Cosmic Passions: 10 CatWomen

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Cosmic Passions: 10 CatWomen

Synopsis: Pornstars participate in the most unique film of their career.

“I don’t think how I used to,” I told the all too fascinated biologist before me. “I mean, I think as well as I ever did, but my mind is just different now.” I continued to tell my story …

A contract lay before me. It was for a five day minimum fetish shoot (movie and pictures), involving me and two other women being bisexual “CatWomen.” There was to be one scene per day, due to the makeup requirements. We were to have our bodies painted, wear special contact lenses, and have fanged false teeth applied. We were to act as much like cats as possible, especially while having sex. I may not have been a “cat” before, but I did fetishistic work in the past. I also knew the other two women: the blonde Whitney Cummings, and the raven haired Lindsey Star. I even briefly dated Lindsey once. That’s right, I’m not “gay for pay.”

It took a couple of hours for our bodies to be fully painted. Whitney was painted like a tigress, Lindsey a cheetah, and myself a panther. We put the teeth and contacts in, and we were the CatWomen. We all felt a little strange despite how standard it ironically was. We shrugged it off, and went on with the day’s scene.

I lay on the bed naked (minus the extensive makeup job), and began to clean myself. I’d lick my hands, and rub them on my face, and directly lick my breasts and legs. The paint was very special, and I was unable to lap it up or indeed taste it. It was designed to simply peal off after about five hours.

Very quickly I realized how much I liked cleaning myself in this way. Sure, I licked everything from head to toes in my carrier, but this was a very different feeling. Wanting to make this look good, I went with the feeling. Eventually, my fellow pornstars joined in, and we were cleaning each other. Intimate was the wrong word for how it felt, when we cleaned each other, but it was the closest that came to mind. Spit flowed from our mouths like rapids.

When the scene was over, I felt so different about myself, and my coworkers. It was a kind of satisfied closeness, which was out of the simple fact that we made each other clean.

“So what did you think about today’s scene?” Lindsey asked me. We were having dinner in our modest suite. Without thinking, we were all stealthily cleaning ourselves like we did earlier, but never admitting that we did so. Even more strangely, I had the urge to forgo silverware, and just lap up my food.

“Kinda weirder than I expected, but gotta admit to liking it.” I smiled oddly.

Whitney then said, “I liked it, too … This is one weird ass gig!”

On the second day, we went through the same preparation. This scene consisted of us acting catlike in other ways. We’d walk around just on our toes. We’d walk on all fours (crawling really). We’d chase after large, yet proportional, cat toys, and play with each other. We’d even clean ourselves and each other, which was out of impulse rather than direction.

In many ways, I found myself doing almost everything out of impulse. I WANTED to chase and chew on the toys; I WANTED to lick myself and the others clean. I didn’t really know or understand these wants, but I followed them to improve my performance. And the more I followed them, the more they felt right.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really enjoying this CatWomen gig!” Whitney said, while obsessively, unabashedly licking her hands, and wiping them on her face. We just ordered room service.

“I guess, I’m liking it all, too,” Lindsey stated, while also cleaning her hands with her tongue, “but I’m not sure about all this. I mean, look at us. I know I haven’t actually showered today, and every time I want to ‘clean’ myself, I automatically use my spit! I think this is going too far!”

I finished cleaning my hands with my tongue, and stated, “Don’t worry about it, Lindsey! We’re SUPPOSED to be acting like cats. This is really great experience. Just imagine all the downloads this is gonna get, because of how good it’s gonna be. I’m goin’ with this until the end.” While I said that, a part of me worried just like Lindsey …

That night, I know I dreamed I was a cat, but not a normal one. In many ways, I still looked Human, yet my eyes and teeth were catlike. Plus, I would walk around on my toes, while my feet were permanently pointed downward. All the instincts of a cat were there, too, including the instinct to mate. After bathing myself with a flexibility I never had, I hunted for a mate. I was only able to find my fellow CatWomen Lindsey and Whitney, who were both also hunting. I knew them by scent long before I saw them. Out of our horniness, we fucked each other in ways beyond the dreams of the writers of the Kama Sutra. Our orgasms were swift and plentiful. When we finished, we purred and bathed each other with our tongues. The felling of comfort soon washed over us, while we felt a Great Cosmic Entity watching over us.

The next day held the first true sex scene. I walked to the bed on my toes, and crawled onto it. I lay on my stomach. On the end table sat three bowls of catnip, which smelled far more amazing than I remembered. To call my friends and lovers, I let out a very convincing meow. It was so good that I obviously surprised my costars as much as myself. Just to see that I could do it again, I called out once more. It was even better the second time.

