Cosmic Passions: 7 Eternity

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Cosmic Passions: 7 Eternity

Synopsis: Jennifer lands the movie role of her dreams

I took a small sip of red wine. It was perhaps out of habit, because I had no taste for it anymore. Jackie sat next to me on the other side of the couch. Though understandable, she did not need to be concerned. Then again, I never had something so important to discuss with my very attractive, longtime roommate. I relayed my story to her…

To start at the beginning would be to go back too far. No, I’ll start at two months ago in August, when I landed my first big role in the film Eternity. It was the kind of role I’d been yearning for perhaps my hole life. It was the kind of role that inspired me to do acting, and achieve my degree in fine arts. The director, producers, and writers all came to an agreement after some debate about me being too perfect for the role.

I always had a thing for Vampires, and was very open about that to them. It wasn’t the blood or S&M (I don’t think), it was the sex and eternal life. There was always something so erotic about those fangs for me. I loved to watch Vampire movies, and explain how Vampires “should be.” Consciously or no, I always did emulate Vampires: auburn hair, dark eyes, light skin, rather voluptuous. I was always a night owl, too, and was always tired during the day, while incredibly energetic at night. Plus, I do have that rather odd neck fetish.

I remember how happy my roommate and I were, when I landed the role. My half of the rent was usually from those silly commercials and occasional bartending, and I never had much pocket money. The contract certainly wasn’t superstar pay, but it was substantial.

My boyfriend and I celebrated that very night. We had the loudest, most energetic sex I ever had with anyone. I’m sure I woke up my roommate and others, but nobody complained later. Though, my boyfriend did say that I was a bit too rough on his neck.

My roommate was chopping some vegetables for dinner the next day. It might as well have been my breakfast, since I just woke up.

Hearing the crack made about it still being a little light outside, I quipped, “I thought I’d get up early, Jackie!”

I was microwaving some leftovers from a restaurant I went to the night before with my boyfriend, when I saw Alice’s cut thumb. She immediately ran cold water over it, before dressing it. Seeing blood always me feel, well, different. Curiosity was often an associated feeling, but this time there was something more.

“Are your all right?” I heard.

With a mask of normality covering my face, I responded, “I should be asking the same of you.”

“Oh, I’m fine, Jen.”

A couple of days later, I started filming. It was more intense and rigorous than any of those commercials. I was relieved when the director complimented me continuously throughout the week. Though, I was worried that I was going too far. I more than just “acted” like a Vampire; I “thought” like a Vampire. Instead of paying attention to the sickly sweet taste of the fake blood, I pretended that it was real.

By the end of the month, I realized how much I was into the character. Even more shockingly, I wanted to actually feed off of my fellow actors’ blood, and fuck them even more than we were already.

Sure, anyone would say that it was all in my head. I know that non character actors would just say that was the ultimate problem with character actors, but I wasn’t a character actor. Whether it really was all in my head, I actually did find myself screwing my fellow actors (man and woman) secretly off stage. I couldn’t explain it then, but it wasn’t out of sexual attraction. It was out of the need for pleasure and passion.

That thirty day mark was the real turning point. Late one night, I came home with my boyfriend after some clubbing. I know we were too noisy, but we were too drunk to care. While siting in my bed, I partially confessed to him by discussing only the sapphic sex. He was shocked at first, but then admitted to how turned on he was that I had sex with women.

We immediately began to drunkenly make out. I was downright surprised by how loud and animalistic we became. Without thinking, I found myself in positions I never knew existed, while learning how flexible I truly was. Fuck, I even jerked him off with my feet, and licked off the cum. And surprisingly, it was my impulsive hissing that caught him off guard!

“Come on, Ben, MORE!” I pleaded.

“What’s gotten into you? You’ve never been so crazy before!” he stated breathlessly.

“I just have so much energy tonight! Come on, FUCK your Vampire lover!” I screamed.

We went for at least another hour, ever so loudly. His neck was my chew toy. More than once, I came dangerously close to breaking the skin.

A part of me wanted my boyfriend to sleep with me the whole day (he would usually leave after breakfast), so I at least asked him to hang around for the day. He eventually left my room to grab a bagel late that morning. He had serious hickeys on both sides of his neck, and in other unseen places as well.

“Hi, Jackie,” he said tiredly. “I hope we weren’t too loud last night.

“You were fine,” Jackie stated.

He replied with a subtly aroused look, assuming there was a double meaning. He was obviously wiped out from the night before, and did nothing of importance for the rest of the day. I met up with him soon after I awoke at dusk. “Thanks for being here when I woke up.” We smooched. “Anytime, you sexy Vamp,” he replied lovingly. He left soon after.

After I had some dinner, well, breakfast I saw Jennifer doing some yoga in the living room. We were pretty good at yoga, and it apparently contributed to my sex life.

In my black lace nightie, I leaned on the door frame. “Hey. Hope we weren’t too loud last night!”

“You were fine,” she stated.

“Mind if I join you in a bit?” I asked kindly.

“Nah, yoga’s supposed to be a group activity!” she smiled.

I joined the yoga session, after pulling on the blue spandex.

While we went through our stretches, I began to notice how different I was physically. It was hardly tangible, though, until I was doing moves far more advanced than I’ve seen even some professionals do. I was a living pretzel!

“Since when were you so flexible, Jen?” she asked amazed.

I shrugged with my head past my ankles. I was too pleased with my newfound flexibility to give a real answer, of which I couldn’t yet give, anyway.

