, and lay down on the comfy bed. After reading for a while, I passed out …


I suddenly woke up to the door opening and closing. The lamp was left on, and I saw who it was. It was Bianca! She was totally naked. Her voluptuous body truly was flawless. She was unmistakably different now, though. Her auburn hair had seemingly natural, bright red streaks. Her now strikingly blue eyes were wild and fiery. And, her toothy grin revealed something that made me shiver: fangs.

The shiver was short lived, while I fell into her alluring eyes. I couldn’t think. Other thoughts invaded my mind. Thoughts of arousal and sex overwhelmed me.

I was suddenly naked, with someone eating out my wet snatch. It felt so good and knowledgeable. I glanced down to see the Vampire Bianca’s eyes. She then began to hungrily lick and kiss up my quivering body. A part of me was appalled, but the more I felt her sharp fangs teasingly brush my skin, the less I cared.

When she reached my neck, she passionately made out with it. I nearly orgasmed at how good it felt! Suddenly, I felt her fangs plunge into my jugular. It surprisingly didn’t hurt. In fact, the only discomfort was the brief pinch associated with the initial entry. Even more surprisingly, the more she drank my blood, the more pleasurable it was. It was as if she excreted some kind of drug into me through her fangs.

While she drank, I felt her body grow warm, and through my blurred vision, I saw her skin subtly darken. At the same time, the holes she created in my neck began to feel like two mini pussies, with her fangs like two mini dildos. I moaned and cooed in the growing ecstasy. My vision then blurred totally, while I let loose a massive orgasm. All faded to black …


I woke up late the next morning feeling very tired. The events of the night felt like a dream, and that’s what I decided to believe. Besides, there was no visible wound on my neck! While I got dressed, I realized that I was rather pale. My skin was a bit on the darker side to begin with, so it was quite noticeable. Somehow, it just didn’t bother me. I walked out of my room. Following the smell of breakfast, I found myself in the dining room. A healthy spread of food lay on the table. My stomach growled.

Sammy and Jessica were already at the table eating. They were acting strange, though, and it wasn’t just their subtly paler complexions. They were almost intimately feeding each other, while sitting hip to hip.

“Morning, Cassie!” Jessica said in a tone that was subtly different.

“You two seem …” I trailed.

“Closer,” Sammy said sensually, while she stroked her friend’s nose.

“We had quite the night last night, Cassidy,” Jessica continued.

“Really?” I asked in disbelief.

“Well, we woke up in the middle of the night,” Sammy explained, “and, well, we bumped into each other in the hall. We went back to Jess’ room. I had some whisky in my bag, and we had a few drinks.”

“We got really drunk. Almost black out drunk.” Jessica continued. “We joked around about lesbian sex, and, well, we stopped joking, and just fucked!”

“What?” I muttered.

“We fuckin’ loved it! I think we’ll be doing it again real soon,” Sammy said, while seductively looking as Jessica.

I couldn’t believe it! My two best friends became lesbian lovers overnight? Something was horribly wrong, but my mind was oddly hazy.


We did not hear a word about the car the whole day, but I just assumed that Bianca would update us on that whenever she came back from wherever she worked. She had the working phone after all. The butler looked to our needs efficiently, so we were theoretically comfortable. Though, I was constantly weirded out by Sammy and Jessica! They were simply all over each other the whole day. Right in front of me, they would unabashedly make out and grope like lustful lovers. At one point I asked them how serious it all was, but they weren’t sure.

Like the day before, Bianca appeared after dusk. She said that her mechanic had the car, but didn’t have a chance to look at it yet. He apparently had several cars ahead of ours, and his shop was small.

I eventually found myself alone in my room. I could clearly hear my friends loudly fucking each other through the wall. It was then that I realized that I didn’t remember being woken up by them the night before. Perhaps they were quieter, but they gave me the impression that wasn’t the case.

Before I could put any more thought into it, Bianca suddenly walked into the room. She looked as wild and animalistic as she did in what I thought was last night’s dream. Her vampiric blue eyes were like endless seas of eroticism. Uncontrollably, I removed my clothes, and waked up to her. She then plunged her fangs into my exposed neck. It again felt like tiny cocks in two tiny, super sensitive pussies. I orgasmed loudly, and she pulled out.