Seeing the other two walk over in their toes, I felt myself grow very happy. The knowledge that they were about to be with me on the bed made me feel so pleased. Suddenly, I realized that I was purring! It made my throat feel very strange from the strong vibrations. We were all clearly shocked by my newfound ability, but we kept character. Indeed, the other two began to purr once on the bed, and we all acted like it was normal.

They crawled next to me, and I handed out the bowls. Like addicts, we lapped up the large amount of catnip. Perhaps one might think that it was some ground spice like basil, but it was high quality catnip. I had no idea it was so damn good! I even began to feel extremely drugged after a couple of minutes. I did smoke pot on occasion, but this was far better!

I was so high at that point that I no longer remember what we were directed to do. I simply gave into instinct. Lindsey then licked my face clean, and then sat on it with her warm, comforting pussy. At the same time, Whitney sexually cleaned out my pussy with her tongue, and I naturally knew that it was sexual instead of necessary. Though I always liked it anyway, sex with women never felt this good. Eventually, we all came loudly. We lay next to each other, and purred.

When we were bathing each other naked on the large bed, I realized something strange (other than the fact that we were licking each other clean). My teeth seemed sharper somehow, and very much like the fake ones I was wearing during the shoot. My eyes also felt strange. Normally, such things would never go unignored, but my urge to clean overruled all else. We happily purred all the while. There was something so satisfying to clean my friend’s deep pussy, while the feeling of another’s wet tongue carefully cleaning between my toes was beyond pleasant.

That night I dreamed that I was hunting for food. My fellow CatWomen and I were sadly only running on two legs, but we were still faster than any living Human. We were of course naked. We never felt more alive. The thrill of the hunt was almost better than the taste of fresh meat, which inevitably passed our lips. After cleaning ourselves extensively, we huddled together for warmth, and fell to sleep with a Great Cosmic Entity again watching over us.

The next mourning, I woke up feeling identical to how I felt in the dream. Even more strangely, I felt perfectly normal. I opened my eyes to a room that was much brighter than I expected. I thought we left the curtains open, but we didn’t. Our neighbors were also very noisy sleepers! I then carefully crawled out of bed, so I wouldn’t wake up my friends curled up next to me. I looked back at them sleeping peacefully on their stomachs, and quietly purred.

Naturally walking on my toes, I went into the bathroom. Automatically, I closed the door and turned on the lights. The light was so impossibly blinding, I squinted for a couple of minutes. I eventually focused my eyes to a sight, which almost made me scream. In the mirror, I saw that my green eyes now had a black vertical slit down the center instead of a round dot, while my teeth were distantly catlike with long fangs. My vision was distinctly different, too. I saw far less colors clearly in that lighting, while everything was far more vivid. Above all, I somehow knew that all the new catlike feelings I’d been developing were now permanent.

In utter shock, I walked back to my friends, whose “friendly” scent I could identify through the door of the bathroom. Indeed, everything had its own distinct scent. Briefly, I tried to walk “flatly,” but I couldn’t do it comfortably. My feet and ankles were clearly altered as much as the rest of me. My friends were clearly altered as well. They were looking at each other with literally new eyes, as was I …

“Well, that’s my story, Doc,” I stated, lapping up the last of the fresh meat in my boll. “You know the rest. That director really being some crazed scientist inspired by some ancient and forgotten book. Him holding us captive for his twisted studies on genetics.” I then smelled a woman coming toward the lab.

An attractive woman then walked into the room with a file. The doctor thumbed through it fascinated, but not altogether happy. “Well, this is the report on your DNA.”

“Yes,” I smirked, showing my fang. I knew what he was about to say.

“Your DNA was indeed altered by that body paint. It spliced altered Feline DNA into yours, while simultaneously altering yours. I suppose altering your own Human DNA better enabled the Feline DNA to fuse. Simply put, you’re not Human anymore. I’m not sure if we can reverse this.”

The all too wonderful scent of the doctor before me finally began to overwhelm me. I quickly cleaned off my face. Instinctively, my pheromones excreted. They overwhelmed the scientist’s mind. An erection quickly became visible. I crawled onto his lap, and barely said before instinct finally took over my higher brain functions, “I don’ wanna be … Human … I want … fuckin’ MATE … YOOOOU-MEEEEYOW!”

His pants were quickly undone, and I humped wildly until my insides were filled with that which I desired.

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