Cosmic Passions: 8 Silken

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s note: This is a very experimental story on my part with shifting perspective. Some may find this a bit awkward to read, but I couldn’t think of a more trippy way to do it! Anyway, this story was inspired by the truly enjoyable Bombshell by Elod Bob, which is found on Archive. The plot of this story is very different, however. This version also emulates the intended formatting, which did not make it onto the archive. Enjoy!

Cosmic Passions: 8 Silken

Synopsis: Joshua’s scientific expedition to the Amazon was more than life changing.

The Amazon is as vast as it is dangerous. Even today, science hasn’t catalogued all that lives there. My expedition team and I were on the search for the fabled Shintath Tribe. Myth stated that they were group of primitive mystics, practicing powerful forms of magic. They were feared by the native population, because of their powers over the mind. Science stated that they probably didn’t exist, and were probably inspired by the fears associated with the jungle. I sought to find the truth.

We were a week in, and already my team of five was groveling. And, they would have continued to do so if I hadn’t made an important find. It was a silly accident, but I found that the best science always was! I was taking a piss just outside of camp, and I saw something some feet ahead of me. I zipped up, and walked over to it. My find was astonishing! I wasn’t sure of course, but it looked like a rock carving with the fabled symbol of the Shintath.

“Look, we’ve all studied they myths. That IS their symbol!” I stated.

“It’s not hard for anyone to come up with a stick figure with large breasts,” Amazon expert Ron James stated matter-of-factly, while with a hint of sarcasm.

“I agree with Ron. We know there are several groups in the area. Perhaps this was just some teen,” fellow anthropologist Dr. Cornelia Reynolds stated.

“Probably even one who knows the legends,” Shirley Kends, Cornelia’s graduate student, continued.

“Might not be anything more than that,” biopsychologist Dr. Roberto Sanchez agreed.

“Well, if it IS something, what should we take from the carvings surrounding it?” Larry Harrison, MD, asked tiredly.

I looked carefully at the seemingly random markings next to the “stick figure,” and took out my GPS, which showed the map of the area. “It’s just a theory, of course, but maybe it’s a map.”

Perhaps out of quiet desperation for discovery, they humored my theory. I stroked my own ego, when we came across a large group of people. We kneeled several feet back from the clearing. “I knew I was right!” I excitedly whispered. “We don’t know who they are yet!” Cornelia whispered angrily.

Suddenly, a hand grasped my shoulder. Scantily clad men and women sternly brought us to the center of the clearing. My heart was racing. Whoever they were, there was no way to know what to expect.

A voluptuous, dark skinned women, wearing only a small bra, panties, and sandals (somehow less than everyone else) came before us. Waves of ecstasy flew through me. I had never been more aroused in my life!

“Ah, there you are!” the woman stated confusingly in perfect English. “I was wondering when you would arrive.” Her voice was deep and seductive, with a distinct air of authority.

“How do you know our language?” Roberto barely stated in total arousal.

“Your minds are not hard to explore,” the woman stated.

“You … you read our minds?” I forced out.

“True followers of the Gods of Passion have many powers,” the goddess-like woman answered. “We usually don’t bother with the outside world. But, I’ve found myself bored of late. The five of you aimlessly roaming the rainforest peaked my interest. I’ve never had the pleasure of corrupting the minds of outsiders.”

“What?” I blurted out.

“The find of your career is not what you thought, Joshua. But, that is of no consequence. Your corruption has already begun. That carving that brought you to us never existed outside of your minds. Soon you will be devoted followers of the Gods of Passion!”

In that moment, I realized that I was jerking off to the goddess-like woman before me. The more I jerked off, the less mental constraint I had. With my last ounce of will, I turned my head away. It was of no help, though. Cornelia and her student were tightly making out and groping. Ironically, they were rather close in age (26 and 32), while they were very attractive for women of academia. The sight of the two brunettes fucking each other broke down whatever will I had left. Soon, I could no longer remember why I was resisting. In that moment I came harder than I ever had I my life, and blacked out …

“You spend a month in the jungle, and find nothing!” my fiancée laughed.

“Well, we found mosquitos!” I quipped. We were driving home from the airport using the relatively empty backroads. I was a little nervous about seeing her again, because of how much I changed. My sexual needs were far more advanced than they once were, and I wasn’t sure if she would fit my physical requirements anymore. I did breath a sigh of relief, when we embraced at the airport. There was a reason why she did modeling in college! She had sleek dark brown hair, hazel eyes, slim yet voluptuous body, and skin that simply always looked tanned. She was quite surprised and amused at my massive erection, while we made out at the airport.

Driving the car, I mumbled a simple spell I learned back in the jungle to have a little fun.

“What was that?” she asked sweetly.

“Oh, nothing, Heather … Actually, I just thought of something fun we could do on the way home.”

“What?” she blinked confused.