While I twisted my body in ways only a master contortionist could dream, I found myself growing aroused, while our clothes melted away. Jackie’s hands then uncontrollably explored her tingling body. Every time I glanced over to Jackie with my now penetrating eyes, I almost witnessed an orgasm in my flexed state. And every time I nearly saw an orgasm, I wanted to see greater indulgence. Her hand eventually just squeezed her wet crotch, while the other continued to explore her now sweaty body. At the same time, I hungrily eat out my own delicious snatch with lustful passion.

After we screamed in orgasm, I sexily crawled over, back toward the floor, and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. I then kissed down the willing neck, and commenced giving a wild kicky, making sure to scrape my teeth on it. “That will be our little secret,” I impulsively hissed deeply. In a single, elegant motion, I floated back to back to my feet, and walked out of the room.

Everything I did during that yoga session was out of impulse, but the strangest things were yet to come. It didn’t take long for me to notice a new feeling, while I was filming. It reminded me a lot of how I felt when I saw my roommate’s bleeding thumb. Still, it was unexplainable at first, but whatever it was, it enhanced my performance.

The feeling was the strongest when I was bitting necks, or really any body part. It was as though those moments were helping me to understand what it was: a feeling beyond life. Of course, that wouldn’t make much sense to those who hadn’t experienced it. The more I fed on the amazing feeling, though, the more I felt different on the inside. The more I felt, well, beyond life.

The feeling soon became overwhelming. I was having a particularly erotic sapphic scene, which called for both heavy sex, and blood sucking. It took all my effort to not actually do the latter for real (my fake fangs were sharp for what they were). The most remarkable part was that woman smelled absolutely delicious.

My boyfriend and I were particularly primal that night. All I had to do was look into his eyes and say, “Lets fuck forever!” We were lotusing wildly, when I felt an orgasm coming, which was somehow intertwined with the feeling that was beyond life. And, it certainly was! In my endless screams of passion, I felt a total control of my pleasures. In that moment, I enhanced the orgasmic pleasure by many hundreds of percent. When the powerful orgasm ceased, my very real fangs were deep inside my boyfriend’s beck. Through my utter joy at the taste of blood, I heard, “Oh, God, Jennifer! … You’re actually …. ugh …drinking my blood!” I drank lovingly, feeling my insides come alive to process the meal, until he passed out …

“Jess, you drank Human blood?” Jackie asked shocked, breaking my all but complete narrative.

“Last night,” I smirked, showing off my very real, undescended fang. “I know how you feel: mind being overtaken by sapphic arousal. That’s my fault, actually. I had no control over my powers over the Human mind until recently. Still, it’s exactly how I want you to be right now.”

We then made out lustfully. Her warm heart raced, while she barely noticed how cold I felt. “Why don’t you give me a foot massage; I’ve been on my feet all day,” I ordered. It was an intentionally odd thing for me to say, because Vampires are in as much control over their own pain as they are pleasure. “They taste so good, don’t they, Human,” I said deeply. “I can tell that you crave them as much as I crave the blood coursing through your veins.” All she could think about were the feet that she slobbered over. The more she felt and tasted them, the more addicted she became. The fact that they were freezing somehow added to the delight. So soft!

My moans and coos soon turned into a glorious orgasm, beyond which any Human could achieve. “Good … We’ll do more of that later.” I pulled my feet away, and she felt utter disappointment. “Ever wanna fuck a Vampire?” I looked deep into her widened eyes.

Conscious mind dissolved, she stripped naked, and fingered herself to the sight of the stripping Vampire before her. I then leaned over, and gave her a long, wet kiss. She came loudly, while I pulled away. I then began to make out with her soaked snatch. I gave her orgasm after endless, mind numbing orgasm.

There were no thoughts running though her mind, while I kissed and licked up her quivering body. Her brain could not even process how horny she was!

“You’re in for such a surprise!” I excitedly hissed. I then slowly extended my bright white fangs.

Suddenly, I plunged my fangs into her ripe neck. While her blood brought my deathly body temporarily back to life, her tasty adrenalin rush brought her mind back just enough to process the situation. I was actually drinking her blood, and loving it! To her surprise it did not hurt, though it felt incredibly strange. A part of her wanted to push me away, but she found herself enjoying my blood sucking too much. Indeed, it was orgasmic for her. I pulled back just before she would have fallen into blackness. I was always such an expert!

I sat next to Jackie, licking my blood stained lips. I was pleasantly gorged. “I’m sure you figured at least a part of it out already,” I hissed deeply. “I’ve always been a Vampire, not counting my little sabbatical. I was born over five hundred years ago in what is now Bulgaria. I was turned when I was only twenty. I was a devoted follower of the Great Luthuria, a God of Vampiric Pleasure. Four hundred years later, I made a horrible mistake that got me destroyed. “The Cosmic Gods of Passion deemed my soul worthy of resurrection. I was soon reborn in this new body, which is not dissimilar to my old self. There was of course no conscious memory of my true past. Well, that was until that glorious Vampire role. ‘Being’ a Vampire, my Vampire soul was reminded of its true nature, and worked to make the body one with it. In time for Halloween, no less! … I should mention that Vampire film will soon be in post production. Maybe I’ll get an award for my ‘realistic’ performance … When I was fully restored, I drank too much of my boyfriend’s blood, but he should be all right. Then again, it had been far too long!” While I laughed, my fangs glistened red with Jackie’s blood …

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