EMSCA/ASSTR server issues

There have been server issues on the Archive recently, well, more than usual. If a story not found page pops up, just keep reloading until the expected story appears. The Svengali Search Utility (link on the left) is programed to deal with the issues. They apparently have multiple servers, which do not always sync up. … Continue reading EMSCA/ASSTR server issues

9/8/12 EMCSA Update

Possible spoilers below … WITHIN The Coming  (mc ff mf md fd gr in) (new) by   Homealone_447 --3/5 (decent, not perfect)-- OK, everyone knows I’m not into enslavement heat-wise, so I obviously turned a blind eye. As a side note, reading Childhood’s End tells me that there is a whole other option not mentioned … Continue reading 9/8/12 EMCSA Update