I glanced up and down her supermodel body, and offered, “You do anything and everything to make me want to touch you. If I touch you before the time we step out of the car, you win!”

She looked surprised at the request, but quickly put on a curious expression. “I can touch you?”

“Yeah. I did say you could do anything, baby!”

She unbuckled her seatbelt, leaned over and airily whispered in my ear, making sure that her soft lips brushed against it, “Ok.”

She leaned back against the door and began to slowly touch herself. “It doesn’t seem fair that only I can touch this sexy body.” Her breathing deepened, while she reached under her clothes, and touched her bare skin. “Umm … OHH … Did I ever, err, tell you that I know how hot I am? Hmph … A good model has tah know … OH YEAH.” Her hand forcibly rubbed her crotch. “I’m masturbating to myself right now. I’M SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO MYSELF OHHHHH!”

She then sexily stripped naked, and proudly presented her naked body. Based on how well toned her flat stomach was, I could tell that she didn’t loosen her strong excursive regimen. “Now, we both know how much we love this body. NOW FUCKING TOUCH IT!” I came incredibly close to giving in, but wanted too much to keep the tease going for even longer. She looked almost disappointed, before putting on a devious smile.

She then started to pet my body with her sexy feet. “Silky aren’t they? I never understood why so many have a dislike of them. They’re just as sexy as the rest of me. They turn me on just as much as any other part of me.” She slid one size seven and a half down, and slowly rubbed my crotch through my pants. The other foot slid into my drooling mouth. They felt good and tasted delicious at the same time, but I didn’t react consciously. “Well, even if you won’t touch me, I can tell you’re liking the attention,” she smirked sexily. Using both her feet, she dexterously unzipped my pants, and freed my throbbing member. She then tightly clamped it between her high arches, and stroked. Flexibly, she then bent down to suck my cock in a beautiful foot-blow-job

Deciding to finally give in, I pulled over the car, of which I was swerving drunkenly from the attention. I brushed my hand through her silky hair. She pulled her head away from my cock, looked up at me with a smile, and said, “I win!” She immediately resumed her mouth blowing and foot stroking. I eventually blew a massive load down her throat, which she lovingly swallowed. Never swallowed before!

When we arrived home, I was curious to see if my spell did anything permanent. It was certainly possible! She said that it was all just the “heat if the moment,” though…

Over the next month, Heather came to enjoy the daily sex. The interesting part was that I only rarely influenced her. She was clearly much more of a sexual being than either of us realized.

As for those who were with me on the expedition, they returned like I did. The Shintath had no intention of hanging on to us. We were simply an experiment for them. When we learned all that there was to know about the Gods of Passion, they had us go back to our lives. It was easier that way. We’d come back to say we found nothing, while no one would come looking for us or the isolationist Shintath. We were all of course very different people now, whether anyone realized it or not. Hell, Cornelia and her student are still lovers! And since she gave her student the proper credits for her Masters via the expedition, they were together openly. It was quite the surprise for Cornelia’s boyfriend at the time!

I eventually came to realize that I wanted more out of my relationship with Heather. Not surprising really; she didn’t live on sex the way I did. Back in the Jungle, I learned of a ceremony known as Fusion. It involved the fusing of the souls of lovers. They could never be apart for too long, while their love for each other would literally be eternal. It was a rare ceremony, but the concept fascinated me.

Her not having a clue as to my plans, I needed to adapt the ceremony. I first bought a pair of black silk pantyhose. Them being practically a single piece made them perfect. I then took the day off from work, and waited for Heather to leave for her job. We had a good fuck before she left, so my mind was clear. I laid out the silken pantyhose at the end of the bed, and went to my knees. I held my right hand high, and forcibly stated, “Baccheiaos of Wild Sexual Behavior! Lend me your powers of Fusion, I beg of you!” Breathing deep, I slowly descended my hand onto the unsuspecting hose. When my hand made contact, a flash of Energy flew out of me. In the same instant, I blacked out …

I came to hours later. The feeling I had was not unexpected. The way I felt perfectly reflected what I had just done. I could feel that part of my soul was missing. And, that part was infused within the silken hose. When the wearer of the hose accepts that part of my soul into hers, I may step in and make love to the more complete woman. Hose still worn, my incomplete soul will latch on the other, and we shall share a single soul …


“Hey, Sexy

Thought, you might like these. Try them on. Should make things fun for later 😉

Your Horny Lover”

The hose was so soft and silky on my skin. My lover knew me so well! I always had a bit of a fetish for silk. While I stared at my naked, feminine self in the mirror, I found myself growing so aroused. It was the first time I was aroused by myself since that car ride a month ago. It was so strange, narcissistic, but I couldn’t deny how arousing I was. I couldn’t stop myself from squeezing my tits, and silk covered pussy. I was the only thing that mattered in the world. God, I’m so fucking hot. I’m… I’m falling for myself! “Ohh, fuck!” I cooed.

