Cosmic Passions: 4 Sex Drive

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Cosmic Passions: 4 Sex Drive

Synopsis: An independent filmmaker decides to make a pornographic film, but who’s really pulling the strings?

“Here with me now is the renowned and controversial independent filmmaker Jackson Roberts!” The host of Entertainment Nightly sounded. She was in her typical, revealing red dress and cliche heels.

“Hello, thank you for having me, Jennifer,” the filmmaker responded. He was in his “artist” garb: sunglasses, turtleneck, and sport jacket, which barley matched his pants.

“So here’s the Nightly Burning Question: Why did you decide to make the pornographic film ‘Sex Drive’?”

“Well, Jennifer, you know I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. This being my first true interview for this, I’m glad you asked that first …”

“Idiot!” I interjected, watching him on my TV.

He continued, “… It was something I felt I should do. I,” he paused for affect, “conquered the other genres. Then I asked myself: ‘what next?’ I answered: ‘Pornography’…”

“This is my employer …” I said while shaking my head.

The host continued, “… You make that sound like a simple conclusion, Jackson.”

“Not as easy a you may think, Jennifer. I had to go through several movies beforehand,” he quipped.

I let out a large sigh.

“Then, Jennifer, I got myself a real star, and casted a good mix of movie and pornographic actors.”

“And, he finally mentions me!” I said to the TV sarcastically. Actually, I wasn’t that big of a star. I had a good supporting movie role or two, and was the lead of a still popular sitcom, which was on a channel that suffocated itself with reality TV before the show could end naturally. The problem with having a good role for several years was that it usually brought the actor to a crossroads: Obscurity Boulevard or Typecast Way. I found myself on the former all too quickly. Sure, my name was out there, the paparazzi were proof enough! I almost killed one once out of their own desperation, but that’s another story. Anyway, a couple of years after the sitcom was canceled just before its network was erased, Jackson pitched his film to me. With assurance that it would be released theatrically under the “NC-17” banner, I accepted. It wasn’t like I was employed at the time. Besides, I had to make the mortgage payments on my small yet cliched Hollywood home!

I clicked off the TV, so I would stop my bitching at nothing. I had to get to sleep early, anyway. We started filming early tomorrow, and I was never much of a morning person. I have to admit that the plot was interesting. It was set in the near future, and involved a fast acting drug called “Sex Drive,” which enhanced people’s, well, sex drives at least tenfold. It was highly addictive, illegal, and a lot of people were on it. My part was the sexy private detective Jackie Styles, who was hired to find some woman’s hopelessly addicted sister. Spoiler alert! I find the sister, we all get addicted, and finally have a massive orgy. Jackson Roberts, the master of predictable!


Scolding hot coffee in hand, large sigh held back, I walked into the studio. Before me was Robert’s usual filming crew: Bob Reily (cinematographer), Roberta Bradleys (Associate Producer, AKA the Gal-That-Always-Found-a-Distributor), Doug Reynolds (Co-Writer), Daren Pico (Producer), and finally Jackson Roberts (Professional Hack, Director, Co-Executive Producer, Co-Writer and Screenwriter), etc, etc. The odd man out was Larry Sampson (Co-Executive Producer), who regularly produced pornographic films. There was much speculation on why he chose to work on this particular film, but he was notorious for being tight lipped until Production was completed.

I walked up the studio, hot coffee still in hand, and sighed. This role had a high chance of destroying what was left of my career, but I reminded myself that I didn’t want to get evicted by a damn bank, tomorrow! Composure regained, I walked up to the director.

They were finishing up the first block of filming for the day. Two recognizable porno actors were going at it like rabbits. I didn’t remember their names, but I didn’t care. Though, even I found myself growing aroused by the sight of a man and a woman 69‘ing.

After a very realistic orgasm from both parties, Roberts screamed “CUT!” The two actors stumbled away, visibly exhausted.

“One-hundred percent real!” Roberts suddenly said to me.


