Cosmic Passions: 2 L. Craft Towers

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This one is a departure from my other stories, while it was inspired by a dream. It is designed to be both character driven, and a homage to the “Teen Movie” genre. The plot itself primarily derives from a dream I had. Enjoy!

Cosmic Passions: 2 L. Craft Towers

Synopsis: At the end of his senior year of high school, Thick Strap Jack unknowingly falls into a bizarre love triangle.

Tina came on to me first. Not that anyone would believe that! I’m kind of picky actually, and she was not my “first choice”: slim, blonde, blue eyes, cheerleader. I guess it was expected of me, though, being the star quarterback at my high school. Convenient, too, I suppose. I’m almost nineteen, and the only other woman I was really close to was my lifelong friend Jennifer. The Homecoming Committee actually “appointed” a queen for me earlier in the year! Jennifer and I are still laughing about that.

Jennifer was holding a party at her apartment, and Tina and I got very drunk. She dragged me into one of the bedrooms. In hindsight, it probably would have been better if we’d just walked to my own apartment down the hall!

She was all over me, as I was all over her. I barely remember removing our clothes before we fell onto the bed. Before I knew it, I thrust my cock into her warm, moist pussy. She let out a loud grunt. While I thrust, one hand massaged her tit, while the other felt down her soft, firm body. Beads of sweat lubricated my hand. She lifted her leg for easier access, while my hand felt down her thigh, calf, and eventually soft sole. We drunkenly came soon after. I can’t remember if we screwed again, the night was so fuzzy from the start …

I woke up the next morning with a serious hangover. Tina was lying next to me. She woke up, while I dressed myself.

“Woah! I think we drank too much last night, Jack!” she said, while she rubbed her forehead.

“Yeah! I got some aspirin in my apartment down the hall if you’re interested.”

She nodded.

Walking through Jennifer’s apartment, one could really see the wealth of her family. Sure, L Craft Towers always leaned toward the upper class, but her family was unofficially above that! Their extensive travels lined the wood paneled walls. I always wondered what Jennifer’s parents did for a career, but she was always tight lipped about it. “Lawyers specializing in farming issues” was all I ever got out of her. Though, I never remember seeing their names in the news, them being so obviously successful.

The apartment was surprisingly clean despite the party from the night before. The building’s housekeepers probably came by hours earlier. I then opened the door to the hallway to a surprised Jennifer.

She was a tall, voluptuous woman, with jet black hair, dark eyes, and light skin. Her face suggested multiple emotions in that moment. I was too hungover to process any of that. “Sleep well, Thick Strap Jack?”

She always called me that. It came from me sometimes being kind of thickheaded, and me being a jock. “I guess, Jen! Maids come through already?”

“Uhum,” she confirmed.

As Tina and I walked to my apartment, I heard her door close rather loudly.

Jennifer strutted into her room. What annoyed her more than the jealousy she felt was the fact that she felt it at all. She was friends with me for as long as she could remember, and despite what people sometimes said, we had no conscious need for intimacy. Yet there she was, sitting on her bed, annoyed at both me and herself.

That night, Jennifer’s mother knocked on her door. She had nodded off on her bed reading a book for class. She was trying to shake off her unwanted feelings. “Come in, mum.”

“Are you all right, Jen? You’ve been cooped up in your room ever since your dad and I came home.” Jennifer’s mother, despite being middle aged, was rather attractive, and simply looked like a slightly older version of Jennifer. One’s mind might first turn to plastic surgery, for the lack of age about her, but there was little doubt that she still looked one-hundred percent natural.

“I’m fine. Just catching up on school work,” she lied.

Her mother picked up the fib instantly, but she didn’t care at that moment. “It is time, Jen.”


“It is time for your father and I to pass on our great powers to you. You remember the process, Jennifer?”

“Of course. I find a willing man. He signs the Symbolic Agreement, whether he knows it or not. We make love before I turn nineteen. Our bloods become one to make us Sibling Lovers. You and dad fall gracefully into retirement.”

“Retirement’s a good way to put it,” she snickered. “Use the power you already have.”

Jennifer nodded, before her mother left the room.