I was impossibly drowsy, while she led me to the room with my orgasmic friends. She sat me on the chair, and had me masturbate to the sights. Much of me was disgusted, but I had no real control over myself.

Sammy was wildly making out with Jessica’s pussy when Bianca plunged her fangs into Jessica’s inviting neck. Jessica’s screams of ecstasy made me cum, while my hand continued to grope my now dripping pussy.

Then, Bianca had Sammy mount her wet crotch over Jessica’s wide open mouth. Sammy wildly thrust her hips, while Jessica made out with the pussy lips. Bianca groped Sammy’s breasts, while she plunged her bloodied fangs into Sammy’s delicious neck. We all soon came in one glorious orgasm …


I woke up the next morning feeling less drained than I did the day before. I was confused about the events of the night. They felt like a dream, but were almost too vivid. I didn’t know what to think either way. Was having a wet dream involving lesbians and a Vampire any more normal than witnessing and masturbating to lesbians and a vampire? I was so damn confused!

I dressed myself, and walked out of the room. I was relieved that I wasn’t any paler than the day before, while I clearly had no wounds on my neck. I heard noises in my friends’ room, and walked over. The door was open a crack. Before I nocked, I saw what they were doing. They were deepthroating each other’s feet while scissoring. It was slow and passionate.

While I watched their loving motions, I found myself growing aroused. My breathing was deep and as uncontrolled as my hands groping my breasts. I had no control over myself. My body moved on its own, while my mind pushed itself aside.

Though so much of me did not want to, I barely regained control over myself, and sat on the floor next to the door. I was totally out of breath and flustered. Fuck, it took all my will to not get back up and finish myself off while watching them!

The rest of the day was even stranger and more awkward than the last. They were actually arousing me! Every time they started to make out, it took all my effort to not join them! What shocked me was how I felt no disgust toward it all. It felt natural. The only thing that enabled me to resist this newfound lesbianism was how I knew that it could not be natural. I just knew that Bianca had something to do with it, regardless of what really happened that past two nights.

I confronted Bianca after dinner, when Jessica and Sammy went to their rooms to have their “dessert.”

“Bianca, have you heard anything about my car?” I asked with a hint of annoyance.

“No,” she answered with a subtle slyness.

“What’s going on, Bianca? Look at my friends, none of this is right!”

She grinned toothily. “Not right? I don’t think you felt that way last night.”


“Your resistance is amusing, Cassidy.” She leaned over and deeply sniffed my neck. When she looked back at me, I saw a familiar fire in her eyes. “Your heart is racing, my dear. And, I do love how adrenaline enhances the flavor!”

Before my very eyes, she transformed into the wild Vampire, and plunged her fangs into my exposed neck. Her deathly cold body grew so warm! The feel of her fangs in my neck, with her inhaling the escaping blood, was truly orgasmic. I lost control of my mind, and gave into the pleasure …

The next thing I knew, I was waking up in my borrowed bed. Like before, the vampiric events of the past night had a dreamlike tinge. It was insane, but I knew that those events could not be dreams. Bianca was turning us into lesbian food bags, and I had to keep resisting that!

I searched the mansion the whole day, in the hope of finding where Bianca slept. Jessica and Sammy were too buried in their new sapphic desires to be of any use (they admitted to being horny and in love). I couldn’t find anything, though, let alone a landline phone.

Should I have been trying to escape instead? Probably! But, my mind was fixed on stopping Bianca. Besides, she probably would easily find us if we escaped!

When our Vampire hostess finally appeared after dusk, there was no veil between us. We sat on the couch in the now familiar sitting room. She made no effort to hide her Vampire self. My friends were too enthralled with each other to notice anything but themselves by then.

After Jessica and Sammy retreated to their room to make love, Bianca lovingly drank my blood.

“Your resistance is so delicious!” she hissed through blood drenched teeth.

I reclined on my chair woozily.

“I haven’t been that forthcoming with you, Cassidy.”

“That’s an understatement,” I barely whispered.

“When I first saw you three, I just saw pleasure and fresh blood. I first turned your friends into nympho lesbian lovers, and fucked and drank from them. Its easier to make women into lesbians if a female Vampire is going to drink from them, you know. And, that’s not to mention the sex that I always plan to have! Then I had you. You knew the moment when my mind touched yours that you would be more than just food and pleasure.”

