Cosmic Passions: 5 Artist’s Rendition

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Cosmic Passions: 5 Artist’s Rendition

Synopsis: An artist learns he has extraordinary power.

I always wanted to do a portrait. Before now, I did mostly landscapes. My claim to fame was how quickly I could put the image onto canvas with incredible accuracy. That was why many called me the “Photopainter.” I was hesitant to accept Ms Julia Kends’ commission at first, because of my lack of expertise in painting people. Even worse, this middle aged, wealthy widow wanted me to make her look “younger” in the portrait. She even wanted it to be done while she was nude. Still, a commission is a commission!

After studying pictures of her younger self, I had her sit down for the portrait in her bedroom. I decided to paint her from the bottom up. She wasn’t unattractive for her age. Indeed, she was only forty-five. Her size eight feet were far easier than first glance would suggest. Removing signs of age like veins made the image simpler. I continued upward using the same methods. I was most pleased with my choice of flesh colors. They made her seem more vibrant on canvas than any of her pictures.

Time flew by, while our awareness of it faded into nothingness. When I reached her hips and stomach, I ensured that any apparent weight gain did not exist on canvas. She had a slim yet healthy figure when she was younger, and that needed to be reflected. I continued upward, firming up the breasts, tightening the arms, flattening the spidery hands. The head and overall face took the longest (whatever that meant without a concept of time). I made her dark brown hair so vibrant, face so elfin.

Days could have passed; there was no way to know. I sat looking at the nude, arousing goddess on the canvas. The image was more beautiful than any of her pictures. I suddenly found myself rubbing my eyes in exhaustion …

“You done already?” a familiar voice stated in the distance. I then heard strange noises ahead of me. They were a cross between ecstasy and shock. The noises aroused me to no end. ‘Am I dreaming?’ I asked myself. The familiar voice the screamed, “Oh, Fuck … Gah! … SOTOS … OHHHHHHH!”

I looked up at the goddess on the canvas, and then looked past to the actual person. To my shock, they were identical! “What … What happened?” Julia asked breathlessly. ‘Am I dreaming?’ I asked myself again, knowing that I was impossibly awake.

“How do you feel?” I asked curiously, while realizing my massive arousal. As I asked, I realized how subtly unique she looked. It was the fact that she looked identical to her portrait. I somehow made her impossibly perfect.

“I feel … really good. I have’t felt this good since I was eighteen!” The perfect goddess walked over to me. She suddenly caught her reflection in her tall mirror, and her jaw dropped. “This is a fuckin’ dream!” She began to passionately feel herself, giving in to an arousal as deep as my own. She looked over to me with passion in her eyes, and stated forcibly, “Your pants are about to fucking explode. Let me help you with that!” She ran over, and pulled off my pants. She lightly touched my solid cock while drooling, and grunted, “My pussy feels tight again. Wanna fix that?”

I nodded, and with catlike speed, she mounted me. Her humping was wild and insane. I couldn’t believe how tight she was! She soon came wildly, while her juices gushed out onto my crotch. I somehow didn’t cum then, but Julia seemed happy about that. She crawled down to my crotch, lightly scraping her fingernails on my chest, and began to suck me off. Her wild sucking did the trick, and I quickly exploded down her throat. She happily swallowed.

Julia then said, “I hadn’t tasted cum in years!”


With our wits returned, we actively tried to understand what happened. We obviously weren’t dreaming. Julia, being the aggressive businesswomen she was, saw a lot of money in my work, regardless of how I really changed her. There was something more to her ambitions. It was as if she was driven by something beyond herself. I tried to convince her that I wasn’t sure if I could do it again, but she didn’t care. I honestly did not really want to exploit my work. I am an artist! She convinced me to the contrary, though, because her outward perfection broke down all who would look.
 I of course went forward with her, our experiment; I had no strength against such beauty, albeit beauty that I seemingly recreated. She decided to have me paint a “better” picture for her slowly declining corporation, which she inherited from her father. So I decided to paint an image of the corporations stock rising, with tomorrow’s date on it. Though I felt the same fleeting feeling while I painted, it was different somehow. The feeling was far more overwhelming, and so much so that I found it hard to breath. I passed out almost the moment I finished …


“You did it!” I heard a familiar voice say in the distance.