She convinced herself long ago that this was what she always wanted. Though she was not a virgin, she was always unsure about who she would choose. She always expected to console with her mother, who clearly made the correct choice by marrying her father. Somehow, she knew that would not be necessary. Without much thought, she chose the one who she cannot have, yet was always there: me.


I was driving Jennifer to school. We both had cars for the last two years, and traded off driving responsibilities. We always enjoyed the irony of us both not going to a private school, and being enrolled in the public school just outside the city. Our parents, who were good acquaintances, claimed the same reason: the gift of a normal life. Then again, both our parents donated money to the school not long after we were enrolled.

“Hope I didn’t catch you off guard the day after the party, Jen.”

“I guess, I’m just not used to seeing you hip-to-hip with anyone. I know how picky you are, Jack!”

“Yeah! It was freshman year the last time wasn’t it. Never got THAT close with her.”

“Thick Strap Jack!”

I rolled my eyes. She was the first to call me that, and now everyone did, including my coach! She did have a point, though. That girl really did like me.

The day went as expected. My teachers complaining about me not using my head in class; girls enjoying me being hard to get. It was subtly different now that I was dating Tina, though. My friends would call me a “pimp” for having “both” Tina and Jennifer. Those silly girls now acted like Tina was their latest challenge, while secretly being jealous. Jennifer was acting subtly different around me, too. She didn’t tell me how she felt about Tina and I at the time.

“So, Jack. Did you ask Tina to the prom yet?” the blonde Sarah asked.

“Haven’t even bought the tickets yet, Sarah! But, I’m sure Tina expects me to ask her, when I get them. I don’t think I wanna disappoint her.” I smiled disarmingly.

Sarah strutted off down the hallway.

To be honest, I never liked dances. Sure, I rarely had someone to go with, but I’d rather spend the fifty-plus bucks at a good restaurant!

Not long before I headed to practice, Tina ran over and gave me a smooch just outside the locker room. “So when are ya gonna ask me?” she asked cutely.

“Ask you?”

“To the Prom, Jackie!”

I knew there had to be something cliched about this! “You’re asking me to ask you to the Prom?”

She nodded with a big smile and puppy eyes.

“Why don’t you wait till I buy the tickets, so I can ask you more formally?” I smiled disarmingly. I secretly wanted her to agree to that good restaurant, but knew that was impossible now.

She smiled, and giddily walked to her cheerleader practice. I shook my head with a smile, and walked into the locker room.


Jennifer, like many other girls, saw Tina as a challenge. Unlike the others, however, she was willing to go farther than any of them to get to me. On the bleachers, she watched me during the practice, which was unusual, but not the first time. Little did I know that she was also intently watching Tina.

‘Tina,’ Jennifer thought. ‘A silly blonde. She attaches to men like a leach, and won’t let go until they’re dead inside. It’ll be a service to rid Jack of you … But how? It must be witty. It must be unseen …’

“So, Tina’s with Jack now?” A familiar voice said behind her.

Jennifer turned abound to see my friend Bobby. “You didn’t know that?”

“I didn’t believe it until I saw them kissing in the hall a while ago. You know Thick Strap, Jen!”

She knew all too well. The reality was that my pickiness came from my timidity. Only my closest friends really knew that. It was always the opposite sex that broke through it, and not me. Tina was one of the few to succeeded. It was probably her big smile and puppy eyes!

“They are surprisingly close,” Jennifer muttered.

“Jack close to anybody? That is a fuckin’ surprise!”

Jennifer gave him a subtly annoyed look.

“You … You know what I mean, Jen. Kissing in the halls, ‘stealthily’ stealing a bedroom during a party. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to the Prom … WITH HER! … Lucky bastard! I’m not that timid, and I’m still single!”

“He’s the star of the school’s football team,” she grumbled.

“Are you suggesting captain of the Chess Team DOESN’T count?” he joked.

She smiled.

“It’ll probably take another woman to detach their hips!”

Jennifer turned back to Tina. Bobby was still babbling, but she no longer listened. ‘“Another woman”,’ she thought. ‘Yes, you’re right, Bobby. And whether you know it or not, your dirty mind just revealed itself. Another woman could indeed pry them apart. Another woman’s touch could push Tina away by making Tina want a woman’s touch. Making Tina lust for women shall be the key that I shall use. And when she leaves him to explore those new desires, I shall be there to pick up the pieces!’


