Cosmic Passions: 6 Manifest

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Cosmic Passions: 6 Manifest

Synopsis: Farrah’s time to herself was most enlightening.

Farrah was quite an attractive woman. She was tall, with auburn hair, dark blue eyes, large breasts, near perfect skin, and slim yet full figure. She did modeling while in college, but did not continue that after she graduated. Still, that experience taught her the pluses of staying physically fit, and regularly does pilates.

She was driving home from her dentist appointment. Her teeth were quite good, but she needed new caps on her molars. She never really liked the dentist, and was especially hating that gritty feeling on her back teeth from the new caps.

When she walked into her small house, her boyfriend Jason was not there to greet her. He was on a business trip, but said he would be back that night. She sighed. She had nothing to do that evening, it being a Saturday. Farrah sat on the couch, kicked off her flip flops, and started channel surfing.

The rest of the day was rather boring. She watched TV, had dinner, did her pilates routine checked her email, and finally went back to the TV. It was late after that. Farrah then stumbled across late night softcore porn. She usually never watched porn, but she found herself intrigued. “Fuck it! I AM horny!” she said to herself.

Before Farrah new it, she was naked and masturbating on the couch. She thought it was strange to be enjoying herself like that. She almost never masturbated before, but felt it was right somehow. She was never against physical pleasure, and had a very healthy sex life with Jason.

Farrah then realized that she was paying less and less attention to the TV, and more on herself. In her erotically induced haze, she didn’t realize her clothes fell away. The more she touched her quivering naked body with her free hand, the more she rubbed her legs and feet together, and the warmer and wetter her crotch became under her hand, the hornier she became! She simply could not keep up at first. Her arousal had reached higher levels than she ever knew. She eventually realized that the more she concentrated on herself, and ONLY herself, the more she caught up with her arousal. At the same time, her breasts grew like balloons, and they felt glorious! Sweat began to drip from every pore, while she breathed so hard that she began to hyperventilate. This was perfection; she was perfection. Farrah screamed in blissful, wet orgasm.

For a long time, Farrah lay on the couch. She squirted in orgasm for the first time in her life, and felt it begin to dry on her skin. The TV chattered away. Composure slowly came to her garbled mind. “What the fuck just happened?” she whispered to herself. This was a life changing moment for her. So life changing that her now massive DD’s were all but an afterthought. She somehow unlocked the door for sexual attraction to herself, and other women. It was not that she was “in love” with herself, it was more of an innocent lust and extreme narcism. Something else was unlocked, too. She now had the confidence, no, the power to make others do as she so wished. Perhaps it was within her all along, and finally burst to the surface …

Her shower that night was long and indulgent. She touched herself in ways that only she could. Her flexible body ensured that she would indulge in everything, including her beautiful feet. There was no part of her body that she was not attracted to. She could simply think of her nose, and bring herself to orgasm. She could cum to just the look and feel of her sole while rubbing her snatch.

When she was sensually drying herself off from her passion charged shower, she heard her boyfriend come into the apartment. She wrapped her towel around her naked body, slipped on her flip flops, and walked out to him.

When Jason saw his longtime girlfriend, he knew instantly that something was different, but in a very good way. Not unlike his own expression, Farrah looked at him with a look of hunger for the passion they could create. The great love between then became part of an intense lust in that brief moment. Jason’s mind was impossibly corrupted by the last person he expected.

Farrah dropped her white towel to reveal her cosmically enhanced beauty, and Jason lunged at her. As if they fell into a time warp, they were suddenly both naked and thrusting into each other passionately on their bed. The passion was intense and hot. There was no way to know if it was slow or fast, because time no longer seemed to exist in the normal sense.

Soon, they both found themselves in continuous orgasmic state. “TASTES SO GOOD!” Farrah screamed amongst their cries of passion. Drool poured from her mouth. Farrah’s mind was working just barely enough to comprehend what she was impossibly doing: She was consuming their passion. It actually felt as if she was eating, while not eating at all. When their all but endless cries of passion faded, Jason passed out, while Farrah drowsily looked at what was essentially her meal.

“How could anything tastes so good, and not be actual ‘food’?” she whispered to herself. She somehow now knew that she no longer needed to eat anything but sexual passion, and understood how her instincts changed accordingly. “Am I some kind of Succubus?” she whispered to herself in bewilderment.


Farrah’s boyfriend left for work before she woke up the next day as usual. She found herself starving, but there was no food in the apartment that could satisfy her. Indeed, she tried a bowl of cereal, but it tasted terrible. She needed passion.

She found that fucking herself helped at first, but she soon realized that she needed another to “fill her belly.” That help quickly turned into a self tease, making her hunger worse. Suddenly, she heard a nock at the door, and threw on her robe.

At the door was her neighbor Jessica. She forgot that they planned on going shopping that day. The thought of consuming her passion overwhelming her mind, she opened the door to her slim blonde friend.

“Woah! You look all sweated up. Feeling all right, Farrah?”

“I’m fine,” she smiled disarmingly. “I was just exercising, and was gonna hop into the shower,” she lied if only partially if one considered self pleasure strenuous. “Come in. I have something AMAZING I have to tell you about!”