“Those two really did just screw each other. I am going for realism here, you know that.”

I did, but didn’t fully believe it until then. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to having “real” sex in front of the camera, so I kept telling myself that none of it would be real. “That’s what you brought me in for!” I said convincingly.

He smiled. “Now, we are starting you off with a sexless scene, and once we get that, we’ll do yours and your character’s first erotic scene.”

I of course knew all this, but if I learned anything about this director, he liked to repeat himself sometimes …

After a rush of makeup and wardrobe, I suddenly heard, “ACTION!”

“You know how dangerous the Sex Drive cults are, Ms Jendrick,” I said in character. The set was of the Spartan office of my character.

“I … I know …” the woman overacted.

“If your sister is indeed a part of one those cults, then there’s not much that can be done. We all know what Drive does to brain chemistry.” The nickname of Sex Drive was “Drive.”

“I’ll just … I’ll just feel better knowing.”

“All right, I’ll take the case, but I’ll say again that there may not be much we can do.”

“Thank you, Detective Styles.”

We did two more takes before we moved on to the next scene. In this scene, I’m snooping on the Sex Drive cult, and it goes as expected.

The exterior, to be spliced in later, was a strip club, which was closed for the night. I was looking through a small window to the back room taking pictures. It looked as if I found the client’s sister, but I wasn’t yet sure.

A scantily clad woman walked in with a boll of oblong red pills: Sex Drive. She passed the boll around the room, with each taking one pill. There were five women, and three men. The woman with the boll popped her pills ahead of everyone else. After only a few minutes, she fell to the floor, ripping off her clothes. She groped herself wildly in what seemed like permanent orgasm. After a sea of screaming ecstasy, she came in a kind of super orgasm that could have smashed windows. It was all breathtakingly realistic.

With their apparent leader passed out on the floor, the others popped their pills. It did not take long for the orgy to commence. Drive had its share of side affects, like give men erections for far more than five hours, but what it did to women was something far more profound. After only a single use, there was a fifty percent chance of women becoming bisexual, and repeated use brought that to one-hundred. Indeed, prolonged use could make them complete lesbians. There was no way to reverse the changes in sexuality.

The moans of ecstasy were deafening, and I had to admit to being a little aroused by the sight. There was something so empowering about seeing women alone achieve such apparently real sexual ecstasy, while the men desperately pleasured themselves in the sidelines.

Suddenly, someone took my arm, and brought me inside by gunpoint. The one thing I did like about this director was his obsession with continuous filming. It takes away the often cumbersome fades, and makes scenes look more realistic. This made it possible for the audience to see the drama of my capture seamlessly lead to me being strapped to an exam table in a windowless room.

The leader, still clearly affected by the double dose of Drive, walked into the room naked. She held a syringe filled with a deep red liquid. It was obviously Drive. With a big smile, she injected me with the addictive fluids. Of course, nothing actually penetrated my skin (the camera does cut away).

I counted down thirty seconds in my head. After, I began squirming erotically. What surprised me was that I really felt turned on, while I was supposed to be acting. I went with it, assuming it was all just the heat of the moment.

I was so impossibly aroused that I didn’t even realize that I was no longer strapped to the table. The now naked, voluptuous leader (brunette pornstar Julia Cummings) ripped off my clothes. The look in her bright green eyes were beyond lustful. It was the first time in my life that I was truly turned on by a woman. I couldn’t believe it, yet couldn’t deny it!

The next thing I knew, we were hungrily 69‘ing. The taste and feel of it all drove me so wild that my coos were louder than Julia’s! When we finally came, our screams of passion could have broken eardrums.

The naked pornstar turned herself around, and we made out. I could taste my cum in her spit, as I’m sure she could taste hers in mine. She pulled back, and feistily said, “Now you’re one of us!”

The rest of the day was filled with both straight and lesbian sex. It was my “indoctrination” scene, and good God, I actually loved it! I never tasted cum before in my life (male or female), but now my belly was filled with it.