Over the next few days, I witnessed Jennifer work to become friends with Tina. I was both glad and relieved. I didn’t think she liked Tina, but she was clearly making the effort. It would have been very awkward for me if they learned to hate each other.

Interestingly enough, that made it difficult for me to find the right time to ask Tina to the Prom. I already bought the tickets. Tina was the happiest I ever saw her, when I finally asked. It was like it was her life long ambition! I liked seeing her happy, though.

More and more often the three of us were hanging out together: lunchroom, library, practice, etc. That was what a part of me expected all along, because Jennifer was my best friend and Tina my girlfriend. Of course, that only intensified the “Pimp” joke amongst my friends.

I found myself growing closer to Tina than even my best friend Jennifer. It was strange at first, but what did I really expect? The fact that Jennifer and Tina became friends helped that strangeness immensely. Though, I’m sure Tina talked to Jennifer about how I was that one time in bed! It was like seeing seeds of my future (whatever the hell that meant). I was the happiest I had ever been …


Jennifer and Tina were studying in Jennifer’s apartment. My coach had taken the team out to dinner for our recent decisive victory. Jennifer’s parents were elsewhere, as they often were.

“We’ve been studying for a while, Tina, wanna take a break?” Jennifer asked with a fake, disarming smile. They were only studying for about half an hour, but Tina was never much for studying.

“Sure! Wha’dya wanna do?” Tina asked perkily.

It took nearly all of Jennifer’s effort to not cringe at the way Tina spoke sometimes. “I know what we can do, Tina,” she offered with a subtle slowness. “I’ll be right back.” She left the room with a very dark smile.

Soon after, Jennifer returned with a large, dark, leather bound book. It looked old and new at the same time. The confused look in Tina’s eyes, while she observed it, was very common to those who never saw it before. Jennifer slowly sat next to Tina on the bed. “My parents always enjoyed studying the occult. I rather enjoy it myself.”

“You don’ take it seriously do ya?” she asked squeakily.

Her voice was so grating to Jennifer, but she kept her cool. “Of course not, Tina! … Anyway, this is what’s known as the Liber Lubidinum to the ancient Romans. The so called Book of Passions. The original name is said to be lost and unpronounceable. Its words are said to have been handed down by the Great Gods of Passion to the Sex Crazed Minoan Itra Eleutherios …”

“And, that’s the only one?” Tina interrupted.

Jennifer shook her head with thin smile. “No. There are still a few more. But, myth states that Eleutherios made many copies. It is said that he had an infinite stamina.”

“How ‘bout readin’ a passage?”

‘Oh, Tina, you are easy on so many levels,’ Jennifer thought, before stating, “Why not.” The crinkle of the ancient pages were hypnotic, while Jennifer flipped to the page she planned on reading to Tina. The book was of course in ancient Minoan script, which only the followers of the Gods of Passion could still read, but Jennifer translated it to modern English. How the book was read did not matter; it was the reader’s intent that mattered. “Great Zalatoth of Masterful Manipulation,” she said with passion, raising her hand high, “I invoke you! Give me the seed that I so wish to plant in the woman before me! Genderless passion, lust. Shift this woman to both, and yet only her own!” Jennifer then placed her hand on Tina’s bare foot.

Tina became dizzy, and placed her head in her hands. She looked up with a changed look in her eye. “Wow. That’s some intense stuff, Jen!”

“I should’ve read one of the longer ones, Tina!”

Tina was clearly looking at Jennifer with lust, but was confused by it.

Jennifer placed the book on her end table, barely hiding her smugness. She was feeling quite horny herself. Invoking most spells from the Book had such a side affect. Plus, she was well aware that planting such a seed required cultivation. “There’s something I would like to tell you, Tina. Something I never even told Jack. But, you have to keep it a secret.”

“What,” she barely said in her breathlessness, while lightly touching her bare skin below her short shorts. A wet spot was just becoming visible on her crotch.

“I’m a lesbian, Tina.” Though technically a lie, the spell engulfing them both made it temporally true.

