Cosmic Passions: 3 The Sex Ray

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Cosmic Passions: 3 The Sex Ray

Synopsis: Jack comes home to a package containing something that is not a toy.

It was an awkward day at work. Jack’s boss (well, one of them) put herself in a position that really excited him. The more he thought about it, the more mundane that position really was: kneeling down to restart a computer. The blonde wasn’t even necessarily his type. It was made more awkward by him working with a customer. It took all his concentration to keep himself from having a massive erection!

Jack came home to a package on his doorstep. He didn’t know where it came from. Plain brown wrapping, no return address. He felt compelled to open it, either out of curiosity or something more. Or maybe, he just wanted to have his mind on something other than work. When he saw what was inside, he thought it was all some joke a friend of his was playing on him! It was essentially a carbon copy of a ray-gun from one of those old serials from the thirties and forties!

Of course, he thought it was a toy! He knew he’s seen similar things at random gift shops. The way he examined it reminded him of that movie with a bizarre puzzle box, which summoned BDSM angels. It didn’t take him long to figure out what his “puzzle box” was. After screwing around with it, he literally zapped himself, making himself a guy with an insatiable foot fetish! At the same time, it somehow “downloaded” information on how to use it into his mind. The joke was that the foot loving part was an accident! It didn’t matter how he used it for the first time. He was now more intertwined with the things retro circuitry at that point than he yet knew …

“Hey, how was your day … What’s that, Jack?” His girlfriend asked, while she walked into the apartment.

“A joke gift from a friend, Nancy,” he said smiling.

“Looks like something from those fifties Sci-Fi shows.”

“Wanna see it in action?” he pointed the Ray at her.

“What is it going to do? Stun me? Go ahead!”

“More than that!”

He pulled the trigger. Waves of pleasure rushed through Nancy. She tore off her clothes, and jumped on top of me, moaning in her near orgasmic state. Nancy was beyond a doubt beautiful. She had long dark hair, C-cup breasts, a subtly dark skin tone, and deep blue eyes. He always secretly wanted her to become a horny nymph, and the sight of her transforming into such was beyond arousing. She tore his clothes off with a wild look in her eye, and humped him wildly.

She came at least twice before he did, but she still wanted more. He switched off the Ray, still clutched in his hand, assuming he made his point. With a confused look in her eye, she unmounted him, and sat next to him breathless.

“Fuck … It never felt that good before!”

Jack gave her a surprised look.

“Humph … Huff … Its not what ya think, baby … You’re a great lover …”

“Do you want more?”

“… If … I’m tuned to jelly! But, if that thing can wake my body back up, then sure.”

Jack snickered, and picked up the Ray. First he set it so that she would simply cum.

“OH, GOD … OF MY FUCK … OHHHH!” Her body spasmed wildly.

He then set it enhance her sex drive.

The look in her eyes tuned more wild. “Wow … I feel different … Good, Jack,” she said sexily.

He then did the rest in a convenient package. She was made bisexual, a voyeur-exhibitionist, sexually narcissistic, and a foot fetishist. Her feet weren’t very nice (veiny, spidery), so he had those improved as well. He even went as far as increasing her breast size to a firm DD-cup.

She recoiled at all that. She held her head, and closed her eyes tightly, squeezing her growing chest. Her bra straps audibly gave way under a now form fitting blouse. “You made me sexually attracted to women, Jack? How Cliche! … Fuck! That thing can to anything! … Hey, I just got an idea. Lets watch each other fuckin’ jerk off!”

Jack placed the Ray on the end table. They then lay back, and watched each other pleasure themselves. She was very different, while she rubbed her wet snatch and erect, oversensitive sensitive nipples. They way she laughed and moaned at the same time showed how much fun she was having. “Great tits!” she mumbled.

Clearly without much conscious thought, she began to push his hand off of his already free, throbbing cock with her now beautiful bare tens. “Lets get kinky!” she said with her tongue. She then jerked him off wildly with her soft arches, and fingered herself with equal vigor. “Watch me! WATCH ME FUCKIN’ CUM!” she screamed in orgasm. Her feet moved more wildly, and practically forced the cum out of him.