I quickly adjusted the tall mirror so that I could watch myself on the bed. I moaned and cooed, while I continued to make love to myself. With both hands, I felt down my silken leg. I grabbed my foot, and worshiped it with my drooling mouth. I grabbed the other, and rubbed it in my wet, hose covered crotch. It was as if something overtook my mind, but I quickly lost any significant care of that possibility. I cared about nothing save for the growing yearning I felt for myself. With my scream of ecstasy muffled by my silken foot, I came so hard, and passed out …

I fell into a dream of total ecstasy. The silken hose now covered my whole body. I couldn’t understand why, but it felt as if the hose were trying to seep into my pores. And, I so wanted them to. There was something holding the hose back, though. It was … It was me! I … I …


I came home to my sexy, naked fiancee sleeping deeply on the bed. The hose were draped on the chair. I could sense that she was close to letting in my soul, but was not yet ready. Feeling the part of myself I ripped away, I came dangerously close to touching the hose. I resisted luckily, because I would have instantly reabsorbed that piece of myself. There were no second chances in Fusion.

I kissed her full lips, but she still slept. It was unsurprising, for the process of Fusion was transformative in nature. I was too horny to leave the room, however. I stripped myself naked, and started to hump her. She slightly came to consciousness, as shown by her coos. I passionately kissed from her lips to her neck, tasting her delicious skin, while I humped. My hands explored her quivering body. She came loudly not long before me. “We should do that more often,” she tiredly stated, before falling back to sleep …


I don’t know why I tried on my friend Heather’s silk pantyhose. It was as if they called to me. ‘Impossible!’ I thought to myself. Even worse, I found myself growing impossibly aroused at the sight of myself only wearing these hose. I was never so narcissistic before, but I couldn’t deny how I felt! While I rubbed my silk covered snatch, and squeezed my tits, even my blonde hair aroused me. I finally understood why men would secretly gaze at me. The feminine form clearly reflected perfection.

“Amber, I found that blouse … you wanted … to looked at …” my friend stated in confusion, while she walked into her room.

I turned breathlessly to look at my shocked, sexy friend. My hands continued to grope my crotch and firm tits. “FUCK, YOU’RE HOT, HEATHER!” I cooed, while I sprinted over to her. I impossibly felt like I was in love with her! She confusingly resisted my kiss and touch until her hands slid down the silken hose.

“What the fuck is happening, Amber?” Heather asked breathlessly.

Our minds left us, while Heather ripped away her clothes. Soon, we only concentrated on the sexy hose. We claimed a leg, and rubbed, licked, and fucked only where the hose resided. If my mind was there, I would have been shocked by my newfound flexibility. However, we cared nothing about what was underneath; only the silk mattered. Orgasm after endless orgasm passed through our melting bodies. Our groping and sucking and fucking intensified even as every orgasm ate at our energy, and maybe even our souls.

When our energy went to zero, we fell into a shared dream world, were our intense loving of the hose continued. Now, our bodies were smothered by the silk. We gave in; oh, fuck, we gave into the silk! Inside the silken prison, our skin became the silk, while our bodies slowly, sensuously melted into a single, beautiful form. As a single entity, we screamed in the most powerful orgasm I ever knew …


I came home from work with the feeling that a part of myself was finally one with another. My hollowness was to finally end.

I walked into the bedroom to an unexpected sight! Heather and Amber were unconscious, and groping each other with loud coos. The hose, instead of just smothering Heather, was also smothering Amber! This could only mean one thing: By some accident, both gave into the piece of soul within the silk, and Fused their own souls together with it. Mistakes like this were the very reason why Fusion was normally a private ceremony.

I still wished to share the same soul with Heather, and since Fusion was not reversible, I had to accept being one with Amber as well. She was conveniently single, so that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the ceremony only entailed the Fusion of two souls. However, they now shared the same soul, so there did not seem to be a reason for my completing of the ceremony to not work. Still, we were beyond that established ceremony.

I quickly removed my clothes, and crawled on top of the sleeping, Fused women. While I slowly felt their silken skin, I knew that the process would indeed be successful in albeit an unorthodox way. The women suddenly woke up, and automatically began to grope the one who held the incomplete soul. The more we groped, the more their silken skin stuck to mine. And every spot it stuck, my skin transformed into that same silk. Soon my skin became the same black silk as theirs. Eventually, the more our silken skin touched, the more it Fused. And, we were soon under the same silken skin. A massive orgasm grew amongst us, while we Fused into the same entity. And finally, we screamed as one …


When we awoke, we of course had three bodies. The physical merging was simply a symbolic hallucination, while our souls were indeed made one. We were truly naked now, because the hose dissolved into nothingness. Not sure why that happens to such mediums exactly.

This wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t regret it. This was every guy’s cliched wet dream! However, it was not a true cliche. We loved each other to the deepest depths of our soul.

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