While the voice echoed through my soul, I began to feel something: pleasure and passion. I slowly opened my eyes to the wild businesswoman humping me madly. She began to orgasm, while I fully came to consciousness. She then crawled down, and finished me off with her hot, wet mouth.

She playfully lay next to me. “Our stock did exactly as it did in your painting: UP! I just got the call from the Board. Everything’s looking positive now.”

It was in that moment when something clicked. It wasn’t just the paint on canvas, it was the intent and rendition of that intent. I even understood that there was something more to it, but that higher level of understanding was still clouded to me. Yet, somehow that didn’t matter, because the thrill of altering and manipulating reality was almost as good as sex with the goddess next to me. Power most certainly corrupts, and I was already corrupted.

“Now we will truly invigorate my company, Artist!” Julia stated excitedly.


My canvas was reality. The next image I painted was of my abilities of “altering” people becoming well known, and that I was under the employ (contractually) of Julia’s corporation. Julia was of course the first to experience my technique, if only to make things easy to explain on her part. While not necessarily understood, my talents were seen as nothing more than trade secrets. Indeed, most articles published on me later assumed I was just some glorified plastic surgeon, who was as skilled with the brush as with the knife. Clients were soon not paying us boatloads of money, but luxury liners. A lot of me regretted that this Rabbit Hole already went so far, that I even allowed myself to fall down it, but I was so damn clouded by the passions I received from the descent …

Our most unique client was fetish model Briana Bee. Her commission was for a week. She was about five feet and two inches (she looked taller), had DD-cup breasts, and had dark brown hair. She was primarily known for her latex modeling, but did just about everything else in the pornography world. She wanted to do something special for her upcoming latex series. Her request was to have her skin naturally be latex. She gave specific specifications on how she should look, including making her hair naturally red. There were further directions for later adjustments, which could change depending how her series went.

I knew Jackie was probably jealous by me having a naked pornstar sitting on the chair before me within my studio, and rightfully so. I could not help but have a massive erection!

Deciding to start at the top, I made her long, free flowing hair a deep red. To ensure her skin was fully latex, I painted her face with her eyelids partly closed, and mouth partly open. For the latex skin, I mixed my usual flesh colors with actual latex paint. Latex had a very distinct shimmer, which I decided not to duplicate artificially. I continued down her voluptuous body. It took all my effort not to jerk off to the sight. Per her orders, I ensured that her fingers were separate, while removing her fingernails. At her crotch, I pained the latex skin flowing deep inside her already clean shaven snatch. The intent was that her ass would have the latex doing the same thing. I continued down her firm legs and high arched, size five feet. Unlike her fingers, they were not to be separated, but like her fingers, they were not to have nails. The last part was to paint black lines in the same manner as fishnet pantyhose from her hips to her toes. It took more effort than I anticipated to make the lines realistically flow into her snatch. Tiredly, I then finally placed the paintbrush down.

I looked up to hear and see the fetishistic woman began to transform before me. She moaned and grunted in ecstasy, while she groped her changing skin. Her hair changed so quickly to the deep red that the change was almost instant. Her skin changed far more slowly. First, the texture changed from silky smooth to sleek and glossy. Then, it began to gain the very distinct latex shimmer. Almost at the same time, the fishnet design from her hips to toes faded into view, while her nails consumed by her latex skin. In a massive, glorious orgasm she screamed. Her transformation was complete.

Breathing deeply through her mouth, she examined her new form. She licked her latex lips, and like an addict, she started to slobber all over her latex skin. “FUCK! I even taste like latex!” she said ecstatically. It was well known that that she legitimately had a latex fetish, among other’s.

“How do you feel?” I asked curiously. She certainly didn’t look normal anymore.