Jessica felt strange, while her attractive friend led her to the couch to sit down. She was breathless, and felt a warmth grow in her crotch. The more she looked at the robed women, the less control she felt over herself. Sure, she noticed her greatly enlarged breasts, cleavage, but that knowledge only corrupted her further.

Out of her great hunger Farrah placed her bare feet on Jessica’s lap, and requested for her to rub them. She did so almost automatically. The worship was a perfect appetizer. “UMMM! … Something happened to me last night, Jessica: I changed. I don’t fully understand it yet, but all I could do was embrace it … OOOOH! … You can almost feel it can’t you: The passion being enhanced and slurped up by me. Its was I eat now.”

“What?” she barely asked in her enthrallment.

“Your bisexual now just from being in my presence. I’m a sexual animal with the perfect methods of seduction!”

Jessica suddenly lost control, and began to slobber over Farrah’s large feet. Her mind was so gone that she didn’t even realize that her clothes were gone by the time Farrah’s wrinkly sole was rubbing her wet snatch. “God that feels so good!” Jessica gasped.

“It tastes good, too!” Farrah cooed, with drool escaping her mouth.

Before she knew it, Jessica was making out with the addicting woman, while rubbing her body against hers. She then slowly worked her way down Farrah’s now voluptuous body, leaving a massive trail of spit. She sucked on her tits like there would be milk, and continued to work all the way down to her amazing feet, which was more delicious than any other part of this Succubus.

Soon, they pulled themselves together into an erotic scissor. While their pussies made out, Jessica could feel a kind of suction emanating from Farrah’s holes, which somehow enhanced the pleasure. They soon screamed in passion, while Farrah consumed every bit of passion they created.

Farrah looked down onto the passed out woman, drooling. It was now clear to her that woman may take longer than men to seduce, but they give ever so much more passion to consume, at least for her. She even knew how to make Jessica hers forever. All that was needed was to take just a little bit more from her before she recovered.

She then began to passionately rub Jessica’s wet snatch. Jessica moaned and cooed in her semiconscious state. Yet more drool fell from Farrah’s mouth, knowing that she was about to receive a kind of desert. A strong orgasm soon exploded out of Jessica and in to Farrah. She instantly knew what that little bit extra was: a small piece a Jessica’s very essence…

From absorbing a piece of Jessica’s soul, they became like sisters. Well, incestuous sisters. Jason of course had no problem with the addition of Jessica to their love lives, along with Farrah’s new self. He admitted that he secretly wanted to do a threesome, and being in a permanent one was beyond any straight male could hope for. Farrah had no idea that Jason was such a cliche!


One night Farrah woke up, or at least it seemed like she did. Her lovers and perpetual meals quietly slept to her sides. There was a mix of horniness and hunger, of which was beyond her compression, yet she could not move.

Suddenly, she saw a shadow move on the wall facing her. She was not afraid, and felt that her extreme hunger and horniness somehow came from that shadow. It was then she realized that her blanket and her two lovers disappeared, revealing her flawless, naked body in the darkness. The shadow slowly moved toward her like flowing water. When it flowed onto her feet, she screamed in an epic orgasm. The pleasure simply grew more powerful, while it flowed upwards, aiming to smother her in an erotic darkness. Soon, she could no longer comprehend anything, but for the cosmic pleasure …

In the erotic darkness, Farrah was no longer Farrah. Her mind existed through another. “You have done well, Plaotathis of Curiosity,” a genderless yet erotically corrupting voice echoed.

“The Greater Gods called for aid, and I complied, Great Zalatoth, Binder of Witchcraft,” Farrah stated in a genderless voice not her own. “It is ever so fun to give Humans the curiosity to do ever so much more. To make them so curious that they become our mouthpiece, is but icing on the moist cake!”

“You have always been so full of yourself, Plaotathis,” the Great Zalatoth stated with a hint of annoyance.

Farrah suddenly felt a wave of unearthly Sexual Energy rush through her. Her powerful orgasm shook the world around her, while bright white cracks formed everywhere. While the walls of the dark reality shattered, another came into focus.

A large circle of both men and women surrounded her, masturbating to an impulsively erotic dance seemingly of her making. She recognized one person in the circle as her dentist. She somehow now knew that he was the one who initiated her transformation. The room was large and torchlit, with a robed person separate from the group standing behind a mahogany alter. An old yet new leather bound book lay before him: Liber Lubidinum (The Book of Passions).

“Welcome Farrah,” a huskily feminine voice stated from behind the alter, while now rubbing her breasts and crotch. “We are worshipers of the Great Zalatoth, but you already know that … OHHHH … We searched for one like you for so long. Those with such hidden LUSTS are so hard to find. When our, your dentist came to understand your potential, there was nothing but excitement for us. You are so, ummmmm, perfect! We truly envy you, one who is so close to the Gods. Please, stay as long as you like!” The robed woman screamed in orgasm.

Farrah’s life now was not truly servitude to greater beings and their worshipers. Indeed, she was above the worshipers. To become what she became was what she always wanted, whether she knew it or not. Her will has always been her own, and has always been one of passion. That is the reality of an Avatar of the Cosmic Gods of Passion.

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