That night, I was lying in my bed. My head was made into mush from the day’s activities. The more my mind came back to me, however, the stranger I realized it all was. Seriously, I never even looked at a woman sexually in my life, but I could swear that I still tasted pussy juice on my lips. Just thinking about all that sex made my now well used pussy twitch. Something was seriously wrong here. It should be impossible to change someone’s sexuality. It was supposed to just be a sick fantasy of the director’s! I vowed then that I would find out what was happening, and to try not to arouse suspicion.


As the filming went on, so did the sex. I soon found that I loved it so much that I had trouble concentrating on much else sometimes. I often had to cum several times at home just to gain any sort of composure!

However, some things slowly came into focus. Perhaps quite literally. In Robert’s office and trailer, which he never locked, I found a memo from Sampson. It stated that he convinced the cinematographer to use an experimental digital cameral. The production was to be paid to use them, provided that continual feedback was given. It was all part of a scheme to keep the money stretched project form going over budget, and Jackson Roberts was notorious for that.

After a few more days of crazy, hot, filmed sex, I was able to locate the company who owned the cameras: NewAge DIGITAL. They were in the yellow pages. The company was a small startup, and had no problem showing me around. Being a celebrity, they fully knew who I was, and they received my autograph on a group shot poster of my sitcom. They said the poster would now be mounted in their lobby.

I may not have been a grizzled detective in real life, but I don’t think one could have found anything suspicious at NewAge DIGITAL. I went home frustrated.

Sitting on my couch, my eye caught my jacket. I suddenly remembered that I shoved another paper in my pocket before climbing out the trailer’s window to not be caught. I took out the crumpled piece of paper. It was a printed email from Sampson. It stated that he would be unavailable from the twentieth to thirtieth, which was in a couple of days. No reason was given.

‘Sampson, Sampson, Sampson!’ I thought before stating, “Who the hell IS Sampson?” I had a gut feeling that I needed to find out where he was going, and perhaps had to even follow him there. Coincidentally, the twentieth fell on a Saturday, and we didn’t film on weekends. I just had to grind though another few days of crazy sex, which a part of me was happy about…


Since that scene I had with her, I’ve been having lunch with Julia Cummings. We were becoming fast friends. At the end of Tuesdays filming, we had dinner together. I knew the rumors were starting, but we didn’t care about that. Besides, there was probably truth to them! I really was attracted to her.

“So, I’ve been wondering, Julie …” I started cautiously, while we were eating our meals. We ate at a deserted cafe not far from the main set.

“Yes?” she asked sweetly.

“Do you do the ‘gay for pay’ thing, or are you really bi?”

“I should be asking the same of you!” she laughed. “Actually, I am bi. How ‘bout you?”

“You know, I never thought I was until I started Sex Drive. Now, I’m not sure.”

She put on her trademark feisty look, and said, “Would you like help finding out?”

I then heard her flip flop slap onto the tile floor. Her soft foot began to slide up my exposed led. My breathing became deep and uncontrollable. Her glorious foot slid under my skirt, and onto my moistening pussy. “Oh, yeah!” I deeply cooed, while she rubbed.

She then said quietly, “Lets get out’a here and fuck!” She tossed some cash onto the table, grabbed my hand, and we all but ran out.

We quickly walked to the closest hotel we could find, and checked in for the night. We made out, while peeling off our clothes and groping our hot bodies. “I never do this!” I barely said. Julia shrugged, and said, “Me neither!”

Clothes piled onto the floor, we fell onto the springy bed. We playfully kicked off our footwear, and rubbed our soft feet together. “You know,” Julia said seductively, “I’m well known for my fetish stuff.” I gave her a confirming smile.

She crawled down my quivering body, kissing and licking all the way. “Oh, fuuuuck!” I grunted, when she began to worship my feet. Drool poured out of her mouth, while she rubbed, licked and sucked. “Oh, fuck, Julie, I’m gonna cum!” She then took turns deep throating each foot until I screamed in orgasm without even touching myself.