They slowly leaned closer and closer. When their lips met, their bodies exploded with Sexual Energy. All control was lost, while their tongues explored their warm mouths. Their clothes melted away, and they began to explore their bodies from head to toe. Their pores lovingly absorbed their globs and strings of spit. The taste of their pussies and feel of their tits made them coo in enjoyment. Soon, they found themselves scissoring, while sucking on each other’s soft toes. With great passion, their pussies kissed, while they grew ever closer to a powerful moment of sapphic lust. Jennifer would not lie and say that it was the most erotic moment of her life, but unlike Tina, she knew that it was all essentially choreographed by a higher power. Then in a scream of passion, which could have smashed windows, they came in godlike orgasm.

Tina lay back naked and no longer confused. There was no regret in her blue eyes. The seed of sapphic desire had turned into a flower.


In Jennifer’s apartment, I sat at her grand piano depressed. Tina just broke up with me, and was suddenly open about her bisexuality. She claimed that she wanted to “explore her sexuality,” and that she already “explored” men. I may never have had the strongest feelings for Tina, but no one had ever broken up with me before. Her apparent need to have relationships with women made me wonder if I was somehow inadequate. I did only have sex a once or twice before Tina. I was so damn picky …

Jennifer sat on the bench, and put her arm around me. She was so seemingly comforting and understanding. “Did you know, Jennifer? Did you know she was bi?” I asked desperately. She answered, wrapping a lie within truth, “I suspected, I guess, but I didn’t know her very well before you two were together.”

A tear fell down my cheek. Jennifer carefully wiped it away with her finger, and tenderly kissed me on the cheek. She never kissed me before. If I wasn’t already emotionally devastated, I would have been confused. Instead, I welcomed the apparent sympathy. “You’ve always been a good friend to me, Jen,” I said truthfully. “I’ll always be here for you,” she replied.

We then hugged tightly. Impulsively, I kissed her on the cheek. We pulled back slightly, and stared into each other. Her strikingly dark eyes were always mesmerizing. We slowly leaned in, and kissed. I wasn’t thinking much of anything at the moment, and maybe that was why our kiss became truly passionate. Anything to have my mind off the emotional turmoil.

We tumbled onto the gushy rug, and stripped to our underwear. Perhaps Jennifer was who I always wanted, but I was too thick headed to realize it until then. We looked deep into our eyes, while our still covered crotches rubbed together. Suddenly, in her moment of victory, she stopped, and pulled herself back onto the bench.

In that moment, everything became devastatingly clear to Jennifer. She realized that she was blinding herself to her true feelings all along for want of power and revenge. She found herself feeling horrible about what she did to the innocent Tina. She lied to herself for a lifetime, turning it to truth, to please her powerful parents. She didn’t really want the kind of incestuous power that was her birthright. She just wanted me.

Her plans changed accordingly, while I lay on the rug both blissfully ignorant and sexually frustrated …


Jennifer sat in front of the fireplace. A pleasant fire crackled within it. She sipped her glass of red wine. Suddenly, the front door opened. Her parents returned from whatever they were doing. It was perhaps the first time in her life were she did not care what it really was.

Her mother sat next to her. “So, how are things going with Jack?” she asked with a hint of worry.

Putting on a disarming smile she said, “Well, Tina is out of the way. You know how thick headed he is, though.”

“You are using it to your advantage, yes?”

“Of course.”

“Good.” Her parents walked to another room.

Her mother obviously suspected some kink the plan, because of how she obviously did not have sex with me or any other man yet. Jennifer was witty enough from her dealings with Tina to make such suspicions not matter in that moment.


I drove up to my usual parking spot at the school. I was so emotionally destroyed by both Tina and Jennifer that I almost didn’t get up that morning. The fact that I was driving with Jennifer made it all worse. She tried to talk to me, but I just wasn’t there. It was a miracle that my team’s last decisive victory was the finals, because I was useless as a team player now.

Walking past the main doors of the school, which felt so distant at the same time, I felt something in my pocket. I brought the two small, sturdy papers to my face. They were the prom tickets. I quickly threw them back into my jacket pocket, knowing that they would easily invite women over. Well, maybe that was going to happen anyway.

Yup, there’s one now! “So, I hear Tina left you,” a slim brunette, whose name I forgot, asked with less than subtle desperation.

“Yeah,” I answered quietly. Tina was always one to blabber.

“You know the Prom’s only two weeks away now, and I was wondering …”

“I’ll think about it,” I said nicely. “The bell’s gonna ring in a couple of minutes.”