Drooling and licking her lips, she replied, “Amazing! Thank you.” She walked over toward me. The slap of her latex feet was more than audible on the wood floor. She then began to make out with me. Her wet, latex lips felt admittedly strange. I quickly adapted to it, and found it incredibly arousing. I put one hand behind her head, and the other on her back. The sleek, glossy nature of her transformed skin drove me wild. She then pulled back, slowly licked her lips, and said, “You did such a fuckin’ good job, I think I’ll give you something a little extra!”

She ripped off my clothes. The feel of her latex hands gliding against my skin gave me goosebumps. She then mounted me, and humped wildly. The feel of the latex walls of her pussy were so wonderfully different! “HUMPH! … I think I’m more sensitive than ever!” she exclaimed. She humped more wildly, while I made out and groped every inch of her that I could. I can’t say I had any opinion of latex before, but I know I had a fetish for it now.

It was truly remarkable to see my spit being absorbed into the latex skin. Despite its look, feel, and taste, there was little doubt that it was still real skin. It was a counterintuitive sight, but I already gave up on trying to understand it all.

When she intuitively sensed I was about to cum, she dismounted me, and began to finger her latex hole. “Only because you made me so happy!” she exclaimed. Getting the idea (she was a well known squirter), I went to my knees, with mouth open wide, I positioned my head in front of her shiny, wet pussy. Within moments, she screamed, and squirt down my throat. The background flavor of latex enhanced my enjoyment. “I never squirt so much before!” she excitedly exclaimed.

“Finish me off!” I stated, with her cum leaking from my mouth. “Suck me off, while giving me a footjob!”

She smiled sexily, and lovingly licked her lips. “Oh, yeah!” We quickly sat adjacent to each other on the floor. I almost came the moment her warm, latex soles clamped my solid erection. The feel of her moist latex lips and humid mouth made me cum in seconds. The rubbery woman forcibly milked me dry.

“If you’re upcoming alterations are this perfect,” she drooled, “then we’re in for a hell of a ride!”

I made almost daily adjustments, while the week commenced. Each adjustment came with considerable sex. Jackie was secretly jealous, but we really weren’t in love, anyway. Briana’s colors changed considerably: red, purple, blue, etc. Perhaps her most radical was her “all black” look. Every visible inch of her was made pitch black, except for her brown eyes. When the commission was finished she instructed me to return her to her “original” latex form, minus the fishnet pattern. This was to be her default look, while she was to keep me in mind for future concepts …


That night, I found myself in a dream as vivid at it was surreal. The place was obscured in the shadows. On one side of me, I saw a figure mercilessly typing on a laptop, and on the other, there was a kind of pantheon of beings. Some of the beings seemed to be silently at odds, and others in perfect harmony. There was a definite leader above all the beings. Their images were so obscure that it was as if my senses could not truly detect their full presence.

While I viewed them, I realized that one was observing me. Of course, that realization was more out of feeling, because I wasn’t sure if it had a head let alone eyes! I knew its secret name, too: a name uttered in the throws of ecstasy. The more we looked into each other, the more I pleasured myself. The more I pleasured myself, the more I knew what was to come next.

My scream of ecstasy was accompanied by another’s. The walls of the dark reality shattered, and I realized that Julia and I were fucking wildly on her bed. She was sucking off my solid cock, while I hungrily ate out her melting pussy. We came to an orgasm that lasted for all but an eternity.

We lay next to each other, with passion in our eyes. “I know what is to come next, Julia.”

“What?” she asked breathlessly.

“There is so much I know now. Yet, our story is all but done.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Come with me.”

I took her hand in mine, and brought her to my studio across town. With a bewildered Julia sitting next to me, I first painted a picture of Julia and I as being no longer a part of this world. At the same time, we were ascending to another. We were to be nothing more than a dream.

We let a wave of ecstasy fly through us, while the manipulated reality began to set itself. Then I removed our clothes, and grabbed my paint buckets. With intent well in mind, I poured the paints all over our naked bodies. We fell to the floor, embracing each other tightly. The paint consumed our minds, and soon all we cared about was the passion. Our reality faded into nothingness, while we ascended into the cosmos, and beyond. We became beings of passion for the rest of eternity.

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