She swung herself around, and presented her smooth, high arched feet to me. “Now show me what you’ve just learned, baby!” she cooed. Instantly, I began to worship her sexy feet. I rubbed and slobbered desperately, while she cooed in appreciation. Their taste and texture was utter perfection. I then deepthroated each foot in turn until she came wildly.

I crawled up her hot body, and we made out with intense passion. “I love you!” I screamed. “Oh, I love you, too!” she affirmed.

We fucked for hours after. She even squirt into my mouth. Her squirting was apparently her best kept secret! She never did that in front of the camera. By the time we finally ran out of energy, our bodies were covered with sweat, spit and cum. We fell asleep in each other’s arms …


We were very open about our relationship afterwords, and I think Roberts was pleased in more ways than one. I was now so distracted by both the filmed sex and sex with Julia that I almost forgot about Sampson! I told Julia that I had a prior engagement for the weekend. It went without saying that we’d be chatting and texting almost the whole time. She even hinted at some phone sex, too.

After the end of Friday’s shoot, and Julia’s long kiss goodby, I kept close tabs on Sampson. I ultimately followed him to what could best be described as a “witch shop.” He disappeared inside. I waited for some time before following.

I saw no one inside the dimly lit shop. My heart was racing. There was a bell at the register, but I decided not to attract attention to myself. I then heard muffled noises coming from behind the curtain behind the register. I cautiously pulled back the curtain to find an old wood door left ajar. Behind it was a long, torchlit, downward staircase. A part of me wanted to escape before it was too late, but an impossibly strong need to see what was beyond overrode my fears.

Quietly, I pushed open the ajar door at the bottom of the steps. I moved forward several paces in the very dark room. The chanting was louder than ever. A golden light was piercing though the deep red curtain before me. Peering through, I was mesmerized. There was a large torchlit room lined with ancient tapestries of wild, bacchic behavior. In the center, ten robed people sat in a closed circle, with a stunning, long raven haired woman suggestively dancing in the center. She wore a see through black gown, which gracefully brushed the floor, and nothing underneath. The men and women surrounding were masturbating to the sight. I found myself wanting to do the same.

“The Book Bearers are missing,” the man in black robes stated behind the mahogany alter to the left.

The alluring woman in the center ceased her infinitely arousing dance, and spoke in an inhuman, genderless voice, which confusingly pleasured my wet pussy. “One is lost to us. The other is trapped in a hopeless quest. The youngling chose to follow the Great Simelinis of Love instead of I, the Great L’sothot of Potions.” Her voice suddenly changed to a more inhuman, sexually arousing pitch. “I, the Great Zalatoth, who binds all Witchcraft, chose not to intervene. The Truly Great One, who binds us all, saw no importance in the defection … The Book is destined to return to you. I have made that certain. For that was the deal we made with the Great Simelinis.” She then resumed her erotic dance.

“We thank the Great Zalatoth and the Great L’sothot for the information via the Avatar.” The black robed man stated.

Suddenly, I found myself again walking without consciously telling myself to do so. While I walked in, the robed man put down his hood. I didn’t recognize old man. “Welcome,” he said to me. He turned his head to someone else in the room. “Larry Sampson, you have done well. You didn’t tell me that a new follower of the Great L’sothot was recruited though your efforts.”

How did I not notice Sampson was there! Sampson then corrected, “Two new followers, at least! This actress, and Jackson Roberts. He should be along once his film was complete.”

The robed man stated, “Excellent! Your drug has done well. Remind me of its implementation.”

“The coffee, primarily. It took some doing, but who doesn’t drink coffee in the entertainment world?”

It was then that I realized that my pants and panties were gone, and was pleasuring myself like the main group. My mind melted away, while my soul bowed to the Great Cosmic Entity L’sothot. I could feel it metaphysically pass through my soul at the same time. By the Great Gods, I was one of them …

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