She smiled and trotted down the hall.

The day went like that. I wanted to bash my head on a locker, and I’m not sure what held me back anymore.


Over the next week, Jennifer and I grew closer than I thought possible. She apologized more than once about what happened in front of that piano. She said that she realized that us coming together like that right after a harsh break up would damage our long term friendship. I was still too thick headed to realize that “friendship” could have meant something else.

On Saturday, we were sitting on the couch in Jennifer’s living room talking about our feeble love lives. We were sharing a bottle of wine.

“Three times? Just three?” she chuckled.

“Well, how many times have you, Jen?” I shot back.

“OK, Jack, you got me. There was that one time Sophomore year. Remember Julius?” There was irony with how little sex she had with others.

“You mean that tall guy who moved to, what, San Jose?”

“Yup, that’s the one! It barely counted, anyway. He’s the one who had all the fun,” she paused for effect. “About twenty seconds worth!”

I laughed. “Look at us! If those teen movies had any truth I would’ve fucked all the girls at school, including you, and you would be the ‘experienced’ one.” I wiggled my fingers in the air to simulate quotes.

“You almost had me, Jack,” she smiled. Technically, she was the “experienced” one, but not through ways I expected.

“What? I thought it was the other way around. And, don’t remind me!”

We both laughed to show each other that there was nothing wrong.

“How come we never, you know?” I asked going against my thick headed character.

She shrugged. “We grew up together. We might as well be brother and sister.”

“But, we’re not,” I said tenderly. “You know, now that we’re all out in the open, Jen … Maybe you’re the reason why I’m so picky.”

She looked at me curiously.

“You are that ‘Girl Next Door.’ You’ve always been.”

“What are you trying to say?” she asked quietly.

“You’re, you’re beautiful. I’ve always tried to ignore it — we’re friends — but sometimes I can’t.” Perhaps it was thanks to the wine, but I then found myself leaning over to kiss her. Moments later, we were making out, slowly, passionately. “Come with me to that silly Prom, Jen. It’ll give everyone a jolt.”

“You? Dancing?” she asked tenderly with a smile.

I nodded.

“That’s something I’d like to see!”


The week passed swiftly. All eyes seemed to be on me. Well, the ones who cared about the Prom. It was assumed that I would be going with Tina, but that was impossible now. I did tease that I was going with someone, which added an amusing air of mystery for those interested. Jennifer and I even set up a party afterwords in her apartment. It should have been a clue for people, but she’d had many parties in her apartment before.

Despite all the “suggestions” that Jennifer and I were lovers in the past, everyone assumed that we were just friends. Rumors that she was a lesbian recently resurfaced, too.

I didn’t know what to really expect out of the Prom. I always avoided dances. The hype surrounding them, when much of my school opted out, confused me. All I knew was that Jennifer and I intended to enjoy the faces of everyone, when we (the school football star, and the not so popular friend) walked in together …

I waited in the hall between our apartments. I was pretty damn uncomfortable in the tuxedo, but tried to ignore that. Jennifer was running a bit later than I expected. The limo driver was quite understanding on the phone. We had him for the night, while he was probably paid by the hour, so he didn’t care.

After standing around for twenty minutes, she walked out to meet me. I was in awe. I never saw her so made up before. She was wearing a medium length, sleeveless, teal satin dress, and high heels. She had just enough make up on to accentuate her more then pleasant features. “I think you just put a spell on me,” I said breathlessly. She smiled, and took the boxed flower from my limp hand. “You even got the flower. I didn’t know you would go that far,” she batted her eyes, and kissed me in the cheek. She then strapped the large white flower to her wrist. She tossed the box in the garbage next to the elevator.

The ride over was uneventful. I offered to grab the driver a plate of food, but he said he brought something with him to eat while he waited. We confirmed with the driver that we would be back around eight, and stepped out.

The hotel our Prom was being held was rather mediocre, but schools tightened their budgets a lot recently from the recession.

“Jack! You and Jennifer?” my friend Bobby asked amazed in the hallway.

“It was gonna happen one of these days, I guess. Its her birthday tomorrow, too.” I looked at Jennifer sweetly and knowingly.

Jennifer then observed, “Whose that with you? You’re not single anymore?”