“What are you talking about,” I grumbled.

“I can turn anyone I want into a Vampire, but I’m very picky, as all Vampires should be. Only certain bloods truly have the soul for it, and yours is more than willing!”

I was confused. I was resisting!

“Your resistance was amusing, because it showed the ripeness of your soul! You resist me, because you subconsciously want to do what I can do.”

My mind was still jumbled, but her words made sense, somehow.

“You remember the past night like vivid dreams, because I altered your memories. I had to communicate directly to your soul to do it. Your soul was quite willing!”

A haze started to lift in my mind. The dreamlike memories of the nights before became the real …

The Vampire Bianca walked into my room naked. I was terrified by the woman before me, yet secretly enthralled. She entered my mind, and began to tinker. She tried to turn me into a sex loving lesbian, but only partially succeeded. The look in her eyes was one of surprise and joy.

I was so horny that I ripped my clothes off, and lunged at her. We made out wildly, while I made a conscious effort to feel her sharp fangs with my tongue. I then slit my tongue on her right fang, and she lovingly drank the few drops.

We then flew onto the bed. She made out wildly with my wide open clit. Before I could cum, she crawled up my quivering body, licking and sucking as she went. I nearly orgasmed every time her fangs brushed up against my skin. She was so deathly cold, yet that somehow added to the pleasure. She finally made out with my neck hungrily before plunging her shining fangs into my flesh. It was truly orgasmic! I loved how warm her body became, as I did her improved complexion. When my seemingly endless orgasmic screams subsided, she starred right into my eyes. I felt her invade my mind, and converse with my soul. I soon passed out …

The next night, the Vampire Bianca barged into my room, interrupting my train of thought. The want of my soul overwhelmed my mind, while temporarily returning my true memories. I quickly removed my clothes, and lustfully lunged at her. I embraced her so tightly it was as if I was trying to absorb her! She then plunged her fangs into my willing neck. After my wild orgasmic screams subsided, she removed her blood stained fangs.

While she led me to the room with the orgasmic lovers, I felt a powerful hunger rise to the surface. Bianca placed me at the side of the creaking bed on the lovers.

Sammy was wildly making out with Jessica’s pussy, when Bianca plunged her fangs into Jessica’s inviting neck. Instead of drinking, Bianca removed her fangs, and beckoned me over to the violated neck. The hunger overwhelming my mind, I lunged at Jessica’s neck. Her blood was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. I never felt more alive! I gorged myself on her blood, while still wanting more.

Then Bianca had Sammy mount her wet crotch over Jessica’s wide open mouth. Sammy wildly thrust her hips, and Jessica drowsily made out with the pussy lips. Bianca groped Sammy’s breasts, while she plunged her bloodied fangs into Sammy’s delicious neck. Bianca again beckoned, and wanting more, I lunged at her neck. Her blood was as good or better than Jessica’s! Our orgasms were loud and wild …

On the third night, I confronted Bianca, who responded with her fangs in my neck. I was so woozy that I nearly passed out. That powerful hunger from the night before reemerged, as did the true actions of the night before. Bianca all but carried me to the room of the lesbian lovers.

The actions of the lovers were erotic and orgasmic. All they wanted was each other. They cared nothing about my emergence with a wild Vampire.

Like the night before, Bianca punctured their helpless necks, so that I could feed on their blood. Everything within me wanted to gorge, and I did so. My stomach was so filled with blood that I felt nauseous. Yet, I felt totally satisfied.

I felt more alive than I ever had in my entire life! And, I all but understood the irony in that feeling. In my satisfaction, Bianca led me to another room in the mansion, which I somehow did not find prior. It was a room of the Cosmic Gods of Passion. The walls of the torchlit room were covered with fanged women committing legendary debaucheries. An alter, which also served as a bookcase, sat in the center of the room, while a strange book, which looked old and new at the same time, lay between two candles. There she worshiped the Great Luthuria, who was the Cosmic God of Vampiric Pleasure, and the Truly Great O’unidiathicosis, who was the Cosmic God that bound all others.