She picked up her feet, and licked the hot cum off of them. She licked her cum covered lips, and said, “Feet are so fucking good!”


They decided to take their vacation days to reacquaint themselves. Though they were exactly how they wanted to be, or at least how Jack wanted them to be, they were now almost completely different people. It’s not like Nancy masturbated to herself in the mirror before! They got to know each other all over again, and found themselves more deeply connected. At the same time, they used the Ray on each other more and more. It wasn’t even just for the sex. The rush of pleasure that the Ray gave was addicting.

Then one night, Jack saw his sleeping lover, and knew he had to do something else to her, for her. He quietly picked up the Ray on his end table, and set it just right. He pulled the trigger, and his naked lover began to squirm orgasmically. By morning she would know that she was now a secondary user of the Ray, and would soon discover Jack’s other gift …


Jack suddenly woke up to a now familiar noise. It was Nancy masturbating to herself in the mirror. She lustfully felt her naked self from her head to the arches of her feet, while she squatted. Every time she did this, it was clear that she corrupted herself perhaps more than the Ray ever could. From her giving into her own passions, she loved herself ever more. It would not matter in the long rung though, since passion was her driving force.

There was a look of surprise on her face, which excited Jack. Her orgasm was unlike anything she ever experienced. She fell to the floor in her epic orgasm, vainly grabbing at the soft, blue rug. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she began to drool. Amongst her endless screams of passion, he thought he heard one tangible thing: Ulia’athos. Yet, even that sounded like gibberish. After more than five minutes, her beautiful orgasm began to subside.

“Fuck …” she barely whispered, “That Ray can really do anything!” Before she passed out, she blurted, “I think it’s time I had a turn…”


It took Nancy nearly the whole day to recover from her now normal orgasm (her recovery time lessoned considerably later). Jack went to the grocery store, and when he returned, Nancy was with their two attractive neighbors. He wasn’t surprised; he knew others would join their escapades eventually!

“After you left, Jack, I got the craziest idea to have fun with Laura and Christal,” she said seductively. They were roommates since college. Laura was a sexily slim, light skinned brunette, while Christal was a sexily slim, tanned blonde. They both had healthy, firm C-cups.

“But, they’re just sitting there.”

“Yes. I had them sit there unconscious, so you could see my show.”

Jack was excited, and sat on the chair next to Nancy.

Nancy then pulled the Ray’s trigger. The roommates suddenly began making out like lustful lovers. They tore off their clothes, and passionately groped their quivering bodies. With Laura still sitting upright, Christal positioned herself so they could sixty-nine. Like knowledgeable pornstars, they made out with each other’s dripping snatches, while feeling up their legs and feet. Their epic moans and coos soon came to a loud crescendo.

They unwrapped themselves, and sat next to each other. “OOO, that was fun!” Laura cooed.

“You two wanna go at it again?” Jack asked curiously.

“No. No,” Christal stated. “We understand that your little ray gun made us do all that. We’re not lesbians”

“It was fun, though!” Christal cooed.

Nancy then put on a devious smile, and shot the two again with the Ray. They lay back, eyes rolling into their heads, and moaned in ecstasy. Nancy sexily whispered in his ear, “Now they will see each other as sisters. Laura will to everything within her power to be like Christal, while Christal will do everything in her power to have Laura be like her. They will become lesbian lovers, but not until the Ray directs them to be. Before then, they will learn of their intense foot fetish. Their only secret from each other will be this foot fetish, because they refuse to consciously accept true attraction toward their own gender. Still, they will work to stretch their pussies to accommodate larger objects, which will turn out to be their own feet. And, you wanna know what else I did?”

He nodded with a big smile.

“Christal will now continually produce breast milk. Christal and Laura’s favorite food is now breast milk (an addiction in fact), but they currently only know that unconsciously. They will discover that milk very soon, and probably by accident. The special thing about Christal’s milk is that it contains enzymes specifically designed to alter Laura’s DNA to make her Christal’s biological sister. When Laura’s DNA is fully altered, she will produce milk as well. The feeding will not be sexual until they are lesbian lovers.”

