Monthly Gold Star of September

**Roaming Canvas (mc fd ma ft ex ds) (2 new chapters) by   Mr. Scade         **
–3.5/5 (good, not quite earth shattering)–
(Chaps 1+2)

The first two chaps were done quite well or at least quite different. The succeeding chaps may lack the umph of the start, but this is quite good. Though this done run the risk of becoming repetitive, I look forward to seeing future installments of this folk hero-esque story.

Original review of first two chaps:

I wonder what the author means by “brinking her own take of pleasure” Tongue Anyway, never read Breathing Canvas, and don’t really have the time too … So, I found myself pulled into this from the start, anyway. I do like artistic MC, but never read or do a lot of it for whatever reason. The first part at least was quite excellent! Perhaps there was a bit too much exposition here and there, but that’s more nitpick than complaint. Another nitpick is putting “Fin” at the end of the two chaps when the story’s obviously not finished. No real sex per se, while I wasn’t sure about “slaves to our art.” Overall, different, weird, artsy, and well written.

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