She explained to me that the Great Luthuria shall be my deity as well. Though, there were also other Vampire Gods (Great Domorios of Consumption, Great Phil’iantathis of Power), who while unable to physically change me, were more than capable of seducing me, for the Great Vampire Gods were always feuding. I did not fully understand it all, but Bianca did not yet expect me to. She led me to my room soon after …

“You feel it now don’t you, Cassidy,” the Vampire hissed. “You feel your soul, body and mind falling into line.”

She was right! It was all becoming so clear. Even if I wanted to, I could not go back. The juice excreted from her fangs did so much: pleasure, healing. It also added the genetic template for being a Vampire like her. My having drank so much blood, after having my own drained, ensured the acceptance of that template. “Young and beautiful forever!” I hissed.

Bianca smiled, blood stained fangs fully exposed. She the plunged her fangs into her own wrist, and presented it to me. I cradled the bleeding wrist in my hands, and lovingly drank her ancient blood now infusing with mine to ensure transformation. It wasn’t like my friends’. There was a sharp bitterness, while I could feel it forcibly paint itself on my insides. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. The more I imbibed, the more I felt myself change. Suddenly, I felt my body go limp, and I fell to the floor …

The next thing I knew, Bianca was helping me up from the floor. I felt so strange, yet incredibly horny. “Your transformation is not yet complete,” she deeply stated.

With a large smile, Bianca led me to the lovers’ room. I could feel their minds long before we entered. They were passionately scissoring, while deepthroating each other’s feet. It was a deliciously erotic scene.

I grasped both their minds at once, and commenced my own tinkering. I just had to see what I could do! Bianca of course did a fine job of turning them into lesbian lovers, so I did not touch that. I made them fully aware of what Bianca and I were, while giving them a sexual fetish for Vampires. I then had them orgasm, and walk up to me.

I could almost taste how full their bodies were with blood, despite drinking so much from them the nights before. “I’ll have you first, Jessica.” I looked to Sammy, licking my lips. “Pleasure yourself to the sights. I’ll have you soon.”

I somehow knew just what to do! I lay on the rug, and had Jessica passionately finger me, while stimulating my G-spot. My body began to quiver violently, while I quickly came close to orgasm. The approaching orgasm was unlike anything I had ever felt before. My still barely beating heart slowed to a stop, and felt myself grow rather cold. My rather dark complexion grew almost as light as Bianca’s. All my senses were heightening. I suddenly had total control of my body and mind. In that revelation, I amplified the pleasure to as far as I could fathom. When I finally screamed and squirt in orgasm, my fangs suddenly jutted out, while my eyes became as Bianca’s. Above all, I further developed a very specific and familiar kind of hunger.

I then happily looked to Bianca. “Drink with me, Bianca,” I hissed. She nodded. “Oh, fuck, yeah!” the lover’s screamed in unison. Sammy sat on the bed, and lustfully masturbated, while I lay Jessica onto the red rug. She exposed her neck to me. Juices dripped down from my virgin fangs onto her willing neck, and I lost all control. While Bianca plunged her fangs into her inner thigh, I plunged mine into the plump neck. The perfect flavor of her blood overwhelmed my mind so much that I could barely hear her orgasmic throws. My heart suddenly throbbed mercilessly, pumping the fresh blood through me. I grew warm, while my skin darkened back to its original tone.

After drinking a massive amount of blood from the orgasmic Jessica, Bianca and I pulled back. I was such a natural!

We left the semiconscious Jessica, and lunged onto the more than willing Sammy. I drank from her neck, while Bianca took the thigh. Sammy’s screams of ecstasy here so loud, while her flavor did not disappoint! We pulled back right before we drank too much.

Bianca and I looked at the squirming, semiconscious women before us, and started to make out. The taste of blood was strong on our spit, while our bodies were rejuvenated from that same blood. We plunged our fangs into each other’s necks, and shared the fresh blood within us …


After that night, my old life didn’t matter. Sure, I tied up a few loose ends, so no one would be too curious about me. I of course could walk in the sunlight, but lets just say that it was no longer my natural time. Sammy and Jessica went back to college, but now as Vampire loving, lesbian lovers. I would often visit my friends back at the college, for the first drunk blood was always the best.

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