They stopped their orgasmic moans, and dressed themselves. “Thanks for the fun!” Christal stated. “Yeah, thanks for the fun!” Laura stated in almost the exact way as her friend. They closed the door behind them. Nancy later explained that their initial programing ensured that they would come around almost every day until she removed that programing.

The next day, Jack was in the middle of fingering Nancy’s G-spot on the couch, when Laura and Christal walked into the main room. Christal chuckled, followed almost immediately by Laura. “Laura and me can come back later. I see you two are enjoying that Ray again!”

Jack answered, “Just have a seat anywhere. We’ll be done in a sec!” The beauty of the way Nancy programed them was how they would enjoy everything having to do with the Ray.

“OH … HUMPH!” Nancy blurted out. “You know it’ll take more than … OOOOO … that!”

Jack then fingered more wildly until finally Nancy screamed, as a fountain of her juices spewed out of her. Her screams of ecstasy continued long after she sprayed Jack. After her extended recoil, she leaped up, and lapped up her drying juices on him. She lusted over every bit of herself after all!

Nancy and Jack sat onto the couch with the two women sandwiched between. “So how have things been since last night,” Nancy asked breathlessly.

Christal looked over to Laura and said, “Laura amazed me last night, and it wasn’t the great sex you had us do! Well, it started when I realized how, umm, firm my breasts felt. Long story short, I’m lactating for some reason, and we both love my milk! Right after, Laura admitted that she feels like I’m her long lost sister, and that she wanted to be just like me. Maybe for a second, I thought it was all strange, but I realized I felt the same way about her. I feel like I’m her sister, too, and I’m honored that she wants to be just like me.”

Laura smiled, and continued, “I really do wanna be more like her.” She sounded subtly different, and indeed more like her friend. Plus, she almost never said “wanna” before, as Christal usually did. “I can’t believe I never realized it before! From head to toe, she’s more beautiful than me. Her personality is even better … Christal is exactly the person I always wanted to be, but never realized it.” Laura did an excellent job of emulating Christal’s look of sisterly love.

“Tomorrow, me and Laura are headin’ to my spa. They’re really good over there. She’s gonna look just like me when we’re done!” They both looked so excited.


Over the next month, Christal and Laura became incredibly close. They looked and acted so alike that one could easily mistake them for actual sisters. Laura even began to spread her new nickname “Chris.” Though, the truth was that they both wanted to be called “Christal.” They were also very open about their new love of fisting, while secretly glancing at theirs and other’s feet. It was obvious that one secret was hard on them.

Hearing them finish each other’s sentences, while acting identically made it clear to Nancy that it was time make them lesbian foot lovers. Not to mention that Laura herself was lactating.

Nancy pointed the Ray at them, and they both said in unison, “Fuckin’ do it!” The line almost struck Jack as odd, because “sisters” are usually not into fucking each other. He knew that this was all according to Nancy’s plan, and that aroused him all the more.

With a pull of the trigger, the sister-like women threw their clothes away, and began to fuck each other. They knew just where to touch and when. It did not take long for them to start fisting each other. Indeed, no one finger could stimulate their clearly stretched pussies. The look in their eyes as they fisted was of both love and lust.

Suddenly, Christal glanced down at her lovers curvy, silken foot. She immediately stopped fisting her lover, and grabbed the foot. Her lover did the same. With Christal clearly in the lead, they lubed their feet until they dripped with spit. They then passionately inserted their feet deep into each others pussies. They thrust and cooed with utter joy! They soon screamed in orgasm, with confirmation in their eyes. They were now lovers forever.


The Christals were but the first of Jack and Nancy’s fun with the Ray, outside of themselves. They let themselves grow mad within the sexual ecstasies they created. In their sex crazed madness, they could feel the Cosmic Entity Ulia’athos of Technology bleeding through the Ray’s unearthly casing. Eventually, they felt an intense pull to seek out others as sexually corrupted as they, who indeed were the ones that made the Sex Ray…

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