Monthly Gold Star of August

**Pop Music by Jukebox** --3/5 (decent, not perfect)-- Thanks to luck of the draw, I suppose, I didn’t read too many stories that stood out to me in August. However, Pop Music was still quite good. Nice amount of weirdness, overconfident mad scientist. What more could be asked for in a well written JB tale? … Continue reading Monthly Gold Star of August

9/1/2012 EMCSA Update

Possible spoilers below … WITHIN In Memory  (mc ff sf) (new) by   Vanderbilt --3/5 (decent, not perfect)-- Nice title! I must admit that seeing “Mayday” and “Foxtrot” seemed rather cliche (perhaps out of place being Sci-Fi), but it wasn’t that big a deal. I was kinda amused to see “frak” pop up. I prefer … Continue reading 9/1/2012 EMCSA Update

A Review System

Current Review System Reviews, when time allows, are on a story by story basis, and discussed casually. Most reviews of stories on the EMCSA are also posted on the MC Forum. To the reviews! Legacy Review System Three stories per EMCSA update. Two that appear to be aligned with my interests, and one outside. The Five Star System: … Continue reading A Review System