Bobby replied, “We’re not holding hands are we? No, no.” He animatedly waved his hands. “You two know Sarah. Chess team. Kinda serendipitous. We were talking about not having a date for the Prom; we both wanted to go.”

The thin, redheaded Sarah continued friendlily, “It was the last day they were selling tickets, and table was right there.”

“Have fun!” I said to them both.

We realized quickly that the surprised faces were the most enjoyable thing about the event. Lousy band, cheap food, us being poor dancers, were all part of the experience, I guess. I did enjoy the quick smooch on the dance floor, though.

Later they sent out write in ballots for “Prom Monarchs,” as Jennifer sillily put it. A couple of years ago the Student Government tried to have the voting before the event. That turned out to be disaster, because the winners had to skip the Prom last minute for unknown reasons. They supposedly hated each other, too. We abstained from the vote, not because of prior poor planning, but because we didn’t care. Besides, me not being with a cheerleader made me a wild card.

To my shock, and Jennifer’s embarrassment, we actually won! I practically had to drag Jennifer to the podium. We took the pictures, did the dance, and at the end of it all, she said that those “five minutes” weren’t as painful as she expected.

Soon after, we retreated back to the limo to go home. I surprised Jennifer with a bottle of champagne inside. While legitimately asking him if he wanted any food earlier, I slipped the driver some money with a note stating a couple of good brands. We discussed it over the phone. Apparently, my request was very common. The fact that he got away with it, clients being underage, was remarkable.

Tipsy, we went up to Jennifer’s apartment, bottle in hand. Both mine and Jennifer’s parents were at the apparent. Our parents actually bought a keg and some wine for the party. At least my parents liked to say that we were all of age in Ireland! A lot of people already arrived, including Bobby and Sarah.

I snuck off to the bathroom. When I finished, I opened the door to Jennifer’s mother handing something to me. “Jennifer said you left this here the other day.” It was a credit card. I took it. “I noticed you didn’t sign the back,” she observed. I looked, though the alcohol was blurring my vision. “Got a pen?” I blurted out. She smiled, and handed me one, before walking away. I scribbled my name on it, and pocketed it.

I glanced at my watch to see how late it was. “11:45!” I blurted. Jennifer then took my arm. “There you are!” she said sweetly.

“Hey, there’s something I always wanted tah ask ya,” I said drunkenly.

“What, Jack?”

“All this noise. Underage drinking. How do we always get away with it?”

She smiled slyly. “Thick walls … Come on.”

We walked into Jennifer’s bedroom, and she locked the door behind us. She sat me on her bed, and placed her flower on her desk. I glanced at the clock: “11:55.” She sat next to me, and said, “We were both thick headed. Things would be very different now if I didn’t realize that, Jack.” I asked dizzily, “What d’yah mean, Jen?” She replied, “Ask me again tomorrow.”

She leaned over, and we began to lovingly make out. Our motions held a slow yearning. There was no rush. In many ways, we always had each other. We rolled around the bed, wrinkling fancy clothes, which we may never wear again.

In time, our clothes flew off our bodies. The way we kissed and felt each other felt more right than anything in the world. When I entered her, the feeling was beyond bliss. Time passed like wind. In the distance, I heard a small clock chiming. When we finally came in glorious orgasm, another sound could be heard. I think it was a scream, but I wasn’t sure.

We held each other, and lightly kissed. “Did you hear that noise a few moments ago, baby?” I asked.

“It’s nothing to worry about anymore,” she answered with a sadness …


Jennifer and I found ourselves on a house boat on the ocean. It was a bright and peaceful day. Jen already told me the whole story, and we were both pleased that the cosmos brought us together. The sacrifice was harder on Jennifer than she admitted, though. Us completing our act of love after midnight not only prevented us from becoming powerful Sibling Lovers, but also caused her mother to pass into nothingness instead of power itself.

I later walked out on deck with the credit card to see my love glistening in bright sun.

“I did a silly thing, Jen,” I said while presenting the signed card. We would later find out that her now unpowered father, who resisted fading like her mother, searched for the card in a vain attempt at siphoning what little power it had.

“Oh, Thick Strap, by the Great Simelinis of Love, you should know that card has no power over us now.”

We tightly, lovingly embraced, while I tossed that card over the rail.

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